Daily Roundup

September 26, 2016 |

1Save $10 off Orders of $50 or More at Norm Thompson

When the first fall chill hits the air - and it does, if only briefly here - I can’t get enough of sweaters. I love wrapping myself in their coziness all fall and winter long. I especially love these long sweater cardigans, which I can throw on over top of whatever else I’m wearing and be instantly snug and weatherproof. I’m going to buy a ton of these, since I can take up to 20% off my order at Norm Thompson by using code N4026 at checkout. Deal expires: 10/5.

2Up to 30% Of Select Kobalt Tools at Lowe's

Since my husband moved across the country, I’ve been in charge of doing all the home repair and maintenance myself. It’s not as scary as it sounds; I’m actually just as capable, and ten times more motivated to get stuff done than he ever was. His idea of home improvement was to buy tons of tools and supplies to stock the garage, and then just leave them lying there unopened. I actually get things done, although with all that stuff cluttering up the garage, I can’t find anything out there, so I end up having to buy tools all over again. I just recently got myself this interchangeable screwdriver set, since it was over 30% off at Lowe’s. Now I can finally fix that curtain rod that’s been hanging from one end for the past three years, that all the nagging in the world never got done.

3Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off Sitewide at Lakeshore Learning

Since I’m on a home improvement kick, I’ve decided to tackle getting everything organized, too. I have a craft closet that is overflowing with bits and pieces of construction paper, pipe cleaners, glitter, glue, googly eyes, sequins - you name it, it’s in there somewhere. Of course, I can never find what I need for the kids’ projects when they’re due, either. I’ve finally decided to invest in some of these supply centers to corral everything in one place, since when I buy one, I can get a second for 50% off with code 2207 at Lakeshore Learning. Deal ends: 11/30.

4Up to 60% Off Dress Shirts at Charles Tyrwhitt

Since my husband moved all the way across the country for this big-shot job, I guess he needs to look the part. I’m going to send him a bunch of these classic Charles Tyrwhitt dress shirts, since they are on sale now for up to 60% off. After all, he can hardly conduct important meetings wearing those same old tired shirts that barely covered his belly.

5Free Shipping on Orders of $75 or More at Famous Footwear

There’s nothing I live for more than a good excuse to go shoe shopping. If I’m having a bad hair day and need a pick-me-up; if I’m up for a promotion at work; heck, even just because it’s Tuesday and there are four more days till the weekend - any excuse pretty much works. But this time it’s a really good one, because these gorgeous peep-toe booties are the perfect accessory for all my new fall outfits, and they ship for free from Famous Footwear.

September 23, 2016 |

125% Off Costumes & Costume Accessories at The Disney Store

I feel like I got cheated in life a little bit by only having boys and no daughters. But maybe the powers that be knew what they were doing. By not blessing me with a girl, they probably saved me from certain bankruptcy and a lifetime of credit card debt. There’s no way I could have resisted buying mountains of cute little girly clothes and accessories, like this Tinkerbell costume for instance, which is the most perfect thing I have ever seen. Although the Daisy Duck one is adorable too. See, how could I choose just one? At least I’d save a little money, since I could take 25% off all the costumes I would end up with at The Disney Store.

2$25 Off $75+, $50 Off $150+, or $75 Off $225+ Sitewide at Lane Bryant

The first day of Fall dawned crisp and cool(ish) here, which was an appropriate way to greet the season. It was also the perfect excuse to wear a sweaterdress and these amazing over-the-knee boots, only one of my fabulous Fall finds. Autumn requires a new wardrobe, and I have to admit, I dove right in with a shopping spree at Lane Bryant since the more I spent, the more I saved. I was able to take $75 off my purchase of $225 or more by using code 050004102. I hope this turn in the weather holds long enough for me to wear my new poncho tomorrow. Deal expires: 9/29.

3Up to 50% off Sale Items at Tommy Hilfiger

I am cursed when it comes to electronics. I can’t go near them without them melting down, exploding, or just refusing to work. You don’t even want to know the number of televisions I’ve been through in the last couple of years, and I’m terrified to own an iPhone because I know it won’t last long under my care. I may finally break down and get one though, since I’ve discovered iFixit, a site dedicated to helping the world figure out how to fix their busted electronics themselves. Sure would save me a lot of money, starting with the $5 I can take off the price of this Pro Tech Toolkit with code FIXIT2016.

