Daily Roundup

May 22, 2015 |

1Save $65 Off a Refurbished Garmin eTrex 20 Outdoor GPS at GPS City

My husband’s sense of direction is about as good as his grasp of spatial analysis, and being a typical man, he’ll never stop to ask for directions. He’ll just keep hollering at me to read the map, but I get carsick, so this time I’m being smart and bringing along this Garmin eTrex 20 GPS for navigation. Obviously, I’m the real brains of this operation, because I saved $65 by purchasing a refurbished model from GPS City.

2Save Up to 78% Off Steals and Deals at Palm Beach Jewelry

There may not be room on this trip for any luggage, but I’ll leave one of the kids behind before I’ll go without my jewelry bag. (Don’t worry, he won’t even realize we’re gone as long as the computer’s on and a bag of Cheetos are within reach). Normally, the lack of a wardrobe would ruin my trip, but everyone will be so dazzled by my new bling, like this freshwater pearl ring and the other pieces I scored for up to 78% off at Palm Beach Jewelry, that I doubt they’ll even notice I’ve been wearing the same t-shirt and cutoffs for a week straight.

3Get Select Guitars on Sale for $99 at Monoprice

And now comes my favorite part of the family road trip - the sing-along. No, I’m not kidding. Get with the program, or get on out; we could use the extra room in the car. What? You can’t sing without some accompaniment? Luckily, I brought along this Woodstock vintage acoustic guitar, which I picked up for only $99 at Monoprice. Just get your brother to scrunch up on the floorboards so you have room to strum. Now, everybody, Kumbaya…Deal expires: 5/27.

4Save Up to 80% Off Janzten Girls' Swimwear at HauteLook

One of the great mysteries of family vacations is why kids get so excited about swimming in the hotel pool. We have a pool in the backyard that they can use any day of the year, and they couldn’t care less. It sits empty all summer long. But the minute we mention staying overnight at a hotel, they’re yammering non-stop about how soon till they can go swimming. I’ll never understand it, but at least I know my little girl will be the cutest at the pool in this adorable Jantzen watermelon one-piece, now 80% off at HauteLook. Deal ends: 5/25.

5Save Up to 80% Off Janzten Girls' Swimwear at HauteLook

A great pair of flat sandals is a vacation must-have. These Elizabeth and James sandals, along with other sale styles, are up to 70% off at Jildor Shoes, and they’ll be perfect to slip off and whack someone in the back seat with when they won’t stop changing all the sing-along lyrics to fart songs. They’ll also be comfortable for the long trek to the train station when I just can’t take one more second of being cooped up in this tiny car with all these maniacs. Deal ends: 8/30.

May 21, 2015 |

1Save Up to 95% Off Eyewear Items at SmartBargains

A good pair of shades is the most essential summer accessory. Not only do they offer protection from the sun, but you also need to be wearing them so you can pretend you didn’t see the hot dog your husband put back on the grill after it fell onto the ground and the kid who obviously didn’t make it inside before he had to go. After all, everyone needs a day off from Mom’s constant correcting. Snag a pair, like these designer frames by Emilio Pucci, while they’re on sale for up to 95% off at SmartBargains.

2Get 40% Off and Free Shipping on Cosplay Wig at Amazon

What does every pool party need? A mermaid, of course. That’s why I’m playing the part in this cosplay wig, which I scored for 40% off and with free shipping from Amazon with code FBBSPRHL. Yes, I may be going a little overboard (pun intended) with the party planning, but I have to outdo my neighbor’s fireworks show. Besides, it’s the perfect way to recycle that green fishtail gown my best friend made me buy for her wedding.

3Get 2 Wine Chiller Le Cool Sticks with Cooler Stick and Non-drip Spout on Sale for $30 at Amazon

Let’s review. My klutzy, none-too-sanitary hubby is in charge of the food, the pool’s slowly turning yellow and I’m going to be dressed as a mermaid. Obviously, the only way this party’s going to work is if everyone’s tipsy enough not to look too closely - especially me. Luckily, I can get two of these Le Cool Stick wine chillers for only $30 at Amazon when I use code LE2FOR30 at checkout, so there will be plenty of red and white chilled and ready to pour. Keep ‘em coming. Deal expires: 5/30.

4Get a 2-in-1 Electronic Mosquito Killer LED Light with Mosquito Catalyst - 220V on Sale for $3.39 at Everbuying

The one thing that can ruin a perfectly good outdoor party (besides dirt-covered food, an over-the-hill mermaid and a pool full of pee) is a mosquito infestation. Despite what my family and friends say, I must be sweet, because those little buggers just love to eat me up. Not this year, though, because I’ve invested in this 2-in-1 electronic mosquito killer LED light from It’s on sale for only $3.39 - that’s a small price to pay for saving the weekend and my skin.

