Daily Roundup

March 2, 2015 |

1Take an Extra 20% Off Reduced-Price Shoes at Saks Fifth Avenue

designer boots

If you want to be assured of an amazing gift in return, then you’ll want to give me shoes. Specifically, these Manolo Blahnik embellished satin ankle boots, which you can now get for an extra 20% off at Saks Fifth Avenue. How much would a gift like this be worth to me? Well, remember when Penny gave Sheldon the used napkin containing Leonard Nimoy’s DNA? Just think how valuable that would be now (RIP, Mr. Spock). Yes, these boots mean that much to me. Deal expires: 3/3.

2Buy One Select Whole Bean Coffee, Get One 50% Off at Starbucks

starbucks coffee

You scientific minds can go on all you like about evolution and the Big Bang Theory, but I’m pretty sure that intelligent life on this planet can be traced back to the growth of the first coffee plant. I know for a fact that coffee is my sustaining life force, and that I would never be able to survive without it. A bag of this Starbucks Italian Roast is worth its weight in gold to me, and better yet, when you buy one now, you can get a second bag for 50% off. Deal ends: 3/3.

3Save 15% Off Any Order at Estee Lauder

estee lauder dreme

I bet we can both agree that one of the most valuable discoveries anyone could make would be to find the Fountain of Youth. Well, for now, Estee Lauder has the next best thing. You can save 15% off on this Advanced Time Zone Crème by using code ELWELCOME. It may not actually add years to my life, but it certainly makes it look as if I’m aging backwards, which is all that matters. A gift like this would be equitable to a lifetime of Comic-Con badges. Deal expires: 3/3.

4Take $10 Off $30 or More in Junior Apparel Items at Kohl's

maxi dress

According to Sheldon, going on vacation is actually stressful instead of relaxing, because he doesn’t know what to do with himself when he’s not thinking and working on theories. Not so for me. Take away my work, lead me to a beach and put a margarita in my hand and I’m all good. I don’t expect you to spring for the whole trip, but you can get me this cute ruffled maxi dress from Kohl’s for $10 off with code VACAYREADY. It’ll make a perfect beach cover-up. In return, I promise not to make you go on vacation with me. Deal ends: 3/9.

5Save 10% Off Select Major Appliances Priced $399 or More at Lowe's Home Improvement


Just as Wil Wheaton once was to Sheldon, dishes are my mortal enemy. With four boys in the house, the dirty ones pile up faster than I can get them clean, especially now that my dishwasher has croaked. If you want to get me a gift I’ll really use and appreciate, this Whirlpool stainless steel model is 10% off at Lowe’s with code 19907, and that includes free delivery and haul away. My gratitude would stretch to getting you something like a restraining order from Firefly creator Joss Whedon to add to your collection. Deal expires: 3/10.

February 26, 2015 |

1Take 25% Off Select Evening Bags at Macy's

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are nice and all, but to be honest, my own favorites list would differ quite a bit from Maria’s. I mean, she didn’t even mention shoes. Or bags. Or Daryl Dixon. What girl could possibly leave those out of her favorite things? My new fave is this furry Carlos by Carlos Santana clutch, 25% off at Macy’s. It’s as soft as a kitten, and I think it’s big enough to hold all our passports if I suddenly have to pull a quickie getaway across the border with all my kids. Deal expires: 3/1.

2Save Up to 50% Off Final Sale Styles at J. Crew

How do you solve a problem like having nothing new and cool to wear? By shopping at J. Crew, of course. No other store has items quite as good at making everybody else pea green with envy. You’ll be sure to steal the Captain’s attention away from your rival in this flirty Magdelena skirt. He’ll be thrilled that you saved an extra 50% off with code SWEETSALE, and that you didn’t make it from the curtains. Deal ends: 3/1.

3 Save Up to 75% Off Homeware Items at Bloomingdale’s

So long, farewell, Auf Weidersehen, good night. The sun has gone to bed and so must I. But I’m not sad to say good-bye, because I’ll be retiring in these luxurious Italian satin stitch sheets, now only $199.99 in the February Home Sale at Bloomingdale’s, where these and other great home items are up to 75% off. That’s right, 300-thread count Italian satin, so don’t dare wake me up till after noon. Sale ends: 3/1.

