Daily Roundup

March 27, 2015 |

1Get Up to 70% Off & Free Shipping on Sandals at

women's sandals

Like Frankie, I celebrate the first day of summer vacation every year. No more starting the days off by screaming threats to get everyone out of bed, trying to scrounge a school lunch out of recycled fruit and leftover airplane snacks or having to chauffeur everyone around all day. Yay for summer, and yay for summer sandals, like these great gold accented flats from Report, now 70% off at They’ll be great for showing off my pedicure - that is, if I ever have time to finish the other foot. Deal expires: 3/28.

2Take 25% Off Sale Items at Kate Spade

charm bracelet

Just like on the show, I never seem to catch a break. Last night I was swamped with work, but I had to take a break to cook dinner (i.e.,run out to Burger King) because nobody else was going to do it. I also picked up some groceries we always seem to be out of. Back home, I dumped the grocery bags in the kitchen, dropped a fast food bag into each child’s lap and went back to work until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Next morning, I went downstairs, and there were the groceries still sitting in the floor: milk, eggs, yogurt, frozen food. Sigh. I’m hoping that this Lucky Streak charm bracelet might turn things around for me, and I can get an extra 25% off at Kate Spade with code EXTRAS, so maybe it’s working already! Deal ends: 3/30.

3Save 47% Off the Ultra HD TV AX900 Series at Panasonic

panasonic tv

Remember when Frankie bought a new big-screen TV so she could watch the royal wedding? Then she had a fit because she couldn’t figure out how to get it on the right channel, and then she got pinkeye and couldn’t see it anyway. Typical. You should have seen me when the cable inexplicably went out on The Walking Dead season premiere. Pretty sure those AT&T helpdesk guys are still deaf. I would definitely buy one of these Panasonic 65-inch ultra HDTVs to watch Daryl Dixon up close, especially since I can save 47% off the retail price with code 65K. Deal expires: 3/28.

4Take 20% Off Any Order at Michaels

solar system kit

Brick Heck loves to surprise his mom with last-minute school projects that need to be done by the next day. I have two boys about that age, so double that trouble. Pretty regularly one of them will spring the news on me that a family photo collage, salt-dough map of California or model of the solar system is due tomorrow and they haven’t even begun. Looks like I’ll be making a trip to Michaels before they close and staying up all night to paint some planets. Luckily, I can get this solar system kit for 20% off with code MARCH2015. Deal ends: 3/28.

5Take $25 Off Any Order at Airbnb


Another familiar episode was the Hecks’ trip to Disney World. Lucky enough to win free passes; unlucky enough to show up at the wrong park on the wrong side of the country. I feel that pain. I can’t even afford a vacation for the whole family, but I can maybe sneak away for the weekend for a much-needed break just for myself. I can take $25 off a stay at this ocean-view retreat in the Malibu mountains by using code CLICKIT100 when I book at Airbnb. Miles of hiking and biking trails, here I come. If you haven’t heard from me by Monday, send out the air rescue choppers. Deal expires: 3/31.

March 26, 2015 |

1Take 20% Off One Items at Sur La Table

bunny topiary

My favorite decorations are the family heirlooms passed down from my mom and grandmother, and I like to shop the antique mall to add to them each year. I’m collecting cut glass dinnerware, old-fashioned cardboard eggs and bunnies of all shapes and sizes. I’m thinking this adorable topiary bunny from Sur La Table will add the perfect finishing touch to my tableau, and I can take 20% off the price when I use code TULIP15 at checkout. Deal expires: 4/12.

2Save an Extra 25% Off Sale & Clearance Items at Betsey Johnson

bunny earrings

One of my favorite memories is watching my grandma get ready on Easter Sunday. She always dressed to the nines, complete with a flower corsage on her lapel. She would let me dig through her jewelry box and try on whatever I wanted, and I’d drape myself in necklaces, and since she wore clip-on earrings, my 3-year-old self could wear those, too. Now that I have pierced ears, I’m loving these adorable bunny stud earrings from Betsey Johnson. They’re already on sale, and I can save an extra 25% off with code 25OFF. Deal ends: 3/30.

3Take $50 Off Orders of $150 or More at Tommy Hilfiger


As the famous Irving Berlin song goes, when I don my Easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, I’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade. That is, especially if I pair it with this pleated sundress from Tommy Hilfiger, with stripes so perfect they’ll make me the envy of all the eggs. I’ll be the envy of all my friends, too, when they find out I was able to get this dress for $50 off with coupon code 50FORYOU. I don’t know if they actually hold Easter parades anymore, but in this darling dress, I just might reinstate that old-fashioned tradition. Deal expires: 3/31. Excludes watches, jewelry, fragrances and outlet items.

