Daily Roundup

Congratulations! As the one millionth reader of the Daily Roundup, you have been selected to receive $1 million in cash and prizes. Are you rushing out to your mailbox to wait right now? Have you forgotten what day it is? Oh yes - April Fools! Sorry, dear readers, but I just couldn't help myself. Don't worry though, it's still a winning day because I do have five of the hottest deals on the internet right now, just for you.

Where to Score a Chanel Bag for $41.15

by Shelby Deering

Today is April 1. Nothing to note, I just wanted to point out that today is April 1. And boy, do I have some amazing deals for you on this uneventful day. These are deals that will shock you with their sheer awesomeness. Unbelievable…

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Get Mad Men-ified for Sunday's Season Premiere

For Mad Men followers everywhere, it’s a moment of bittersweet joy. The second half of the seventh and final season is upon us, but don’t let that dampen the excitement of enjoying every moment of these last few episodes.…

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