4 Take 20% Off your Entire Purchase When you Buy 2 or More Items at Nine West

Climb every mountain; ford every stream. Open every shoebox, till you find your dream. Okay, I’m taking a few liberties with the songs here, but really, who needs rainbows when it’s so much easier to find the answer to your dreams at Nine West? There are so many lovelies to choose from, I can’t decide between these caged gladiator boots and an amazing pair of color blocked peep-toe pumps. Luckily, when I get both I can take 20% off my entire purchase, so I don’t have to make that heart-wrenching decision. Deal expires: 3/3.

5Take $10 Off Orders of $50 or More at Last Call by Neiman Marcus

Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good (obviously, it wasn’t singing). But here you are, Marc Jacobs brushed metal sequin dress; and here I am standing here loving you, and holding coupon code SHOPLC03 for an extra $10 off my order at Last Call by Neiman Marcus. So yes, I must have done something very good to deserve this. Thanks, shopping gods! Deal ends: 3/3.

February 25, 2015 |

1 Take 20% Off Select Clothing, Shoes, Luggage & Accessories at Amazon

maxi dress

Nothing says 70s style like a caftan. I’m picturing some Stepford wife welcoming her guests to a swanky Palm Beach soirée. Back in the day, key parties were all the rage, but I don’t think anyone wants those to return. Perhaps you could host a nostalgic fondue party for your friends instead, but still look the part in this Rachel Palley flutter sleeve caftan maxi dress, 20% off at Amazon with code20SPRBREAK. Just be careful not to dip your sleeves in the cheese, please. Deal expires: 3/9.

2Save 50% Off Your Highest Priced Item when You Spend $100 or More at Chico's

women's pants

Seventies women were on the forefront of the struggle for equal rights. These strong women refused to suppress their feminism in order to be taken seriously, so while they demanded to be recognized as equally capable of wearing the pants in the family, they would have made sure the pants they wore were also chic and lovely. Channel your inner Mary Tyler Moore in these printed palazzo pants from Chico’s, and when you spend $100 or more at the store, you can take 50% off your highest-priced item with code 16460. Deal ends: 3/15.

3Get a PINK Tote & Tank Bundle, Discounted to $25 at Victoria's Secret

tote bag

Supermodels had their start back in the 70s, with famous faces like Lauren Hutton, Jerry Hall and Christie Brinkley paving the way for today’s VS angels. Then and now, the best way to unwind after a hard night partying under the disco strobe is a relaxing day at the beach, but we know now to choose a high SPF and a big floppy hat instead of baby oil and Sun-In. Get that boho beach bunny look with this tassel bikini from Victoria’s Secret, and add a cool PINK muscle tank and beach tote to your order for only $25 when you use code SPRINGFUN at checkout. Deal expires: 3/2.

4Save 50% Off Top-Rated Items at Eyes Lips Face


The “Me Decade” was all about everybody being free to do their own thing. Makeup styles ran the gamut from an all-natural barely-there face to disco divas who sparkled and shimmered as much as the lights bouncing off the ball overhead. Gold was everywhere, from chains piled on necks to lamé mini dresses to eyelids caked in 14 carat glitz. Emulate this look today with this Baked eyeshadow in Enchanted from Eyes Lips Face. Add $30 worth of products to your cart and save 50% off with code TOPRATED. Deal ends: 3/2.

5Get $40 Off with Purchase of Two Pairs of Sunglasses at Macy's


Power couples making their mark on the 70s included Mick and Bianca, Keith and Anita, Sonny and Cher and the Captain and Tenille. One thing they all had in common was that they’d never show their face in public without a killer pair of shades, which are necessary to hide the after-effects of last night’s parties and protect tired eyes from the paparazzi’s flashbulbs. They probably wore these same original Ray Ban aviators, which have been around since the 70s heyday. Why mess with perfection? Get a pair for you and your partner, and save $40 when you purchase them together from Macy’s. Deal ends: 3/5.

February 24, 2015 |

1Get Two Hardcover Books for $30, Plus Free Shipping at Barnes & Noble

lena dunham book

My favorite way to while away a weekend is to pair up a warm bubble bath and a good book. If it’s a really good book, I’ll read it all in one day, so it usually takes two to get through the whole weekend. I recommend these two books by a pair of the most influential women in the world today, Lena Dunham and Diane von Furstenberg. Get them both for only $30, plus get free shipping on your order from Barnes & Noble, another favorite pair. Deal expires: 3/8.

2Save 5% Off Select Hotels at


Books are a great way to escape for a couple of days, but even better is a trip for two to ‘pair’-adise. Get it? Whatever kind of couple you are - just dating, newly engaged, married or a couple of besties on the prowl - you can book a double room at the Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort for 5% off at with code AFFEB5OFF. Enjoy a couples massage and two mineral-rich, natural spring-filled pools at this health and wellness spa and resort, which features the two best words in existence: adults only. Deal ends 3/1/15 and is valid for select hotels between 2/23/15 and 4/5/15. Other restrictions may apply. See the website for full details.

