Daily Roundup

I caught a rerun of one of my favorite teen angst movies today - The Breakfast Club. I was 15 when this movie was released, and I can't tell you how many times I've watched it over the years. I love it every time, especially the end when they realize that there's a jock, princess, brain, basket case and criminal in all of us. So today's Daily Roundup features deals to celebrate all those sides of your personality.

Last Day to Save: 3/6

by Shelby Deering

I love a good board game night with pals. I especially love trivia games, and I fully prove my nerdish tendencies when I school everyone at Trivial Pursuit. For hosting a game night, you need a few things, like something comfy to…

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Last Day to Save: March 4

We girls nowadays tend to be a sort that’s always on the go. Whether we’re voyaging to our workplaces or faraway, exotic places, it seems as if we’re always on the move. These items will help make any journey, near or far, a…

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