Daily Roundup

April 29, 2016 |

150% Off and Free Shipping on Any Order at Charlotte Russe

I am so glad it’s finally Friday, because this has been (to borrow from Alexander) a terrible, horrible, no good, really bad week. I’m having car issues - my son got into an accident and totaled one (at least he’s not hurt) and the other one has started overheating. Sigh. It’s going to be a long, horrible summer if I’m left without a vehicle; but I figure if I wear this lace crop top, which I got for 50% off and with free shipping at Charlotte Russe, then maybe someone will stop as I stand by the side of the road and give me a ride. Best purchase ever.

220% Off Any Order at Cuddledown

As you can imagine, this week has made me want to crawl under the covers and never come back out again. Well, not only the fact that this has been such a horrid week, but also the fact that my covers are so luxuriously soft and cozy. I just got this cotton fleece blanket at Cuddledown and it’s amazingly snuggly. Also, it was 20% off, which makes it even better. So don’t plan on seeing my face again until Monday.

365% Off Stella McCartney at The Outnet

Unlike me, Stella McCartney must lead a charmed life. Can you imagine? Not only does she have a legendary Beatle for a father (what an inheritance that’s going to be!) but she also has an amazing talent and flourishing fashion career. Must be nice. I’ll never be Stella McCartney, or achieve her level of wealth and fame; but I can own an incredible piece from her line, like this faux leather shoulder bag, for 65% off from The Outnet. Deal expires: 5/5.

425% Off Any Order at Bath and Body Works

Yep, after the week I’ve had, the only thing that’ll help me relax and de-stress is a nice long soak in a warm tub. I need a good soothing soak, so it’s lucky I ordered this lavender vanilla bath soak, which I got for 20% off with code MORESPRING, from Bath and Body Works. I may need another to tackle next week. Deal ends: 5/2.

540% Off Your Lucky Purchase at Lucky Brand Jeans

The best thing about Friday is that it means this freaking week is finally over. Can I get an amen? The second-best thing is that it’s casual Friday at work, which means I get to wear jeans. Not only does this make getting dressed in the morning much simpler and the workday much more comfortable, but it also is a great excuse for showing off my new skinny pair, which I got for 40% off at Lucky Brand Jeans. Deal expires: 5/5.

April 27, 2016 |

1Up to 60% Off Almost All Items at Bloomingdales Outlet

My kids really need some new summer clothes. I keep catching them running around the house naked, because they say that nothing fits anymore. Believe me, that is not a habit I wish to encourage. I love the look of these retro-style Nautica striped shorts; I love the fact that they’re 60% off at the Bloomingdales Outlet even more; and I love that I won’t have to see any more bare white bottoms streaking down the stairs most of all.

2Extra 25% Off Sale at Anthropologie

I work really hard, all day long on the job, and then even more at night taking care of the house and kids. Since my husband has moved out of town, I have no help at all, so I’m taking care of everything singlehandedly (to be honest, I feel like I was doing that even while he was here). So I definitely don’t feel guilty when I decide to treat myself once in a while. Anthropologie is my favorite place to do that. Right now I am snatching up these incredible embellished heels - because I can take an extra 25% off the sale price, and because I deserve it. Deal expires: 4/30.

330% Off Any Order at 30% Off Any Order

Gaahhh! I turned around and it’s already the end of April. How did this happen already? You know what that means - Memorial Day and the official start of swimsuit season is almost upon us, and once again I have failed to check myself into bikini bootcamp in time to be ready for it. What happened to my last resolution to get into shape, you ask? And the one before that - and the one before that? I don’t want to talk about that. Instead, let’s just focus on the fact that I am back on the workout wagon, and that I can take 30% off this essential racerback sports bra and all the other apparel I’m going to need when I use code THANKYOU at Old Navy. Deal ends: 4/30.

460% Off Clearance Items at Nautica

I love those striped Nautica shorts I got for the boys so much that I wanted some for myself. I didn’t find the exact same style, but I did find these great printed tie-front shorts at Nautica for 60% off when I used code MRB60. We are so going to be the best-dressed family at the beach this year. If I work up the energy to get us there.

520% Off Any Order at Evans

Just in case I don’t make it through that bikini bootcamp I have planned (no, I don’t have high hopes for my willpower; why do you think I’m starting over yet again?), I might need to rethink the teeny weeny bikini of my dreams. It’s probably more practical to invest in this Miraclesuit, which will give me the support I need and (hopefully) smooth out all the lumps. Plus, I can take 20% off at Evans when I use code 34MVC20. Better safe than sorry. Deal expires: 4/28.


April 25, 2016 |

1Extra 60% Off Sale Styles at Ann Taylor LOFT

Spring makes me feel delicate. Yes, me, the person who clomps down the stairs and eats her weight in jellybeans every night. Something about the fresh flower blossoms and newborn baby animals makes me feel like being airy and floaty, if not in my actual being, then at least in my clothing. That’s why I love this jacquard lace shell top for Spring. It’s so delicate and lightweight, and best of all, it’s an extra 60% off at Ann Taylor LOFT, so it’s light on the wallet, too. Deal expires 4/29.

2Up to 50% Off Dresses at Charlotte Russe

As long as I’m being girly, I should probably buy some new dresses, too. I don’t wear dresses often, because they necessitate shaving my legs and using lotion and self-tanner, and I’m just too darn lazy for all that most of the time. Maxi dresses are the perfect solution to that problem, though, and I’ve fallen in love with this boho printed one, which I got for 50% off at Charlotte Russe.

