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October 28, 2016 |

1Up to 70% Off Any Order at True Religion

So I’m still trying to come up with a Halloween costume. Thus far, my options are to be either a grape popsicle, Grimace or Prince. You might wonder about these odd choices, but see, I really need to come up with a reason to buy this pair of purple skinny jeans. I can’t really justify buying these for everyday wear, since I doubt those are going to fit the dress code at work. Which is why I have to validate the purchase by using them as part of my costume. I simply must have them, since they’re a whopping 70% off at True Religion, and that is just too good of a treat to pass up.

2Free Shipping on Any Order at Blair

I just ordered this “unwelcome” mat for my front porch. Not only should it suffice for keeping trick-or-treaters away so that I can keep all the candy for myself; but it will also come in handy when a zombie outbreak hits for real, which I am fully convinced will happen someday. And even if I’m wrong about that, it’s okay, because it shipped for free from Blair with code BPHQ. But you’d be wise to take my advice and start stockpiling canned goods and sharp objects just in case. Better safe than walker meat. Deal expires: 10/31.

3Up to 50% Off All Halloween at Pottery Barn

Just in case that doormat doesn’t do the trick, I’m going to hang this bat banner across the porch, too. It was a wise investment, since it was up to 50% off at Pottery Barn, and I have to make the house look as creepy and forbidding as possible. Like I said, there’s no way I’m just going to give away all those Kit Kats and Starbursts. If any little creatures do brave their way up to my door, they’re getting all those leftover yucky black & orange peanut butter thingies from Halloweens past. Now that is scary.

4Extra 20% Off Sale & Clearance Items at Nike

My kids are so hard on their clothes and shoes. It seems like every time I do laundry, things are either ripped or so stained that I just end up throwing them out. And the other day, my son informed me that there was a hole in his shoe. Upon investigation, that was putting it mildly. There wasn’t much left between his feet and the pavement. Now, I don’t know how long he’s been wearing those to school that way, but I’m feeling pretty lucky that child protective services hasn’t shown up at my house yet. Perhaps I ought to spend a little less time feeling glad that my kids are finally old enough to get themselves dressed and off to school and a little more time examining what they actually look like when they leave. Anyway, I immediately ordered him this new pair of Kobe Mentality 2 basketball shoes, while I was able to take an extra 20% off the sale price at Nike with code BONUS20. So that embarrassing situation won’t happen again. At least for another couple of weeks.

530% Off Any Order at J. Crew Factory

I am totally into flannel shirts these days for casual Fridays. They’re comfy and the perfect look for fall, in my opinion. Last week I wore this popover plaid version, which I scored for 30% off by using code SPOOKY at J. Crew Factory. Someone told me that I reminded him of a lumberjack, but I’m pretty sure that he meant that in a good way. Right?

October 24, 2016 |

120% Off + Free Shipping at Pottery Barn

I’m so excited that we’re actually having weather out here! It hasn’t amounted to much more than a few sprinkles yet, but it's cloudy and windy and the atmosphere is exuding a stormy attitude that is irresistible for just driving around with the windows down and the music blasting. But then I realized how much gas I was wasting, so I decided to come home and enjoy the clouds from the balcony instead. I have to say, it’s much cozier and more enjoyable wrapped up in this faux sheepskin throw, which I got for 20% off and shipped for free from Pottery Barn with code FALL.

230% Off Any Order at Blair

If you’re reading this, and there isn’t just a blank space announcing that the Roundup is experiencing technical difficulties, then it means that I have somehow survived last night’s season premiere of The Walking Dead. Whew. Which means now I actually have to figure out what I’m going to wear to work today. Dang. Since there’s a bit of a chill in the air, I guess it’s the perfect time to bust our my new velour dress, which I got for 30% off at Blair by using code BVAL30. And here you thought velour only belonged on 80s track suits and sofas. Further proof that I can make anything stylish. Never doubt. Deal expires: 12/4.

310% Off select Neocell Beauty Bursts & New Items at Blair

I don’t really believe in vitamins. I mean, who can actually prove that they do anything for you? I suspect it’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus cooked up to sell us a bunch of stuff we need. That being said, I just discovered these Neocell Beauty Bursts, which promise to deliver collagen and other essential beauty nutrients to your skin. And they come in chocolate mint, so needless to say, I have become a convert. Even better, I was able to take 10% off my order at Lucky Vitamin with code NEO1016. Do you think if I eat the entire bag in one sitting I can pull a Benjamin Button and age backwards five or ten years? I am about to find out. Will keep you posted. Also, maybe have 911 on speed dial; and I’d better disclaim, follow the recommended daily dosage and do not try this at home. Deal ends: 10/31.

410% Off Orders of $50 or More at Gardeners.com

Living as I am in this concrete jungle, I did not think I would have much use for a coupon code at Gardeners.com. However, then I discovered these yummy snuggle socks, which will be perfect for keeping my toes toasty while I chill out on the balcony enjoying my coffee in the autumn breezes. They also have some fabulous kitchen and home décor items here, too, so my lack of a garden is no reason to miss out on a bargain shopping experience. Thank goodness, because that would totally bum me out. I got 10% off on my entire order by using code XNET9477, so now I can go about enjoying my day with a clear conscience.

