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February 8, 2016 |

150% Off Any Order at Mexicali Blues

Apparently, there was some kind of football event thingy yesterday. My husband used it as an excuse to order hot wings and pizza. He came to ask me if I wanted to watch the halftime show, so I asked him if the Rolling Stones were playing. He said, “No, Coldplay.” I said I’d rather watch the stupid ballgame. After all this time, clearly he does not know me at all if he still doesn’t get my taste in music. I was devastated, but after a bit felt well enough to do some online shopping, and cheered myself up by purchasing this vintage poster, which was 50% off at Mexicali Blues, where the whole site’s on sale through February. The hot wings were good, too. Deal expires: 2/29.

2Up to 40% Off Patagonia, The North Face, Marmot and More at Rock/Creek

Tell me, did you feel a tiny bit guilty watching a bunch of guys work their tails off running and throw a ball around a field, as you sat around on the couch all day stuffing your face with nachos and beer? Not me, because I did no such thing. I was out getting some fresh air and exercise myself, climbing to the top of the trail at our local park. It was a sunny day, but super windy, so I was glad that I had my new North Face jacket, which I got for 40% off at Rock/Creek. I was also glad that when I got back from my arduous trek, there were still plenty of nachos and beer left.

3Up to 75% Off Sale Items at Soft Surroundings Outlet

That ballgame must have had everyone’s attention yesterday, because when I went to the mall, it was practically deserted. At first, I thought it would be a shopaholic’s dream, but then when I got inside, the emptiness was kind of creepy. It’s no fun to paw through a sales rack when you don’t have anyone to snatch the best bargains away from. So I decided to shop from home instead, which was a wise decision, since I found this lovely colorblocked sweater for 75% off at the Soft Surroundings Outlet. And I snatched it up before the stock status changed from “extremely low” to “sold out.” See, the Broncos weren’t the only ones scoring yesterday.

4Up to 75% Off Outlet Sale Items at Williams -Sonoma

You may not realize this, but there are marshmallows, and then there are marshmallows. As a connoisseur of sweet treats, I have made a lifelong study of this subject. Winter has not yet released its icy grip on us, so there is still plenty of time to enjoy a few rounds of piping hot cocoa, which can be made even sweeter by the addition of these old-fashioned vanilla marshmallows. Trust me, these marshmallows put the grocery store bagged varieties to shame. They come in a decorative box, people. And they’re handcrafted - it says so on the box. Grab them while you can save 75% off during the Outlet Sale at Williams-Sonoma. You won’t be sorry.

5Up to 75% Off Outlet Items at Spiegel

I think I deserve a little treat after all the stress of the weekend. After all, I had to endure a house full of my husband’s screaming, cursing, chip-munching friends; give up my big-screen TV for the day; and make more than one emergency run to the grocery store for more beer. He owes me, big time. In addition to forcing him to sit through the Academy Awards with me in a few weeks as payback, I’m also gifting myself this gorgeous beaded cuff bracelet, which I found online for 75% off at Spiegel. That’ll teach him to take my TV away for an entire day.

February 5, 2016 |

1Up to 75% Off Clearance at Maurices

Don’t you hate it when someone you know copies your wardrobe? That old saying that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery is total hogwash, if you ask me. When my coworker shows up in the exact same top that I was so excited to show off last week, I’m not flattered; I’m more, “Hey, you-know-who stole my look!” Well, since I can’t seem to shake my style stalker, I guess I’ll just have to buy something else new that she doesn’t have. She might be able to find a blouse similar to this cute triangle-printed one, but the joke’s on her, because I saved 75% on mine at Maurices. She might steal my style, but she’ll never be able to beat my shopping savvy.

230% Off New Arrivals at Tobi

I live for showing off the latest fashions before anyone else has them (which is why that copycat really gets my goat). Even more, I love being able to get my hands on new things at a discount, which is why I love shopping at Tobi. I’m going to let you in on one of my most valuable secrets here - new arrivals at Tobi are 30% off for the first seven days. Shhh, don’t spread it around too much. For example, I just got this adorable printed skater dress for 30% off, and I can’t wait to wear it before SHE does.

335% Off Select Boots at Jimmy Jazz

I have long been on the hunt for the perfect pair of biker boots. The last time my husband took me riding on the back of his Harley, I wore some rather impractical footwear, which melted to the exhaust pipe when I accidentally rested my foot against it. Needless to say, he was not pleased (and neither were my shoes) and I’ve been banned from the bike until I purchase some bike-appropriate boots. Today I struck gold when I found the perfect pair at Jimmy Jazz, and even better, I was able to take 35% off the price by using code AFF91. Deal expires: 2/10.