3Buy One Top, Get One 50% Off at American Eagle Outfitters

women's shirt

Not a day goes by that I don’t stand inside my closet in a quandary over what to wear. As every woman knows, that outfit that was perfect for the beach yesterday just will not do at all for an afternoon at the country club pool today, which is why choices are essential. For a limited time, if you buy one top, like this AEO baby t-shirt, you can get a second top of equal or lesser value for 50% off. What a fabulous way to double your wardrobe.

4Save 15% Off Any Order at Kohl's

diaper bag

Mothers of twins have double the blessings: two bedtime kisses, two tiny baby feet to tickle, two handmade works of art for the fridge. They also have double the troubles: two screaming mouths to feed, two wriggly bodies to bathe, and worst of all, two diapers to change on the go. Luckily, this Carter’s diaper bag set comes with two totes, plus accessories, and does double duty as a changing station when nature calls. You can save 15% off with code YESPASS15 at Kohl’s, which is important since you’ll be saving for double the college tuition. Deal expires: 3/1.

5Take 25% Off Any Order at Calvin Klein

men's shirt

There’s nothing like a well-fitted t-shirt. Guys, take note, and stock up on perfect-fitting tees from Calvin Klein, like this black and white slim-fit logo cotton shirt, while you can take 25% off with code SPRING25. I double-dare you to flex those pecs, but you’d better be ready to catch me when both my knees buckle. Deal ends: 3/2.

February 23, 2015 |

1Save 40% Off Everything at Kate Spade


Keira Knightley just can’t catch a break. I think she needs to fire her stylist, because everybody’s been hating on what she’s wearing this season. Give the lady a break. I mean, it’s hard enough to find stylish maternity clothes for everyday wear, can you imagine trying to find a red-carpet gown? I actually quite liked her floral Valentino dress, but I think she should have accessorized with this adorable zipline clutch, 40% off at Kate Spade Saturday with code EXTRA40. That would have made her look way too cute for anyone to hate on. Deal expires: 3/3.

2Take 10% Off Any Order at L.L. Bean

rain coat

Most of the men looked superb last night. It’s pretty hard to mess up a tux, after all. But what struck me most was the nakedness of that little gold man everyone was hauling around last night. Poor Oscar needs some clothes for goodness sakes. The one time of year it’s guaranteed to rain in Hollywood is awards night, so last night he could have covered up with a raincoat, at least. I suggest this Trail Model coat from L.L. Bean, which he could get for 10% off with code BEAN10. Deal ends: 2/25.

3Save an Extra 50% Off Select Women's Apparel at Last Call by Neiman Marcus


The Golden Globes, People’s Choice, SAG awards, Grammys, Oscars - there are so many awards shows these ladies are required to attend. The mega-stars have their gowns donated, of course, but for those up-and-coming B and C-list actresses who aren’t lucky enough to be wooed by designers, awards season must be so expensive. I hope they’re smart enough to shop at Last Call by Neiman Marcus, where they can score a show-stopping gown, like this fuschia embellished Badgley Mischka for an extra 50% off. Deal expires: 2/24.

4Take Up to 50% Off Select Fashions at Kay Jewelrs


Of course, the only thing more important than the fashion on Oscar night is the jewels. Most of us will never know what it’s like to wear a half million dollars’ worth of diamonds, even for one night, but we can get the same feeling for a lot less by shopping at Kay Jewelers. I will definitely feel award-worthy wearing this incredible black and white diamond sterling silver bracelet, on sale now for 50% off. And the Oscar for smartest shopper goes to - me! Deal ends: 2/28.

5Save 25% Off Full-Price Styles at Miss Selfridge

women's jumpsuit

I may not have scored an Oscar invite (my home video performance as Mom chasing naked kids to corral them into the bathtub was woefully under-appreciated) but I did get invited to a fabulous after -party. Well, I wasn’t so much invited as crashed it by sneaking in the caterers’ entrance, but I was so well-dressed that nobody noticed I didn’t really belong there. That’s because I was totally channeling my inner star in this Bengaline Bardot jumpsuit, which I got for 25% off at Miss Selfridge with code WOAH25. Good thing I was there, too, as a certain celeb guest needed a lift home afterwards. You’re welcome, Mr. Busey. Deal expires: 2/28.

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