4Save Up to 20% Off Any Order at Macy's


Of course, Easter is really all about the kiddos. The best part is watching them toddle around with baskets bigger than they are, and seeing the excitement on their faces when they discover the hidden eggs. I’ll have a yard full of boys, so sweater vests, bow ties and gingham dress shirts are on my shopping list, but any baby girl would be unbelievably adorable in this pink bunny sunsuit from Macy’s, now an extra 20% off the sale price with code SPRING. Sale ends: 3/29.

5$10 off $25 and $20 off $50 at JCPenney


Since spring has only just sprung, we’re probably all still dealing with a little lack of sunshine. That’s okay, because Too Faced Cosmetics has already come out with their summer collection, which includes this Little Black Book of Bronzers. Get your bronze on with a selection of perfect Easter shades including Snow Bunny and Milk Chocolate Soleil. Items in the Summer Collection start as low as $21. Deal expires: 6/11.

March 25, 2015 |

1Save an Extra 25% Off Select Top-Brand Items at Nordstrom


There are three things no Southern lady can be without: an ice-cold glass of Cola or sweet tea, a fan for stirring the sultry air and a gentleman willing to fetch the cold drinks and wave the fan for her. Wait, better make that four things; she also needs the perfect flirty frock for cotillions, barbeques and Sunday church socials. This striped fit & flare dress would suit any modern-day Scarlett O’Hara, and you can save an extra 25% off now at Nordstrom. Deal expires: 3/29.

2Take 15% Off Regularly Priced Indoor Dining at Pier 1 Imports

dining chair

Southerners love to socialize, getting together with family and friends for drinks and dinner to celebrate engagements, christenings and sunsets on Saturday nights. Katherine’s holding a second christening for her daughter was socially awkward enough, but hosting it outdoors in Charleston on an August afternoon was a complete faux pas. Maybe Thomas didn’t have enough nice chairs in his manor house to seat all the guests? They should invest in some of these Hourglass dining chairs while they’re 15% off at Pier 1 Imports so the next event can be held indoors with the air conditioning. Sale ends: 4/5.

3Get 30% Off Any Order & Free Shipping on Orders of $50 or More at Old Navy

boat shoes

The guys in Charleston seem to spend a lot of time on boats, which makes sense when you live on that gorgeous coast. Whether they’re fishing in the swamps or hosting party cruises around the harbor, they’re always laidback, relaxed and pretty darn toasted on that good Southern bourbon. It’s important to wear a good pair of boat shoes onboard, to prevent scuffing the decks and also for traction to prevent any overboard accidents when your sea legs are impaired. They should stock up on a few pairs while everything is 30% off at, since orders of $50 or more ship for free. Deal expires: 3/26. Offer not valid on Everyday Steals, Hot Deals and Today Only Deals merchandise.

4Save 30% Off Select Women's Swimwear at JCPenney

bathing suit

Modern-day Southern belles spend a lot of time on the water, too. No more are the days of languishing in the heat bundled into hoop skirts and petticoats. Now they’re smart enough to throw on an itty bitty bikini, like this cute a.n.a. ikat printed suit that’s now 30% off at JCPenney, and join the guys onboard that yacht or spend a day surfing the waves at the shore. Deal ends: 3/31.

5Take 10% Off 6 Designer Brand Sale Items at Bluefly


Every prim and proper Southern lady also needs the perfect ladylike handbag for holding her lipstick, hairspray and fan. This Tod’s medium leather bag will hold all that and more, and you can save an extra 10% off the clearance price at Bluefly. If it belongs to matriarch Patricia Altschul, dig a little deeper and you may discover her secret flask and pink pistol. Deal expires: 3/25 (today).

March 24, 2015 |

1Save 25% Off Men's Accessories at Target

men's watch

I wanted to find my husband a little something special, just to say thanks for being nice enough to make dinner for the kids and bring me breakfast in bed the next morning. That’s so unlike him; I wonder what he’s up to? Anyway, I traipsed all over that flea market, but I didn’t think he’d be particularly excited to receive a Budweiser belt buckle or Justin Bieber keychain. However, I found something he’ll really love at Target - this cool digital sports watch, and it was 25% off! Sale ends: 4/4.