5Take $5 Off $39 or More in Chocolate Gifts Order at GiftsnIdeas

If all else fails, the only way to save the day and make a success of my summer celebration is with chocolate, of course. It doesn’t matter what kinds of atrocities the guests may have witnessed; they’ll forget about everything else once they taste this scrumptious chocolate cake, which was $5 off at GiftsnIdeas with code CHOCO5WG. Here’s hoping your Memorial Day is memorable and chocolaty, too. Deal ends: 6/30.

May 20, 2015 |

1Save 40% Off at BCBGeneration

Did you know that in Vegas, you can literally go around the world in a day? Visit the Eiffel Tower, walk the streets of New York City, party in an Egyptian pyramid, explore a rainforest and glide through the canals of Venice, all within a few blocks of each other. Let’s be clear, though: although all of the hotel/casinos are next door to each other, these are huge properties located on looong blocks, so you’d better wear your walking shoes. These silver slippers are the perfect modern nod to Vegas’s historic past, and will let you navigate the Strip with ease. Even better, they’re now 40% off at BCBGeneration. Jackpot! Deal expires: 5/25. Excludes final sale and pre-order merchandise

2 An Extra 20% Off Select Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry, Watches and More at Amazon

Free drinks, all-you-can-eat buffets, luxury shops and five-star entertainment - the Vegas casinos pretty much have it all. The one thing they don’t have is a clock, because they don’t want you to realize you’ve been sitting at that blackjack table for 18 hours straight. So if you actually have an itinerary you need to stick to, you’d better come prepared with a watch. Play the high roller when you wear this snazzy Invicta gold-plated, stainless steel and leather watch; only you will know that instead of the $695 price tag, you only spent $83.70 on it, because you took an extra 20% off the sale price at Amazon with code FUN20SUN. Deal ends: 5/26.


3 Up to 40% off Electric and Spy Sunglasses at The House Boardshop

You might think the most important accessory to have in Vegas would be some sort of GPS for finding lost family members or avoiding those you want to lose, like Cousin Eddie. In truth, though, the most essential item to have would be sunglasses, not only for avoiding that desert glare when you finally stumble out into the daylight, but for enhancing your poker face so you don’t blow your winning hand. These Alpha sunglasses, along with other great styles from brands like Electric and Spy, are now up to 40% off at The House boardshop. Deal expires 5/23.

4 Free $50 5-Piece Mystery Travel Set when you Spend $85 or More at

Just where does that shrimp in the $1.99 cocktail come from? How exactly did David Copperfield make Cousin Eddie disappear? And what happened to my other shoe? These are just a few of the mysteries that might leave you scratching your head during your Vegas vacation. Here’s a good mystery for you, though: spend $85 or more at, on essentials like this Clear + Calm Regimen Set, and get a free mystery travel set, stocked with $50 worth of skincare goodies to take on your trip when you use code ENDLESSSUMMER at checkout. Deal ends: 5/24.

5 Up to $75 Off Flight and Hotel Vacation Packages of 3+ Nights to Las Vegas at Southwest Vacations

Of course, the one thing you can’t forget when planning your trip is the trip itself. Lady Luck must be on your side already, because right now you can save up to $75 off your flight and hotel vacation package of three nights or more to Las Vegas at Southwest Vacations. Pick an amazing hotel, like the brand-new Aria Resort and Casino at CityCenter, in a prime location amidst all the action, and book it (plus your Southwest flight) with code MAYLAS2015 to take advantage of a deal so good it must be sinful. And remember, what happens in Vegas, stays there. We’ll never tell, so enjoy! Deal expires: 5/25. Valid departure date(s): 5/20-10/30/15

May 18, 2015 |

1Take $25 Off Orders of $75 or More at Last Call by Neiman Marcus

What shoes does one choose when packing for a trip to Mars? I don’t think stiletto heels would be a good choice; the surface is very uneven and covered in craters. I don’t want to be known as the first person to plant her face on Mars. These Ash quilted booties should be a good choice. They’re the closest thing to space boots I’ve seen in real footwear, and I can take $25 off the sale price at Last Call by Neiman Marcus when I use code 25-MAY at checkout. Deal expires: 5/20.