520% Off Orders of $79 or More at Norm Thompson

Apparently, Mick had laryngitis and had to cancel last week’s Vegas show, so I am now feeling vindicated and slightly smug that I wasn’t actually able to afford tickets in the first place. Ha, to all you poor folks who were looking forward to going. Sorry, sometimes I am a terrible person. Anyway, if I was one of the people who had to accept a mere refund rather than getting the chance to see the Stones live, I would be getting no satisfaction. That just wouldn’t suffice to quell my disappointment. At the very least, they’d have to also offer me something like this coupon code N4028 for 20% off at Norm Thompson. Getting a discount on these microfiber suede stretch boots just might help mend my broken heart just a little bit. Deal expires: 10/26.

October 21, 2016 |

1Free Shipping on Orders of $65 or More at The Vermont Country Store

I don’t really subscribe to the theory of the four main food groups. Or is it five? Seven? See, I have no clue. I only believe in two - cheese and jerky. No, make that three. I forgot Twizzlers. Anyway, I am completely addicted to beef sticks and jerky, so imagine my delight when I discovered that I can broaden my culinary horizons by trying all these varieties of exotic jerky - including alligator, boar, buffalo, elk, kangaroo and ostrich. Actually, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to really ingest all of these - kangaroo? come on! - so it’s a good thing my order will ship for free from The Vermont Country Store with code 466736, so I don’t have to feel guilty about wasting too much money. Deal expires: 12/15.

225% Off Orders of $75 or More at MetroStyle

I am completely head over heels (Get it, heels? Sorry, bad pun) for these colorblocked suede booties by Rialto. I simply will not be able to go on until I own them in every color. Luckily, I can take 25% off my order of $75 or more when I use code MS40210 at MetroStyle, so I can get them all. I mean, I would have bought them all anyway, but it’s nice to be able to save a little money in the process. Deal ends: 10/31.

3Buy 2 Teen Paperbacks, Get 1 Free at Barnes & Noble

Do you ever start reading a book, get several chapters in, and then realize that you’re actually unintentionally reading a book meant for teenagers? It’s happened to me occasionally. I have to admit, I’ve even finished a few, since they turned out to be quite good. Not the ones about vampires, though. I drew the line there. Anyway, if you know some actual teens who could use a good read or two, they can stock up while they can get a free teen paperback when they buy two at Barnes & Noble. I recommend starting with Scrambled Eggs at Midnight by Brad Barkley. I’m not ashamed to admit it held my interest. Deal expires: 10/24.

420% Off and Free Shipping on All Throws at Pottery Barn

I live in Southern California, where the weather is near-perfect all year round. So it’s funny that I don’t really seem to use my outdoor spaces nearly as much until it actually turns chilly. I’ll snub my balcony all summer long, but once the temps dip down after sunset in the fall, I’m out there every night watching the sunset and reading while I enjoy a hot cup of coffee or cider. Somehow, it’s just more enjoyable when you can wrap yourself up in a soft, fuzzy throw, like this perfect faux fur version which I got for 20% off and with free shipping from Pottery Barn.

5$10 Off $50 or More in Layaway Purchases at Kmart

I’m sorry, but I just cannot bring myself to say the C-word while it’s still October. I cringe every time I walk into a chain store and see the freaking Santas and snowmen crowding out the skeletons and pumpkins. Just wait already, people! I’m not even about to start contemplating buying gifts to put under the you-know-what tree until late November, but for those of you who just can’t stand to procrastinate and won’t be able to rest until you have your holiday shopping resolved before we’ve even trick-or-treated, then take advantage while you can take $10 off your $50 layaway purchase at Kmart with code LAYAWAY10. Then I guess you can just sit back and relax and enjoy all the holidays while you laugh at my frantic, fruitless scrambling to locate one of these Love2Learn Elmos on December 24. Deal ends 11/26.

October 19, 2016 |

1Free Shipping on Any Order at Pottery Barn

Isn’t it fun to be in love? At least the beginning part is fun, while it’s still wondrous and new and before it gets old and ugly. Yes, I’m talking about this scrumptious plaid duvet cover that has currently stolen my heart. Right now, I can’t imagine ever growing tired of its cozy goodness, but I know that someday it may become faded and ragged out. At least I got free shipping on it from Pottery Barn by using code HARVEST; so I don’t have to regret making such a huge emotional investment when the next best thing catches my eye. Because I have a feeling some cute little floral print is going to woo me away come Spring. I can be fickle like that.

