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April 27, 2015 |

1Save Up to 70% Off During the Summer Sale at Wet Seal

women's shorts

My vote for best mom ever (besides my own) goes to Lorelei Gilmore. She’s my role model in every way. I love the way she and her daughter were best friends and partners in crime. Remember when she overslept and had to meet the principal on the first day of school in cutoff shorts and cowboy boots? Yeah, that’s totally my style. I’ll never be the mom who shows up at school events in mom jeans, a perm and a cardigan sweater. Look for me at the PTA meeting in these destroyed boyfriend shorts, now up to 70% off during the Summer Sale at Wet Seal. Actually, don’t look for me at the PTA meeting at all, but I’ll still take the great shorts. Sale ends: 4/29.

2Take an Extra 40% Off Designer Final Styles at Shoe Metro


I’ve never wanted to be seen as somebody’s “mom.” I’m way too cool for that. I’m the mom who screeches into the carpool lane blasting the Rolling Stones and donates store-bought cookies to the bake sale. When I am forced to attend a soccer game, I’m not going to be caught dead in canvas sneakers. I’ll wobble across the field in these sky-high Missoni wedges. Will I break an ankle? Probably, but I’ll look darn good doing it, and I won’t mind because I saved an extra 40% off these fabulous shoes with code STYLES40 at Shoe Metro. Deal expires: 4/28.

3Save Up to 50% Off Mother's Day Gifts at Sur La Table

jam and jelly

If you feel there’s nothing in the world better than Mom’s home cooking, then you’re obviously not my child. I’m no whiz in the kitchen; in fact, I once had to bake a birthday cake four times before it came out right. I do have a few family favorites in my repertoire, but these come from the frozen section at Trader Joe’s. I really can’t imagine attempting to make jam or jelly from scratch when you can just buy it at the store. Some moms might really be into that whole homemade thing though, so they’d probably love this automatic jam and jelly maker from Sur La Table, and right now it’s almost 50% off. Deal expires: 4/27 (today).

4Take an Extra 25% Off Select Jewelry at Amazon


One Mother’s Day, my husband bought me a mother’s ring, which has the birthstones of all four of my children on it. It was a very sweet gesture, and a pretty ring, but a bit delicate and understated for my taste. If anyone’s looking to get me jewelry this year (hint, hint) I hope it’s a big ole flashy rock like this blue topaz and diamond cushion cut ring. You can save an extra 25% off the sale price with code JWLRY4MOM. Deal ends: 4/30.

5Save 25% Off Any Order at Banana Republic

women's shirt dress

I love my own mom to pieces and think she is the best ever, natch. But we are vastly different in so many ways, most of all in our sense of style. She does not understand my obsession with fashion, and I cringe at some of the items in her closet (I’m looking at you, green rubber sandals). How I would love to give my mom a fashion makeover. If I could get her to try it, I think she’d be amazed at how great she’d look in this drapey shirtdress from Banana Republic, which I saved 25% on by using code BDAYAPR and my GAP card. And whether she wears it or not, I can totally borrow it from her. Deal expires: 5/31.

April 24, 2015 |

1Take an Extra 20% Off Clearance at Sur La Table


Some of the best things that come from the earth are fresh fruits. Fresh-picked plump berries, sun-ripened oranges, juicy peaches - mmm, my mouth is watering. This organic earthenware serving bowl will make the perfect backdrop to display the brilliant colors of my bountiful grocery harvest, and I can take an extra 20% off the sale price at Sur La Table with code SKILLET15. Deal expires: 4/26.

2Save Up to 60% Off Spring Sale Items at

baby romper

The very best moments on Earth are when we can welcome new life to the planet. Babies are such tiny bundles of pure, sweet perfection; of course, you want to protect their pristine little bodies from anything harsh. Wrap them in the softest certified 100% organic cotton, made adorable in this rainbow-striped romper from During the site’s Spring Sale, this and other styles for men, women and children are up to 60% off. Sale ends: 4/25.

3Take 15% Off When You Use Your Kohl's Card at Kohl's


When your skin needs a little R&R from the stresses of the workweek, the Earth has you covered in that department, too. Take a trip to soak in some therapeutic hot springs, nature’s own little geothermal Jacuzzis. Or, if you’re looking for some relaxation a little closer to home, treat yourself to a soothing mud bath in a luxurious local spa. Either way, when you’re ready to towel off, use this plush organic cotton six-piece towel set. Kohl’s card holders can save 15% off when you pay with your Kohl’s card and use code BRIGHT15 at checkout. Deal ends: 5/3.

