Daily Roundup

May 27, 2016 |

140% Off Any One Item at Last Call at Neiman Marcus

How can you tell if someone is flirting with you, or just a naturally overly-friendly person? I’ve suddenly become the recipient of major attention and a daily influx of emails from someone at work, and I’m not sure what to think of it. Serious or not, it’s fun to have someone to banter with and the attention is a huge boost for my self-esteem. I’ve found myself taking extra care to make sure I look good and dressing up every day. I can’t wait for him to see me in this new sleeveless lace dress, which I got for 40% off by using code BONUS40 at Last Call by Neiman Marcus. Deal expires: 5/29.

220% Off the May Hit List Sale Items at The RealReal

My absolute favorite thing about Spring and Summer is the flowers. I love the ones outside, but I love the ones on these shoes just as much. It makes me so happy to wear blooms on my tootsies, and even happier that I got these for 20% off by using code HITLIST during the May Hit List Sale at The RealReal. Deal ends: 5/31.

340% Off Any Order at Lucky Brand Jeans

When it comes to jewelry, I’m not really a girly girl. I don’t like pieces that are too fancy or delicate. I like big, chunky, boho items with turquoise and silver and other natural stones and beading. Right now, I’m especially enamored with this new turquoise bib necklace, which I got for 40% off at Lucky Brand Jeans. When I put it on, I feel like a hippy superhero. Watch out, or I’ll hypnotize you with my pretty stones and then smite you with my tofu breath. Deal expires: 5/29.

410% Off Any Order at Sur La Table

It’s Memorial Day weekend, people, and you know what that means! An extra day to sleep in and lazy afternoons firing up the barbeque. So yeah, in case it rains or you’re unlucky enough not to have access to a grill, don’t despair. You can still do up your burgers and ribs on this Le Creuset bistro grill, and you can take 10% off the price at Sur La Table when you use code COOKOUT16. Deal ends: 5/30.

520% Off Any Order at Bath and Body Works

My whole family is coming to visit next week, and my son just burnt something to a crisp in the microwave and stunk up the whole house. How am I going to get this terrible smell out of the house before everyone comes? I don’t know, but at least maybe I can mask some of it by burning this lovely scented three-wick candle, which I got for 20% off at Bath and Body Works with code SUMMER4U. Deal expires: 5/31.

May 25, 2016 |

1Up to 40% Off Any Order at House of Fraser

It’s my boss’s birthday tomorrow. What do you get for the guy who has everything (including the world’s best employees, if I do say so myself)? Well, I know he loves to fish, so maybe these silver fish cufflinks would be the perfect thing to jazz up his office uniform and remind him of vacation days ahead. If everyone chips in, we can get these and still have enough for lots of goodies, since we can take 40% off the price at House of Fraser with code BRTAKE40. After all, what’s an office party without donuts and cake? Deal expires: 5/30.

2Up to 40% Off Ray-Ban Sunglasses at Secret Sales

My boss has a secret side job as a rock star. Seriously, he plays after hours in a blues band, which is super cool for a dude who’s turning 60. You know what they say, rock ‘n’ roll will never die. Just ask Keith Richards. Anyway, as cool a cat as he is, I’m sure the boss will appreciate these classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers, now 40% off at Secret Sales.

3Up to 89% Off Hello Summer Sale at TinyDeal

Here’s something every fisherman, camper and beachgoer needs. Even I might be persuaded to spend endless hours with a fishing pole in my hand if I could do it while lounging on this comfy inflatable sofa. And it floats, too! This reminds me of the blow-up Barbie furniture I had as a kid; glad somebody finally decided to make it life-sized. This and other great items can be found for up to 89% off during the Hello Summer Sale at TinyDeal. Deal ends 5/31.

425% off in Clearance, Plus an Additional 10% at Charlotte Russe

True story – my boss once dressed up as a woman for a music video he filmed. He made a not-terribly-unattractive girl. Notwithstanding that, I doubt that he has any interest in regularly wearing dresses, unless there is yet another side to his after-hours life that I know nothing about. No, I think I’ll keep this deal to myself, since I can always use a new dress, and this cute printed tank is now 50% off at Charlotte Russe.

5Up to 75% Off Today’s Deals at Rakuten.com

We just expanded and remodeled the office and the boss got a swank new room all to himself. He pretends to be in there inputting paperwork all day, but I’m sure he’s secretly shopping eBay for used drum kits and playing Guitar Hero on his computer. He could probably use a new wireless gaming mouse, like this one which is now 75% off at Rakuten.com.

May 23, 2016 |

140% Off Any Order at Banana Republic

Last Friday, one of the inspectors at work wore a bright day-glo yellow shirt and all the other guys made fun, teasing him that at least he wasn’t in any danger of getting run over out in the field. I have to admit that I sniggered, but now I’ll have to eat crow, because I just flipped over this bright pleated sundress and just had to have it. It’s so cheerful and summery; I totally get the attraction to this color now. And best of all, I was able to take 40% off at Banana Republic with code BRTAKE40. I just hope Bill and I don’t show up on the same day wearing matching outfits. Deal expires 5/30.

2Up to 83% Off Anything Goes Deals at Yugster

I had a yard sale last weekend, so I was literally up all night setting up and getting ready. My state of exhaustion afterward is the only excuse I can think of for why I ordered this Bluetooth shower speaker. Maybe I was thinking that being so busy, it would be a terrific timesaver to take calls while I’m showering. Huh. Or maybe I just couldn’t pass up such a great deal, since it was 83% off at Yugster. Well, next time I’m on a conference call, I hope they’ll be able to hear me over the water running in the background.

