Daily Roundup

October 7, 2015 |

125% Off All Knits at GoJane

Autumn is my favorite time of year because it brings so many magical things - pumpkin patches, spiced cider, hayrides, bonfires and colorful foliage. It also brings my favorite sartorial season - sweater weather. I adore being able to walk around in public wrapped in what is essentially a blanket. With a fabulous print like the one on this tribal poncho, you don’t even have to worry about accessories, and you can save 25% off on this and all knits right now at GoJane.

2Up to 60% Off Select Patio Furniture at Ace Hardware

It may seem like an odd time to be buying patio furniture, but smart shoppers know that this is the time to scoop up the bargains. If you get this great Adirondack furniture while it’s on clearance for up to 60% off at Ace Hardware, you can use it now for sitting around your autumn bonfires and gazing at the harvest moon. Then come next summer, when everyone else is shelling out the big bucks for backyard décor, you’ll be able to kick back, relax and enjoy the pieces you already got for less. Deal expires: 11/14.

3Up to 50% Off Perennials at Wayside Gardens

Another way to get ahead for next year is to start planning your garden. What better way to spend a chilly fall afternoon than dreaming about the beautiful blooms you want to see next spring? Since you can save up to 50% off perennials like these meteor yellow cornflowers at Wayside Gardens, it’s a great idea to order them now and get a jump on your spring planting. Deal ends: 10/15.

450% Off Select Halloween Decor at Kohls

Don’t forget about my very favorite part of fall - Halloween, which really brings out the kid in me. I love to spook and be spooked, and don’t even get me started on all that candy! I go all out with the Halloween décor, so I was thrilled to find some creepy but cute items like this LED haunted house for 50% off at Kohl’s. Deal expires: 10/12.

5Up to 50% Off Sale Clothing and Accessories at Modcloth

My kids and I always do a themed partner costume for Halloween. This year’s theme is fairytales. My daughter is going to be Little Bo Peep, and I am going to be her sheep. I know it doesn’t sound like the most glamorous way for me to spend the evening, swathed in a puffy blanket of cotton balls, but when I saw these adorable sheep-faced shoes I can accessorize with for up to 50% off at Modcloth, I was sold. I’ll do anything for a cute pair of shoes. Deal ends: 1/23/15.

October 6, 2015 |

125% Off and Free Shipping on The New Collection at Pure Collection

I haven’t seen a pair of leg warmers since the 80s, but unlike parachute pants, I’m thinking this is an item which is definitely due for a comeback. I mean, we all still secretly want to Flashdance, right? Besides, what could be better for keeping your legs cozy under skirts on a chilly day, and this time around, they’re more luxurious than utilitarian, especially this super-soft cashmere pair, which is 25% off and ships for free from Pure Collection. Deal expires: 1/4/16.

2Up to 25% Off Jackets at Appleseed's

It’s raining; it’s pouring; the old man is snoring. I was so happy when I woke up to gray clouds and rain this morning that I just felt like singing. It’s about time it finally felt like fall around here. I’m not personally that concerned about the drought, but I was thrilled that I got to wear my favorite new tweed jacket, which I got for 25% off at Appleseed’s.

320% Off Autumn Arrivals at The RealReal

What’s on your lust list for fall? On mine is a pair of luscious thigh high boots, which have strutted down every runway this season. I found the perfect pair by Walter Steiger at The RealReal, and I can take 20% off these or any other dreamy item on the site by using code NEWSEASON. Deal expires: 10/31.

4Up to 90% Off Warehouse Sale Items at The Clymb

If your goal for the year is to run a marathon or climb a mountain, then you are a far more ambitious person than me. My goal is to get through the entire Breaking Bad series on Netflix and to defrost the freezer enough to be able to actually remove the removable bin at the bottom. I’m obviously not a sporty type, but I applaud those who are; hey, somebody’s gotta look good in sportswear. So take those toned arms and display them at your next event in this breathable, lightweight compression race top, on clearance for a whopping 90% off at The Clymb!

554% Off Prism Small Leather Case + Free Gift Box at Tumi

Need the perfect gift for someone who’s always on the go? This Prism small leather cosmetic case makes a very chic gift, at an even chicer price, since it’s 54% off at Tumi. Best of all, it comes in an elegant gift box, so you don’t even have to worry about wrapping. Of course, you could always just treat yourself, too, and have the fun of opening a present just because it’s Tuesday. Why not?

October 5, 2015 |

125% Off Poul Pava Products at Scandinavian Design Center

It’s hard to leave my kids when I go off to work every morning. It would be a lot harder if I didn’t have my coffee to get me going and inspire some warm happiness. Now I can enjoy my java in the car and think of my kids at the same time when I sip out of this to-go thermo mug decorated with children’s drawings. Well, actually, they’re the work of Danish artist Poul Pava, but he obviously had some childish inspiration, too. I love the charming drawings on his pieces, and the fact that you can save 25% off on all his decorative designs at Scandinavian Design Center. Sale ends: 10/30.

2Up to 92% Off Anniversary Sale at Jenson

Some people like to get up early and enjoy a leisurely ride to work - on their bicycles. That is so not me. You won’t catch me making my life even harder by pedaling to work. I don’t live in the 21st century for nothing. Still, if you are one of those fitness junkies who actually enjoys being on your bike, take advantage of the Anniversary Sale at Jenson, where you can find bicycle gear, accessories and apparel, like this 3/4-sleeve jersey, for up to 92% off. Sale ends: 1/20.