4Take $10 Off Orders of $50 or More at TOMS Shoes


TOMS Shoes is well known for its revolutionary business model which gives back to humanitarian and ecological causes with every purchase. TOMS sells much more than just shoes, including apparel, eyewear, accessories and even coffee. Enjoying your morning cup of joe can be as good for someone else as it is for yourself. When you purchase a bag of this organic Peru roast coffee from TOMS, they will donate one week of clean water to a person in need. If that’s not enough motivation, you can take $10 off your order of $50 or more with code CTCATALYSTWEST15. Do even more good by purchasing a few extra items. Deal expires: 4/30.

5Take Up to 20% Off Patio Furniture & Grills at Sears


So you’ve spent the morning roaming through your local farmer’s market, picking out the very best quality organic veggies for dinner. You want to make sure you get the most enjoyment out of these extra-flavorful, all-natural goodies, and the best way to do that is to grill them over an open flame and dine outdoors. If your grill could use an upgrade, you’re in luck, because you can get this Kenmore four-burner gas grill with steamer on sale for 20% off, plus an extra 5% off now at Sears. Sale ends: 4/25.

April 23, 2015 |

1Save 30% Off Men's & Kids' Polos at Tommy Hilfiger

men's polo

Unless you’re one of those hipster gals who hangs out in coffee shops wearing a polka dot headband and Mary Janes, it would be hard to feel romantic about a guy wearing a Flash Gordon t-shirt. If Sheldon Cooper upped his sartorial skills to match his brainpower, he’d don one of these slim fit polos from Tommy Hilfiger, and you know he’d be smart enough to buy one while they’re on sale for 30% off. Deal expires: 4/29.

2Save 15% Off Custom Shoes & Apparel at New Balance


Tall and gangly is not the type I usually go for. I think Sheldon would be a real dreamboat if he got out of the lab once in a while to pump some iron and maybe build up a six pack. A few laps around the track would improve his pasty complexion, too. I doubt if he owns any athletic shoes appropriate for a real workout, but I bet I could talk him into a pair from New Balance, because right now he can save 15% off a customized pair with code CREATEYOURS. Yes, he could even have them embroidered with 3.1415926 (the value of pi up eight places). Deal ends: 4/26.

3Take an Extra 25% Off Previously Reduced Merchandise at Bergdorf Goodman

men's cufflinks

What do you get someone like Sheldon to mark a special occasion? He’s very picky about gifts, so it would be tricky. A wallet won’t work, because how would you know if it had the right number of slots for his cards? He already has a cylon toaster and every Star Trek collectible in the universe. I have a feeling he might get a kick out of these elephant cuff links, now an extra 25% off the sale price at Bergdorf Goodman. He can wear them the next time he dresses up to give a lecture or present a paper. Deal expires: 4/23 (today).

4Take an Extra 15% Off Select Sale-Priced Coffee, Tea & Espresso at Macy's

coffee machine

Most of what Sheldon says would probably go right over my head, and it might get a little boring listening to him go on and on about string theory, whatever that is. Of course, he promised his mother he’d stay away from hard drugs like coffee, but we all saw how entertaining he can be when he got hopped up on java, staying up all night to make Penny Blossoms. Can you imagine what Sheldon on espresso would be like? If we were dating, I’d definitely invest in this KitchenAid Espresso machine, now an extra 15% off at Macy’s, to bring out fun Sheldon all the time. Deal ends: 4/25.

5 Save 30% Off Regular-Priced Merchandise or 20% Off Sale Merchandise at Old Navy

men's shirt

Well, if you can’t beat him, join him. We all know Sheldon will never change, so I guess I’ll get my own Flash tee at Old Navy. They’re men’s sizes, so I’ll have to use it as a nightshirt, but that’s okay; maybe it’ll give me sweet Sheldon dreams. What could be better than that? Well, how about the fact that I can get it for 30% off with code ENJOY. And that’s no bazinga. Deal expires: 4/24.

April 22, 2015 |

1Save Up to 60% Off Warehouse Clearance Event Items at Pottery Barn


I usually write on my laptop in bed, but sometimes I think coziness leads to laziness, and I might get a lot more done if I actually sat upright and worked at a real desk. This Park mirrored desk from Pottery Barn would be a great addition to my room, and I can get it on sale during the Warehouse Clearance Event, featuring items up to 60% off. And if I get tired of using it for work, I can always clear off the laptop and stock it with my makeup and hair supplies instead to make a glamorous boudoir dressing table. Win-win. Sale ends: 4/22 (today).