325% Off Next Purchase at Kohl's

Reed Krakoff is the master of handbags, so I was super-excited to discover he was doing a Kohl’s collaboration. Finally, I can own a designer handbag without paying designer prices. Well, they were still a bit pricey, so I’ve been waiting patiently for them to go on sale. Hallelujah! The time has come! And I can even take an extra 25% off this belted convertible mini satchel when I use code NR758WMZMAWR. Come to mama, my pretty. Deal ends: 5/31.

4Up to 30% Off Any Order at LUISAVIAROMA

I love spending a day at the beach, but I hate what it does to my hair. Unlike countless supermodels claim, the salt water does not give me beachy waves. It just makes it a tangled mess. How can I look cute and show off my new bikini when it looks like I have a nest of seaweed on my head? Well, I think I’ve finally found the answer. This headband is not just any headband - it’s Missoni. So all I have to do is slick all my hair back, throw this on, and I’m automatically the chicest thing on the beach. And I got it for 30% off with code LUSPLUS at LUISAVIAROMA. Deal expires: 5/26.

520% Off Rugs at Threadless

My kids need a new rug for their room, as the last one has been stained by so many unidentifiable substances that it has been impounded by the EPA and designated a superfund site. Since the theme of the room is Star Wars, I think this adorable rug will fit right in and add a touch of whimsy. Hopefully, the Force will keep it safe from harm, but since I got it for 20% off at Threadless, I won’t be too upset when the inevitable happens.

May 20, 2016 |

150% Off Hot Handbags at 6pm.com

Hot handbags, cool handbags – I’ll take them all. I don’t mainline them the same way I do shoes, but I’m still a sucker for a pretty bag. And at 50% off, this cute little nautical crossbody from 6pm.com will feed my secondary addiction nicely. Deal expires: 5/26.

230% Off Summer Sale at Vera Bradley

I’m getting tired of lugging a purse, a snack bag and a briefcase to work every day. I need to consolidate all my stuff, so I’m thinking a backpack might be a good way to go. It can’t be just any old backpack though. If I’m going to swap out my handbags, it’s got to be for something equally attractive and girly. That’s why I’m loving this floral print version, which is on sale now for 30% off at Vera Bradley.

340% Off Shirts, Skirts and Crops at Ann Taylor LOFT

I hate wearing pants in the summer, but sometimes shorts are not appropriate (work) and you just get tired of being so dressy in a skirt. That’s why cropped pants are perfect for the season. They’re casual and comfy, but still polished enough to wear to the office. And if you don’t feel like shaving your legs that day, nobody will know. I better stock up on a few pairs while they’re 40% off at Ann Taylor LOFT. Deal ends: 5/26.

4- 40% Off Summer Sale at Belk

The one thing I hate most about summer is air conditioning. I like it hot, and yes, sometimes there is such a thing as too hot, but I’d still rather be warm than cold any day. It’s worst at work, where they have the A/C cranked up so high every day that it feels like we’re in a meat locker. Hopefully, it will help preserve me, but I have to always make sure I have something to cover up in when I’m shivering. This cute cardi should keep the goosebumps away, and it’s 40% off during the Summer Sale at Belk. Deal expires: 5/26.

515% Off Any Order at Design By Humans

My son’s birthday is coming up, so I’m on the lookout for some gifts he’ll like. No kid enjoys getting clothes, but he’s got to have some (can’t let him just run around naked) so if I find shirts that have characters he likes, he’ll actually deign to wear them. This Pokemon shirt Pikachu his interest, and I can take 15% off my order at Design By Humans with code LEKURZ26AP.

May 18, 2016 |

120% Off and Free Shipping on Orders of $50 or More at GoJane

Personally, I feel like I’m too old to wear something named after that old children’s TV show, Romper Room. I’m not sure anyone over the age of two should be wearing something called a romper. But then I saw this one paired with an elegant floral maxi dress, and I have to admit, it looks pretty amazing. So now I’m all for adding them to my wardrobe, especially since I can take 20% off my purchase and get free shipping from GoJane when I use code JANE20REG. But I’m still lobbying for a name change.

2An Extra 20% off Select Items at Overstock.com

I’ll take any excuse to buy a new bag, and right now my excuse is that this one perfectly matches that romper/maxi combo I just bought. And also I don’t already own a lavender bag. And also it just happens to be an extra 20% off at Overstock.com, which is the best excuse of all. And I don’t need to make any more excuses, because it’s pretty, so I’m just buying it. No regrets. Deal expires: 5/24.

320% Off Orders Over $99 at Sharper Image

I love browsing the Sharper Image, because they have things that you never knew you needed until you see them. For example, now that I know I can have photos in my hand instantly with this cool printer which attaches right to my smartphone, I will never again be content with just sharing on-screen. Think of all the awesome collages I’ll be able to make! And right now I can take 20% off the price, so let’s get snapping. And printing. Deal ends: 5/20.

440% Off and Free Shipping on Orders of $50 or More at Wilsons Leather

Does the thought of wearing leather in the summer make you cringe? Well, think again. This sand-colored lambskin skirt is breezy, light and will pair perfectly with all your summer brights. And I’m sure it will be comfortable, too, because after all, you don’t hear sheep complaining about being out in the sun all day, and they’re even covered with wool on top of their skin. I’m snatching this up while I can take 40% off and get free shipping from Wilsons Leather with code PERK. Deal expires: 5/21.

515% Off Any Order at FYE

I have a friend who has never seen The Walking Dead. Can you imagine? I am about to rock her world and change her life forever, because I just ordered this complete first season special edition Blu-ray for her, since I was able to take 15% off my order at FYE with code SPROUT. They also have a Daryl Dixon blanket, which I was going to keep all for myself, but it was out of stock. Of course. I will check back every day until I get one, though. I need to wrap myself in Daryl to get me through the summer until next season starts.

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