415% Off Any Order at Epson

There is nothing worse than climbing into bed on a Friday night, ready to relax for a few brief hours before hurling yourself headlong into yet another long week of drudgery, only to have your kid come barging into the room bellowing that the printer is out of ink and he has a 25-page book report due the next morning. Don’t be that parent who has to drag themselves up, get dressed all over again, and rush across town trying to get to Target before it closes, then being given the evil eye by all the staff as you’re still barreling towards the office supplies aisle at 10:01. You can do better. You can order a few refills to keep on hand while you can take 15% off your order at Epson by using code EPT9B. Go on. Be that better parent. Helmet hair and capri pants are not required. Deal ends: 9/29.

5$10 Off Orders of $100 or More at Lucky Vitamin

I want to be healthy, really I do. But $500 is a lot of money to spend on a juicer. Still, when I look at how much the ready-made cleanses cost, this will probably pay for itself in a matter of weeks, and at least I can take $10 off at Lucky Vitamin when I use code 10offLUCKYat checkout. That should buy me a couple of organic apples, at least. Deal expires: 9/30.

September 22, 2016 |

110% Off Select Home Items at Target

If I could write a love letter to a store, it would be Target. That place never fails to thrill me. Recently, I spent an enchanted evening wandering its aisles with a friend and found so many things to love. I have to admit I got a little distracted, and failed to bring everything I wanted home with me, including this faux fur stool. But that’s okay, because when I go back to get it I’ll be able to save 10% off when I use code HOME10. Deal expires: 9/24.

220% Off All Chandeliers and Pendants at Pottery Barn

They say that the most important thing to consider when planning an event is the lighting. Which type you use can really affect the mood of the evening, not to mention the way you look. I don’t know if the glow from this chandelier will make me look 20 years younger, but at least its beauty will distract people from staring too closely at me when they come to my next dinner party, so that helps. Plus, it was 20% off at Pottery Barn so I couldn’t resist.

325% Off Highest Priced Item at Blair

People think that because I live in Southern California, I have no need to buy a winter coat. Those people would be wrong. They have no idea how much I shiver when the thermometer drops below seventy degrees. This year, I plan to fight the freeze with this red hot trench, which I was able to get for 25% off at Blair with code BKQW. Deal ends: 9/23.

425% Off Select Blankets, Flannel, and Down at LinenSource

Speaking of getting ready for chilly temps, if I could wear a coat and sweats to bed in the wintertime, I would. Unfortunately, I can’t stand to be so encased in layers while trying to sleep; I need to feel like I can move freely about, or my limbs start to ache. So I have to make sure I have plenty of warm, fuzzy blankets about, like this faux shearling version, which I got for 25% off at LinenSource with code LNSDOWN.

5Buy 1 Box of Checks, Get 1 Free, Plus 52% Off 4 Boxes at Checks Unlimited

I put a lot of time into perfectly accessorizing my outfits each day, right down to my shoes, bag, jewelry and even my checkbook cover. Everything has to make a statement, so naturally, my checks should, too. These Pampered Girls checks are just the image I like to project, so I’m going to stock up since when I buy one box I can get one free, plus save an extra 52% off if I get four boxes from Checks Unlimited and use code SAF1. That means more money I can spend on fun stuff when I write them.

September 19, 2016 |

1$25 Off $100 or More in Coffee, Water, Snacks & Food Service Supplies at Quill.com

There are a lot of important things that go into running a successful company. You have to have departments to manage finance, human resources, operations and administrative duties. But as anyone at my office can tell you, the most important things for success in day-to-day business are the coffee and the snacks. Nobody I know could function properly without these things, so it’s lucky that our employer keeps us stocked with plenty of both. I hope they took advantage of the opportunity to save $25 off their latest order of essentials like these Mrs. Fields Original Cookies by using code FB8DLR49 at Quill.com, because we go through a lot of cookies. Deal expires: 10/30.

2Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off on Full-Price Men and Women’s Denim at Tommy Bahama

It’s officially going to be Fall in a couple of days. But that doesn’t mean no more sunset walks on the beach. It just means that instead of a bikini top and shorts, we’ll have to wear a sweater and jeans. Just in time for the change in the weather, Tommy Bahama comes to the rescue by offering a second pair for 50% off when you buy the perfect beachy pair of men’s or women’s jeans. If you’re really nice, you could get one for yourself and one for your significant other. Or if you’re me, you won’t be able to resist keeping both for yourself. Deal ends: 9/26.

3$10 Off Costumes at The Disney Store

Every year my kids stress me out with the agonizing decision over what they’re going to be for Halloween. It never fails that as soon as they’ve decided on a character and I’ve bought the costumes they begged and pleaded for, they go and change their minds and want to be something else. This year, my youngest is convinced he wants to be his new favorite superhero, Thor; and he’d better not change his mind, because I got a great deal on this costume, since it was $10 off at The Disney Store.

4Buy 1, Save 35%; or Buy 2+, Save 45% on Books, eBooks, and Video at informIT

My teenage has declared that he wants to be an architect. He worries that his artistic abilities may not be up to par when it comes to drawing. I told him not to sweat it, since pretty much everything is done electronically these days. I’m getting him this Discovering AutoCAD 2017 book and eBook bundle, plus a couple more books on engineering graphics with AutoCAD, since I can save 45% when I buy two or more at informIT and use code B2B at checkout. That way he’ll be able to check it out and decide if this is really the career for him. Deal expires: 9/19 (today).

5Up to 15% Off Select Yamaha Products at Guitar Center

My youngest son is constantly drumming on things. The tabletop with pencils, the kitchen counter with his silverware, upturned tubs with his Tinker toys. I’m hoping he’ll be the one kid who turns cool and grows up to be a rock star. I want to encourage him in this pursuit, so I’m getting him this Yamaha electronic drum set now while it’s 15% off at Guitar Center, and hiding it in the garage until Christmas. Deal ends: 9/21.

September 16, 2016 |

1Free Shipping on Orders of $125 or More at Ralph Lauren

Did you ever have one of those days when everything just went right? When you felt like the luckiest person on earth? Well, this was one of those days, and believe me, it was about time I had one. Not only did I make every light, get a fabulous playlist on the radio and open the mailbox to find checks instead of bills, but I also had an amazing shopping trip. Then when I got home, I found these perfect velvet sandals at Ralph Lauren, and they shipped for free with code FREESHIP125. Could not have been a better day.

2An Extra 20% off Select Items at Banana Republic

I am all about texture this fall. Not only did I fall for those velvet sandals, but I am also having a mad love affair with suede. This Italian suede bag is just begging to accompany me everywhere I go, and I love it even more since I got it for 25% off with code CORNER at Banana Republic.

315% Off Select New Arrivals at Jimmy Jazz

I caught a punk rock show in Hollywood last weekend, and it was so incredible; it made me feel like a teenager again. Sometimes I worry about my own kids. They don’t seem to have developed their own personal style yet. I want to help them be the cool kids in school, so I think I’ll start by getting them the essentials, like their very own pair of Chuck Taylors, which I got for 15% off at Jimmy Jazz with code AFF207.

425% off in Clearance, Plus an Additional 10% at Official Star Wars Costumes

Chewbacca mom was quite a hit on the internet last month. She became a worldwide sensation just from trying on a mask. I think her 15 minutes are fading, but if you want your kid to be the next social media star, suit him up in this costume for Halloween. Who could resist a pint-sized Chewbacca? Might as well throw in one of those electronic masks Chewbacca mom liked so much too, since you can get free shipping on your order of $70 or more at Official Star Wars Costumes.

525% Off and Free Shipping on Clearance Bedding & Pillows at Pottery Barn

I’m thinking of putting my house on the market, and I need to do some cosmetic updates so that it’ll be more appealing to buyers. Okay, I need to do a lot actually, but I don’t want to spend a fortune. One of the cheapest and easiest ways I know to make over a room is simply to change out the pillows. These cool shams are an extra 25% off the clearance price and ship for free from Pottery Barn with code DREAM. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

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