2Take 20% Off Full-Price Styles at J.Crew

women's sandals

You know what would really turn my day around? Yup, you guessed it - new shoes. Shoes are the answer to every problem, which is why my closet is overflowing with them (I have a lot of problems). In particular, these fringed gladiator sandals from J.Crew make me smile, and since I can take 20% off the price with code PARTYTIME, my troubles are just melting away. See, I told you they were a cure-all. Deal expires: 4/26.

3Save $25 Off Your First Booking at Airbnb


Sometimes I fantasize about getting away from the whiny kids and constantly underfoot husband for just a couple of days, especially if I could escape to somewhere like this private room on the beach in Bali. It’s only $35 for the night when I take $25 off at Airbnb with code JKE29. A quiet retreat for some peace and solitude is exactly what I need to reset my karma.

4Buy One, Get One 50% Off With Orders of $30 or More at Eyes Lips Face

face serum

All this stress is taking its toll on my complexion. I really need to relax, unwind, clear my thoughts and my pores. I’m in desperate need of this Skincare Soothing Serum, and I can get it for 50% off when I purchase items totaling $30 at Eyes Lips Face and use code BOGO50 at checkout. I can get a whole face-full of new looks there for that amount. Think I can make myself look 25 again and have a do-over? Deal expires: 4/28.

5Get Windows Laptops Discounted to $500 or Less at Best Buy

hp laptop

The way my day’s been going, I just know the next thing that’s going to happen is my laptop will croak. It’ll happen probably just as soon as I get this column written, but before I’ve had time to submit it. Murphy’s law, you know. Just to be on the safe side, I should probably get this HP Pavilion touch screen while it’s on sale for only $300 at Best Buy, where they’re featuring a different model each day for under $500. Deal ends: 4/23.

April 21, 2015 |

1Buy One, Get One 50% Off & Get Free Shipping on Orders of $35 or More at Payless Shoe Source

boys sneakers

Normally, my kids would rather walk barefoot on hot coals than go shoe shopping. However, even they had to admit that it was time for new kicks when the kids at school were making fun of their toes poking out the ends. I have not one, but two kids sporting shredded sneakers, so I’m especially loving the BOGO sale at Payless Shoe Source. When I buy this pair of cool Airwalk skater sneakers my 10-year-old is insisting upon, I can get a light-up Iron Man pair for little brother, and my entire order ships for free. Hooray for online shopping; I never could have dragged them to a store. Deal expires: 5/3.

2Save Up to $320 Off Webcrashers Sale Items at Dell

dell laptop

When I saw the word Webcrashers, I immediately thought of my boys, as this is typically what they do to my computer. They didn’t think that that was very funny, but they were super-excited at the chance to get their own computer. This Inspiron 15 7000 Series with touch screen is $320 off the retail price at Dell, so maybe it’s time to spring for one they can load all their games onto without me having to worry about losing all my work. At this price, maybe I should get two, to avoid the inevitable screaming and punching matches over whose turn it is to play.
Deal ends: 4/21 (today).

3Take 20% Off Any Order at Bluefly

boys shirt

I felt a little teary today when I realized my babies are growing up. My ten-year-old, who never before even noticed if he went to school with his shirt on backwards, and has been known to run around the neighborhood without pants, is suddenly interested in having the same trendy clothes his friends are wearing. Luckily, he still doesn’t know designers, but he did specify “that shirt with the bear on it” that all the other boys in his class have. Lucky for me, I can take 20% off at Bluefly with code FAMILY, and super lucky for me that he’s not a girl. Deal expires: 4/21 (today).

4Save 40% Off Any Order at Old Navy

boys socks

A sock monster must live under my kids’ beds, and he must have a voracious appetite, because no matter how many loads of laundry I do, there are never any socks to be found. Where do they go? What could they possibly do with them? I swear, I just bought ten new pairs and I can only locate about five socks, none of which match. So here I go again. At least I can save 40% off on more new socks from Old Navy with code SUNSHINE. Okay, I cheated on this deal, because the boys don’t really want socks, but they did agree that this Superman pair was pretty cool. Deal ends: 4/21 (today). Not valid on Everyday Steals and Hot Deals. Other exclusions apply; see site for details.

5Get Up to 40% Off & Free Shipping on Select Price-Match Items at Nordstrom


I just had to break up a fistfight because my little one suggested that Mommy should be allowed to pick some pretty shoes she wants (like these MICHAEL Michael Kors platform clogs, which are 40% off and ship free from Nordstrom) since I’m the best Mommy in the world. His brother then called him a baby and a suck-up, and punches ensued. Awww…suck-up or not, this is why he’ll always be my secret favorite (shhh). Now I’ve got to go enforce a peace treaty and bedtime. Deal runs while supplies last.

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