320% off Regular-Priced Styles at GoJane

My over-endowed sisters, I know you feel my pain when trying on blouses. No matter how well the rest of the top fits, there are always those blasted gaps between the buttons. I have pretty much sworn off button-downs forever. But that’s okay, because there are plenty of other cute top styles out there, like this adorable polka-dot bare shoulder top, which is 20% off at GoJane when you use code ALLMINE2OR. Deal ends: 4/28.

440% Off Sale at GUESS?

Nothing says Spring like flowers. I don’t have a green thumb, so everything I touch dies. My yard is just as brown as it has been all winter. I don’t sweat it though, because I can get my floral fix in this colorful shirt, which I got for 40% off at GUESS? And no matter how many times I wear it, the blooms will never die. Deal expires: 4/29.

5$5 off $20 or More in CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray at SecondSpin.com

2016 has not been a good year for music. I’m scared to wake up every morning to hear the news of which legend has left us next. SecondSpin.com is taking $5 off when you buy $20 or more. I suggest you start with Purple Rain, paint your room purple, throw on some purple pj’s and join me in mourning and memorial. This is what it sounds like when doves cry.

April 22, 2016 |

150% Off Select Styles at Talbots

Sometimes a girl just has to take the day off work to do some shopping. In addition to sick days and personal days, everyone should get an allotted number of shopping days to take off during the work year. I guarantee it’ll make me more productive in the long run, plus I’ll look so much better when I come in wearing my purchases, like this striped wrap top, which I got for 50% off at Talbots.

210% Off Any Order at Shoe Metro

Of course, you can’t buy a new outfit without buying new shoes to go with it. That’s like, Shopping 101. And since I happen to hold the equivalent of a master’s degree in the subject, it was easy for me to get this perfectly coordinated pair at a discount, since I knew the code 546FDS4 would get me 10% off at Shoe Metro. Deal expires: 4/24.

3Extra 25% Off Sale Items at Anthropologie

Speaking of subjects I’m fluent in, Anthropologie is definitely one of them. Not anthropology, but Anthropologie, although really, shopping here is certainly an excellent way to learn about world cultures. From housewares to clothing, these unique finds come from all over the world, and I feel like I got a really good exchange rate on my dollar, since I was able to take an extra 25% off the sale price of this Italian Dolci canister for my kitchen.

425% Off Spring Tops at A'GACI

I am thrilled that the biggest trend this season is shoulder-baring tops. My shoulders are one part of me that doesn’t seem to have any excess flab, and they’re nicely tanned already, so I am happy to show them off. I’m even more thrilled that I was able to take 25% off this lovely lacy crocheted number at A’GACI.

5Up to 50% Off Yosi Samra at The Outnet

No shopping trip is complete without a designer piece. I don’t have the budget for dropping big bucks on the latest runway collections, but I can still score fabulous pieces by shopping The Outnet. Today, I got these Yosi Samra ballet flats, which are just as comfortable as they are pretty, for 55% off. Score!

April 20, 2016 |

140% Off Any Order at AllPosters.com

Remember way back when, when blacklight posters were all the rage? Okay, I’m showing my age again. But as you know, everything comes back in fashion, so I recently bought this coral reef blacklight poster for 40% off at AllPosters.com with code 2BYBNEE, and my kids loved it. So there you go, I’m not really old; I’m extremely youthful and a trendsetter to boot. Either that or I should be a little worried about their after-school habits and the example I’m setting. But hey, it’s all cool. At least I know I’m not raising nerds. Deal expires: 4/21.

210% Off Any Order at Saks Fifth Avenue

I must confess that I am a shopping snob. I am all about labels, and I don’t stop at the clothes. I even like to display the boxes and bags from my favorite stores so anyone who enters my closet will know that I shop THERE. Not much is more impressive than a big old box from Saks Fifth Avenue, except maybe this gorgeous Chloé bag that came inside it, and the fact that I actually saved 10% on it by using code SAKSAPR2. See, snobby and smart. Deal ends 4/24.

320% Off Any Order at Hanna Andersson

A coworker and his wife are expecting their second child, so we’re all pitching in to have a big baby shower before he goes on paternity leave. Yes, paternity leave. My, how thing have changed since I had my kids. Anyway, this time around it’s going to be a girl, which makes me super-excited because I only have boys so I never get the chance to buy any girly stuff. This Hanna Andersson romper is so cute, I wish they made it in my size, and I was lucky enough to get it for 20% off with code 58XHK84KU. Can’t wait to see her in it.

420% Off Any Order at CafePress

My kids like weird things. They’re not into Star Wars or superheroes or video game characters like normal kids. For some reason, they love walruses. Walri? I don’t know. Anyway, my son’s birthday is coming up, and I know what he’d like more than anything is a walrus shirt. Where do you find a walrus shirt? It turns out that CafePress has tons of different designs featuring walruses and anything else you could possibly think of, and I was able to save 20% off my order by using code LOVEMOM20. Now he’d better use it to get me something good for Mother’s Day, because I’m such an awesome mom.

5Up to 60% Off Any Order at Bon Ton

I’m having family come to stay next month to attend and celebrate my son’s graduation. I am trying to clean the place up a little at a time so I’m now turned into a homicidal cleaning maniac two days before their arrival. My living room is proving quite a challenge though. After six years of having kids lounging on it to play video games and watch Youtube clips, it is covered with a variety of unidentifiable stains, and I don’t think that all of them are food, either. Ick. I tried scrubbing, but they’re not coming out. I think my only option is to cover them up. Luckily, I was able to find this pretty shabby chic slipcover at Bon Ton for up to 60% off when I used code FRIFAM25A16 during the store’s Anniversy Sale. Deal expires: 4/27.

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