2Get Up to 80% Off & Free Shipping on Calvin Klein Items at

women's shoes

It can be tricky looking for designer fashions at the flea market when so many knock-offs sneak into the mix. On closer inspection, those shoes covered in the CK logo had a label stating Colvin Kline. Huh? For authentic Calvin Klein apparel and accessories marked up to 80% off, shop the selection at These Mylee slip-on mules are super-stylish and only $35. Deal expires: 3/25.

3Buy One Pair of Pants or Jeans, Get One Free at New York & Company

women's jeans

I found some great deals on jeans at the flea market, but they didn’t seem to come in any sizes above a 26 waist (not gonna happen) or else they had weird details like zippers in odd places. Why would I want to expose my knees? At New York & Company I found these great curvy bootcut Soho jeans, and when I bought one pair, I got a second completely free. Now that’s a real bargain. Deal ends: 3/25 (today).

4Take 30% Off Warmer Weather Styles at J.Crew


If you’re really, really lucky, you might occasionally find a cast-off secondhand J. Crew piece at a flea market. The women who buy this brand tend to love their fashion, and since the quality is amazing, they last almost forever. I myself have a J. Crew bikini which really has seen better days (after years of wear) but I still can’t bear to part with it. I think I’ll finally spring for a new one though, since I can take 30% off this adorable and on-trend gingham style with code SPRINGSTYLE. Deal expires: 3/24.

5Take 20% Off Any Order at Amazon

rolling stones cd

Amazon is like the world’s best online flea market. You can find literally anything there, and the best part is, you don’t have to walk around in the heat digging through boxes and piles of junk to find a treasure. You just have to type into the search box what you want, and voila, there it is. I have wanted this Rolling Stones Singles Collection box set for years now, and since I can save 20% off with code D3KBOO4Q, now’s the time to finally get it. Deal ends: 3/26.

March 23, 2015 |

1Take $15 Off Orders of $75 or More at Office Depot

photo paper

My walls are begging for new artwork, so I’ve decided to show off my budding photography skills by displaying photos of my adorable offspring. They weren’t particularly willing subjects, so the photos I ended up with mostly feature half of somebody’s fleeing body or blurry faces making cross-eyes at the camera. I may have to keep trying, but at least I’ve got plenty of photo paper, since I stocked up while I could save $15 off my order of $75 or more at Office Depot with code 70915919. Deal expires: 3/30. Certain exclusions apply; see site for full details.

2Save Up to 40% Off During the Bedroom Event at Pottery Barn


My bed is in desperate need of a new quilt, but let’s not kids ourselves here. There is zero chance that I am going to be doing any quilting or even sewing, having not been near a sewing machine since a rather disastrous experience in sixth grade home ec class. Luckily, Pottery Barn is having a Bedroom Event, so I scored this lovely indigo print Brianna quilt for 40% off the regular price. Sometimes it pays to save a lot of time and hassle and just buy what you need, especially when it’s on sale. Sale ends: 3/25.

3Get Any Five Lipsticks on Sale for $20 & Free Shipping at Avon


I have a lot of trouble finding the right shade of lipstick and usually end up having to mix several shades to get it just right. Here’s a cool tip: if you take several lipsticks out of their tubes and store them in a plastic container with small compartments, like a pill box, then you can easily mix shades and carry them with you. Right now you can get 5 lipsticks for $20 at Avon to get you started, but I’d double that order for more mixing options; plus you can get free shipping when you spend $35 or more. Deal expires: 4/2.

4Take 40% Off Any One Regular Price Item at Michaels


I want to find some fun craft project to do with the kids in order to lure them away from their computers for a while and get them involved in something that uses a bit more imagination and creativity. I think they’ll love helping me paint and decorate this wooden castle from Michaels and then staging battles with their army of toy knights; and it was a bargain too, since I got it for 40% off with code MARDM40. Deal ends: 3/31.

5Take $25 Off Orders of $50 or More at

women's jeans

I’ve been coveting a pair of designer patch-covered jeans since last fall, but I can’t justify spending a few hundred dollars on them. So I’ve been collecting patches for a while now, and I finally have enough to make my own pair. Now I just need to buy a reasonably priced pair of jeans to iron them onto. I can take $25 off this 1969 girlfriend pair from with code GAPCASH. They should do nicely. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Deal expires: 3/31.

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