435% Off Any Order at Art.com

I don’t know a lot about art, but in my opinion, the best pieces are based on the best subject matter. This is why Andy Warhol has always been one of my favorite artists; he knew what was important to paint - celebrities, soup and shoes. I’ve always wanted to own one of his pieces, so I’m going to grab this print of my original idol, Debbie Harry, while I can take 35% off the price with code FMG869. Deal ends 2/6.

5Up to 70% Off All Coats And Jackets at New York & Company

I just don’t understand what’s up with this weather. One day it’s summery, and the next it’s like an arctic freeze out there. Then warm again, then cold again, and so on. Will this weathercoaster ever end? I was all in the mood to be sporting my summer sundresses already, but now I’m really regretting putting my winter coat into storage. I’m not going to all the trouble of dragging it out again either, not when I can just get a new one. Since I can save 70% off on this faux-fur hooded puffer jacket at New York & Company, that is totally worth saving the hassle of digging through storage boxes.

February 3, 2016 |

1Up to 50% Off Runway Archives at BCBG

Well, that credit card bill finally did show up, and I’ve been put on restriction. My husband says I am absolutely, positively not to spend any money except for essentials. No problem. I mean, I know how to stick to a budget, and I am extremely practical. Take this gorgeous floaty Runway Jacinda dress, for example. I can wear it now with a sweater layered over it, then sans sweater for a whole new look in the spring. Since the dress is now 50% off at BCBG, and since I’m really getting two dresses in one, that’s like saving 100% - practically free! See, I told you I know how to be practical.

2Up to 80% Off Any Order at Select Rugs

I’ve noticed that the tiles on our living room floor are starting to come loose. Yikes. I’m pretty sure that having to pull them all up and re-grout the entire room is going to cost a fortune, and we really can’t spare that kind of money right now. Especially on a floor - I mean, it’s not even something you can wear out and show off, so what’s the point? Luckily, I found this black and white floral rug that perfectly matches our décor, and it’s 80% off at Select Rugs, so I’m just going to cover those pesky loose tiles up and put all that money I’ve saved towards something useful, like a new handbag. Deal expires: 2/7.

325% Off Select Sale Bedding at Urban Outfitters

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night in a complete panic that you forgot something really important? That’s me, all the time. Did I remember to pay that bill? Did I put the leftovers in the fridge? Did I hide those shopping bags well enough? My anxiety is really wreaking havoc on my beauty sleep. I think maybe the reason I’m not sleeping well is because I need new pillows. The old ones just don’t match my new comforter at all, and it truly bugs me. Happily, these pillow shams are an affordable solution, and since they’re now 25% off at Urban Outfitters, I won’t lose any sleep over this purchase.

440% Off Shoes at TheRealReal

Look, I know what you’re thinking. You’ve seen the overflowing racks in my closet, and you don’t believe that a new pair of shoes can be justified as an essential purchase. But wait, before you get all judge-y, take a closer look at these shoes. How many times in life am I going to find a pair of real pony-hair Alaia pumps in my size for 40% off? I can tell you, because I’ve been looking forever - almost never. I don’t have anything like these, and they’re extremely practical, because I will love and cherish them and wear them practically every single day. So there. But you really don’t have to mention this to my husband.

5Up to 30% Off Select Furniture at West Elm

Not wanting to splurge on new furniture, I’ve been using an old table in place of a nightstand for years. It’s always so cluttered though; there’s just not enough space on it for all my necessities - face creams, alarm clock, nail files, magazines, tv remote, glasses, coffee cups - you get the picture. This old table is actually costing us money, because in all the chaos I keep misplacing valuable coupons and spilling things on the rug, which will eventually have to be replaced if this keeps up. Therefore, investing in this rustic-chic new nightstand is a very practical purchase, since it has drawers to keep all my excess junk out of the way but still within reach, and it’s on sale for 30% off at West Elm. Deal ends: 2/9.

