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It's cold outside, you've got a house to decorate, Thanksgiving dinner to cook and shopping to do. Most importantly, what shoes are you going to wear? Read on to find solutions for all these problems with the best deals around in today's Daily Roundup.

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Last Day to Save

Red is a brave color. Just ask Taylor Swift, Jessica Rabbit or a fox. It takes a certain level of chutzpah to rock such a bold hue. Of course, I'm not sure what the fox would say. Probably, "Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow!" Today's on-sale items are all working the crimson like it's their job.

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Four Tips for Surviving Black Friday

by Samantha Greaves

Can you believe that Black Friday is just around the corner? This means that right now (yes, right now) is the perfect time to prepare for shopping’s biggest day. Black Friday is a day that many refer to as the Super Bowl of ...

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Freebies Galore

Whether you've been holding out for a deal on new appliances, clothes or cosmetics, we have some special offers available for you today that will make you want to place that order. And while most freebies do require a purchase, we've got a diamond in the rough that is absolutely free, no strings attached. Get to ...

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Three Tips for a Terrific and Thrifty Thanksgiving

Halloween is well behind us, the leaves are officially changing color and the days are getting colder. That means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Whether you are hosting two dozen family members or just a few close ...

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