2Save Up to 70% Off Newly Added Sale Items at Free People

Mars is a long flight (I would imagine), so it’s going to be important to wear something comfortable for the trip, and that will still look fabulous after I land. I mean, it’s going to be a historic landing, right? So there could be little green paparazzi waiting to greet us. This aptly titled Let Me Fly Maxi dress is now only $49.95 at Free People, where all sale items are now up to 70% off. I think it’ll look fab on Mars, or alternatively, at the beach this summer if this trip doesn’t actually materialize. I’m having a little trouble booking my itinerary on Expedia. Deal runs while supplies last.

3Get Select Tees Discounted to $29 at Urban Outfitters

Did you know that Mars has only about 38% of the surface gravity we have on Earth? This means that if you weigh 100 pounds on Earth, you will weigh only 38 pounds on Mars. I like those numbers! This has definitely reinforced my desire to go. I found this cute Around We Go tee at Urban Outfitters, a store that must have been made for space travel, since how much more urban could you get? It’s gray, so the Mars dust storms won’t be a problem, and I think the drapey top will float around me in a really cool way in the reduced gravity. Can’t wait to wear it there.

4Save Up to 50% Off Sale Items at Intermix

Judy Jetson was my idol growing up, and now I finally have a good excuse to dress like her. This color-blocked dress by Noam Hanoch looks like a modern-day version of every space girl’s dream, and it’s on sale now for 50% off at Intermix. Now I just have to decide if I want to commit to the white ponytail, too. Deal runs while supplies last.

5Save Up to 30% Off during the Sale of the Year at REI

I don’t expect there to be any four-star accommodations once I get to Mars. I’m sure even Donald Trump hasn’t managed to leave his footprint on that terrain just yet. But that’s okay, I’m used to hostile, dirty and wild environments; I share a bathroom with four boys. I’m completely prepared for camping out on the Martian surface, since I picked up this ALPS Mountaineering Galaxy 2 tent while it’s marked 30% off the retail price during the biggest sale of the year at REI. If my space flight falls through, I can always use it for a family camping trip this summer. I’ll probably be over my desire to put a galaxy between us by then. Sale ends: 5/25.

May 15, 2015 |

1Save Up to 70% Off 200 Lines at Topman

Every guy should be as snappy a dresser as Don Draper. This floral-print shirt with a vintage feel looks like something Don would have worn during one of his many trips to the West coast back in the '60s or '70s. It’s now only $20, so pick one up while you can save up to 70% on this and items from 200 more lines at Topman. Don landed Sunkist orange juice and plenty of Bev Hills beauties in it, so just imagine what it could do for you. Deal runs while supplies last.

2 Take 40% Off all Kenneth Reaction Luggage at Kenneth Cole

The recurring theme of the series seems to be Don Draper’s journey to recover from his deceitful past and find his true self again. He’s made many business trips throughout the show, and now he seems to be on a never-ending road trip, destination unknown. Will the finale finally bring him some acceptance and closure? We’ll have to wait and see. This ultra-roomy expandable upright suitcase is the perfect companion for wherever life’s journeys take you, and right now you can take 40% off the retail price at Kenneth Cole. Deal expires: 5/31.

3Save 30% Off Select Wines at BevMo

Of course we’re all familiar with Don, Roger, Pete and all the guys at the agency, but another main character on the show would have to be the alcohol. It seemed not a day, or barely an hour, went by when the guys were not indulging in a few cocktails. Now, I don’t recommend drinking at work, not even in a creative field like advertising; but after hours, many people still find a pre-dinner drink the perfect way to unwind for the evening. Personally, I prefer wine to the hard stuff, especially this Wild Horse Central Coast Chardonnay, on sale now for 30% off at BevMo.

4Take 25% Off Any Order at Tommy Hilfiger

If you want to look as slick and cool as those seventies admen, a fabulous pair of shades is an essential accessory. These wood collection sunglasses are so retro-chic, and you can save 25% off the price at Tommy Hilfiger when you use code SBMAY25 at checkout. Don’t be caught without them. Deal ends: 5/19.

5Buy 1 Full-Priced Top, Get 1 Free at The Limited

I was going to tailor all these deals to the Mad “Men,” but it just wouldn’t be right not to give the incredible women of the show their equal due. Joan, Peggy, Betty and the others have been breaking through the glass ceiling, going back to school and demanding equal rights to their male counterparts. And they do it all while looking amazing, too. This leopard-print cardigan would look just as classy in any office today as it did back in the Mad Men era; and right now when you buy this sweater at The Limited, you can get another top for free. Excludes limited-time offers, Scandal collection, sale and final sale items.

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