February 1, 2016 |

150% Off Weekend Sale at Inspired Silver

I got something shocking in the mail today. No, not the credit card bill (I already know that total, so it’s only going to be shocking for my wallet), and not blackmail photos, either (this isn’t Scandal). It was the order form for high school graduation items, reminding me that in just a few short months, my baby is going to leave the nest and venture out on her own. It made me think about the need for a special talisman to give her as a graduation gift; something that will remind her I’m always thinking of and protecting her. Owls have always been a special symbol in our family, so this golden owl adjustable ring will be the perfect piece, and I got it for an extra 50% off during the Weekend Sale at Inspired Silver. Deal expires: 2/2.

215% Off Any 1 Item at Barnes & Noble

Since I was thinking about graduation and college, that naturally led me to thinking about books, an essential part of any education. It’s too soon to order college textbooks, but I think there are other books which are equally, if not even more, important to a successful college experience. I’m going to order this one, The College Dorm Survival Guide, while I can take 15% off with code 9SVZ7FTR7XF15 at Barnes & Noble. After all, it’s never too early to start learning how to get along with that crazy roommate and navigate co-ed bathrooms.

325% Off Select Bedding at Urban Outfitters

Personally, I don’t even want to think about the mattresses in those dorm rooms. Who knows who and what have been lying on them. Shudder! That’s why mattress pads, covers and toppers are all on my must-have shopping list. Along with lots of Lysol. My daughter is more concerned about what’s on the surface. Apparently, her old Hello Kitty comforter is not going to cut it in college, so she’s picked out this bohemian medallion-bedecked version instead. Since it’s 25% off at Urban Outfitters, and looks like it’ll disguise a lot of spilled sodas and pizza, I was happy to make the purchase.

4Up to 50% Off Clearance Items at Fingerhut

For some unfathomable reason, my darling daughter has her heart set on a college all the way across the country from home. Why she would want to leave the warm California sunshine to battle East Coast blizzards is beyond me, but I won’t stand in her way. I will, however, make sure she is properly outfitted for her first real winter season. I got this super-warm Rocawear puffer coat with fur-lined hood for 50% off at Fingerhut. That leaves some extra money to set aside for her plane ticket home when she can’t take the cold any longer.

530% Off Select Sale Items at Sabon

My daughter is sadly mistaken if she thinks she’s going to steal my favorite patchouli lavender vanilla shower gel and take it off to college with her. There’s no way I’m letting that go. However, being a generous mom, I will be sure to order a few extra bottles while they’re on sale for 30% off at Sabon, so she can pack her own supply. I’m sure the scent will remind her of home, and therefore, hopefully remind her to call her mom once in a while. And to shower frequently.

January 29, 2016 |

179% Off Calvin Klein Women's Agile Watch at Ashford.com

In this age of the iPhone, nobody really uses a watch to tell time anymore. But we still want them, because timepieces are the ultimate in statement accessories. The watch you wear tells the world the type of person you are at first glance. This Calvin Klein Agile watch, for example, says that you are chic and on the cutting-edge of setting trends, not following them. It also say that you are one smart cookie, since you saved 79% off the retail price by purchasing it with code DMAGILE89 at Ashford.com.

230% Off All Adult Styles at Old Navy

I had a rare day off work today, and miraculously, it was also sunny, with summer-like temps. In other words, it was a perfect day, and the perfect time to wear my new striped t-shirt dress. And what made everything even more perfect was the fact that I was able to save 30% off the dress during the Sooner or Later Sale at Old Navy.

3Extra 20% Off Select Sale Styles at Nine West

As if my day couldn’t get any better, after sunning myself and napping by the pool, I came inside to find that my favorite shoe mecca, Nine West, is hosting a sale on sale. That’s right, I was able to take an extra 20% off these already marked-down snakeskin-printed d’Orsay pumps. Wow, could this day get any better? Perhaps if a cute cabana boy suddenly appears with a pitcher full of margaritas. Fingers crossed.

450% Off Home Brewing System at Keurig

Those margaritas never did materialize, but that’s okay. I’d rather have an iced coffee anyway. Need to stay alert in case any more good shoe sales pop up online. I can’t risk letting that last clearance pair in size 7 get away, now can I? So coffee it is, and I don’t even have to make the drive to Starbucks, since I just got this cute new Keurig K200 in my favorite color, orange, for 50% off by using code CWCGVH7. Deal expires: 2/9.

5Up to 75% Off Select Boots at Belk

See, I told you I needed to stay vigilant. I can smell a sale on boots a mile away, and here it is. I love the fur accent trim on these Jessica Simpson booties, and I just got them for a whopping 75% off at Belk! Happy dance! I wonder how tomorrow is ever going to compete with the bargain-shopping bonanza I’ve had today?

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