220% Off on Anolon Open Stock Cookware at Bed, Bath & Beyond

For the holiday season, we’ve decided to put on a Dio de los Muertos spread at work. We’re going to decorate with sugar skulls and colorful flowers and have a Mexican feast. Mmmm…my mouth is already watering. Unfortunately, there is only one thing I am capable of cooking which is a constant crowd-pleaser, and that is my famous potato casserole. As delicious as it is, it does not fit in with our theme in the least. I’m hoping that if I bring it in this covered casserole dish, which I got for 20% off at Bed, Bath & Beyond, then nobody will notice it’s not a Mexican dish. And once they taste it, they won’t care. Deal expires: 11/6.

3- 20% Off your Highest-Priced Item + Extra 20% Off your 2nd Highest-Priced Item when you Buy 3+ at FullBeauty.com

Do you think it’s possible to have more than one soulmate? I do, because I am fully convinced that both Keith Richards and Ryan Adams are mine. Among others, who shall remain nameless to protect their privacy. Also, I was entirely, completely devoted to a buffalo plaid cape, and convinced it understood me well enough to fulfill my every need. But then I met this imitation fur coat, and it gave me something the cape just wasn’t capable of understanding. And then along came a pair of leopard-print boots, and needless to say, they awakened something entirely new in my soul. Luckily, I don’t have to choose between them, since if I buy all three at FullBeauty.com, I can take 20% off the coat and an extra 20% off the boots, too, with code FBOCT16. Deal ends: 10/23.

425% off in Clearance, Plus an Additional 10% at Kohls

Whoever said you could have too much of a good thing was a damn liar. Especially when it comes to cheese. I am 100% positive that I can polish off this entire six-cheese gift box and still be left wanting more. Which I will promptly order. So it’s nice that I can get free shipping on every order of $65 or more at The Vermont Country Store with code 466736, because I foresee a lot of cheese in my future. Oh, and maple syrup. And beef jerky. Deal expires: 12/15.

525% Off $100+, 20% Off $75+, or 15% Off $50+ Sitewide at The Disney Store

It’s almost Halloween. Have you purchased that must-have costume for your little princess yet? No worries if you’ve procrastinated. You’ll actually be rewarded for it, since right now you can take up to 25% off your order at the Disney Store, on costumes like this gorgeous Cinderella gown, and hundreds of other items sitewide. This is definitely a huge treat, but the trick is to use code SAVEMORE by the end of 10/19 (today) because it turns into a pumpkin at midnight.

October 14, 2016 |

1Up to 40% Off Select Lighting, Fog, DJ, and Live Sound Gear for Halloween at Guitar Center

I’m transforming my house into a haunted mansion for Halloween. It wasn’t too difficult, since I already have plenty of cobwebs and the place tends to look a bit dilapidated and abandoned, even outside of the holiday season. All I had to do was spring for a CD of spooky sound effects and some creepy lighting, including this mini laser lighting projector, which I got for 40% off during the Halloween sale at Guitar Center. I don’t even need a costume; if I greet people without makeup or brushing my hair, believe me, it’s scary enough. Deal expires: 10/30.

210% Off All Michael's Naturopathic Products at Lucky Vitamin

The girls and I went out to happy hour last night to celebrate my friend’s impending divorce. Yes, it is cause for celebration; but I may have gone a bit overboard with the margaritas. No surprise there. It’s a good thing this is the Halloween season, because I am feeling like the walking dead this morning. Pretty sure the only way I’m going to return to the land of the living and start to feel human again is to get all this out of my system, so I’m hoping this Ultimate Detox & Cleanse, which I got for 10% off at Lucky Vitamin with code MICH1016, will do the trick. It’s certainly cheaper than checking myself into a center somewhere. Deal ends: 10/31.

3$5 Off $25+, $10 Off $40+, or $20 Off $60+ on select Halloween Items at Target

You all know Target is my favorite place to shop. Well, it just got even better. I can get everything I need to deck out my house and myself for Halloween, and the more I spend, the more I save, up to $20 off a $60 or more purchase. That’s all the excuse I need to load up my cart with tricks and treats, like this awesome illuminated eyeball wreath, that will be staring at anyone who dares venture up to my door this year. Deal expires: 10/15.

420% Off Any Order at Fragranceshop.com

I just ran out of my favorite perfume again. I wonder if maybe I’m overdoing it? I hope I’m not that smelly person everyone tries to avoid in the office breakroom, but it’s really hard to stop spritzing something when it smells like cotton candy. Just to be safe, maybe I’d better give it a break and go back to one of my previous favorite scents. I can get this Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture for 20% off by using code FC20 at FragranceShop.com; and with this one, I know a little dab’ll do ya.

530% Off All Boots, Booties, and Flats and Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or More at Nine West

The thing I obsess over most during the fall is not keeping warm or consuming endless pumpkin spice lattes. Nope, the most important agenda of the season is finding the perfect pair of boots to get me through till Spring, and I believe I’ve found them. These Abbee pull-on boots are going to be my go-to throughout the winter months. They’ve got the perfect texture, heel-height and slouch, and will go with every outfit, since they’re available in three colors, and at 30% off and with free shipping at Nine West, I can afford to get all three. Mission accomplished, and just in time, since this deal expires today (10/14).

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