3Up to 75% Off Clearance Items at HatWorld/Lids.com

Another thing I don’t do is hats. I want to, but there is something about the shape of my head or my face that I have just never looked right in a hat. I’d love to be able to wear the cool, floppy 70s versions that are in right now, or a fancy fascinator to a black-tie event, but I just feel conspicuous and weird if I put one on. Being the generous person that I am, though, I am unselfishly sharing this deal with you, dear readers, because you might look fabulous in hats, such as something like this jaunty fedora, on clearance for 75% off at HatWorld/Lids.com. Deal expires: 1/19.

4Up to 65% Off Sale Items at The Land of Nod

A friend just had a new baby boy, and she received so many shower gifts that she literally has everything she could possibly need, which means I had to get really creative with my gift idea. I waited until after the baby was born, and had his name spelled out in these adorable varsity letters that she can string and hang on the wall over his crib. You could spell anything with these letters - I’m thinking of putting SHOE HEAVEN over my closet door - and right now they’re 65% off, which is only $1 each, at The Land of Nod. Sale ends: 12/15.

5Free Shipping on all Wine Cellars at Wine Enthusiast

The thing that really sold me on my new house when we bought it was not the light-filled loft, the backyard pool, or even the huge double master walk-in closets (believe it or not). What really sealed the deal was the in-cabinet wine fridge outside of the pantry. All that extra storage space for keeping my favorite beverages chilled to the perfect temp - who could resist? If you don’t have a wine fridge or wine cellar, take it from me, you should; and right now, you can get free shipping on any size, like this Evolution beverage center, at Wine Enthusiast. Deal expires: 11/6.

October 2, 2015 |

1Up to 70% Off and Free Shipping on NellyStella at Poppy’s Closet

I always wanted to have a little girl, because how much fun would it be to have a real-life mini-me to dress up and play with? Instead I got four boys, and when I try that with them, they punch me in the face. If I had a daughter, she’d be the most fashionably dressed kid in preschool in things like this NellyStella pink dip-dyed trench jacket, which is now 70% off at Poppy’s Closet, where all U.S. orders ship for free. Hmm, I wonder if they make these in my size?

2Up to 65% Off during the Best of Summer Sale at Jessica London

Apparently, there’s some kind of conspiracy going on for summer to never end this year. Obviously, the weather is in on it, as we’re still suffering through 90-plus degree days. And apparently the stores are going along with it, too, at least at Jessica London, where they’re still having their Best of Summer Sale. Well, at least that’s a good thing, since you can save up to 70% off on items like these two-tone slingback pumps, which will look just as nice with your fall wool pants, if you ever get to wear them.

3Up to 50% off Sale Items at King Arthur Flour

It’s that time of year when everybody goes pumpkin crazy! They have everything from pumpkin spice coffee creamer to pumpkin ravioli in the stores, and I intend to try it all. In fact, it’s time for me to bust out an annual favorite recipe, my spicy turkey-pumpkin chili. This weekend I’m going to stir up a batch in this 4.2-quart Dutch oven, which I just got on sale at King Arthur Flour, where you can find this and many more sale items marked up to 55% off.

4Up to 50% Off Spring/Summer 15 Collection at Diesel

There’s only one thing in the world that makes my heart race faster than Norman Reedus. You know what I’m talking about - designer clothes on sale! I can’t wait to rock these Eazee boyfriend patched jeans which I got for 50% off at Diesel, where the entire Spring/Summer 2015 collection is now on sale.

550% Off M-Ochre Sweater at Diesel

A sale so nice, we had to feature it twice. Another great item I scored for 50% off at Diesel was this M-Ochre sweater. The sporty trend is still going strong with street-style stars, so this look will keep me in the running for being featured on the Sartorialist.

October 1, 2015 |

135% Off All S-Series Earphones at MP4Nation

I just bought a copy of the classic Let it Bleed on CD at the flea market last week. And Keith Richards has a new album out. So yeah, you won’t be hearing from me for a while. I’ll be lying around with the volume cranked to max on my new S-Series earphones with Clearwavz, which I got for 35% off at MP4Nation by using code CLEARWAVZ at checkout. Goodnight, Irene. Unlike Keith, deal expires: 12/15.

215% Off Any Order at L.L. Bean

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I have a no-fail hostess gift that wins me return invites every time. It’s the Bean’s Breakfast Tote, which includes pancake mix and real New England maple syrup packed in an iconic preppy tote bag. Any hostess would love to receive one; it’s especially great to bring if you’re staying overnight, so she has a go-to for breakfast the next morning. If you’re a really great guest, you’ll cook them up yourself. Right now, you can take 15% off this or any other item at L.L. Bean with code SEPT15. Deal ends: 10/2.

3Up to 75% Off Bedding, Furniture & More at Pottery Barn Kids

Next week is fall break, so I think the kids and I will embark on a little project - redecorating their room. Really, this is just a ploy to get them to clean the room and an excuse for me to go shopping, since I found these adorable decorative pillow shams for 75% off at Pottery Barn Kids. Hey, mom deserves to have a fun fall break, too. Sale ends: 10/20.

4Up to 77% Off New Styles From Wyatt at Bluefly

Just like every guy needs a black leather jacket, every girl needs a black leather skirt. It’s the girlier way to wear leather. It still looks cool and tough, but with a softer edge; and it goes with everything. This buttery-soft A-line version from Wyatt is now 77% off at Bluefly. It will totally make your fall wardrobe lust-worthy!

5Up to 40% Off Fall Fashion Sale Items at Zales

And what is the best accessory for black leather? Black diamonds, of course. These stunning sparklers made of 1/2 carat of black and white diamonds are now 40% off at Zales. You’re guaranteed to get noticed with these babies flashing on your earlobes.

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