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The hills are alive with the sound of ? Gaga. Yes, our Lady fulfilled one of my own bucket list items with that amazing performance at the Oscars. As a child, I sang along to the entire Sound of Music soundtrack, dreaming of one day performing it in front of an audience. My mom, who secretly recorded my screeching to play back for laughs, made me realize that dream was never coming true. Wait, you?re a captive audience here, so I?m going to go for it--and to compensate for inflicting my caterwauling on you, I?ll pass along some great deals to you, too.

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Last Day to Save

Being a performer isn't easy. The closest I've ever come to being a star was in my first-grade Christmas play. When you get up on stage to sing or play an instrument, you might just feel a lot more confident if you have the goods. You already have the talent, now you just need these items.

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Cheap Organizational Tips for Your Home

by Samantha Greaves

Small living spaces can be a real energy sapper when you have a lot of things you aren’t willing to get rid of. It doesn’t make you hoarder; some things are just useful and important to you. Instead of causing clutter by…

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Freebies Galore

Have you ever had one of those days? A whole day where you just feel down in the dumps, and pretty much the only thing that will help is some retail therapy? I had one of those today. And as much fun as shopping for new, shiny things can be, the free gifts that come along with all the stuff I chose really put a smile on my face. Are you ready to bare those pearly whites, too? Check out these fab freebies below.

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Save Money Without Thinking About It

Part of the hassle of saving is taking the time to plan, budget, and manually move funds. Luckily, with innovations in apps and banking programs, the hard part is no longer a problem. Follow along to see how you can easily save…

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