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1[[couponId=2987632]]20% Off + Free Shipping[[/couponId]] at [[merchantId=265]]Pottery Barn[[/merchantId]] I’m so excited that we’re actually having weather out here! It hasn’t amounted to much more than a few sprinkles yet, but it's cloudy and windy and the atmosphere is exuding a stormy

120% Off + Free Shipping at Pottery Barn

I’m so excited that we’re actually having weather out here! It hasn’t amounted to much more than a few sprinkles yet, but it's cloudy and windy and the atmosphere is exuding a stormy attitude that is irresistible for just driving around with the windows down and the music blasting. But then I realized how much gas I was wasting, so I decided to come home and enjoy the clouds from the balcony instead. I have to say, it’s much cozier and more enjoyable wrapped up in this faux sheepskin throw, which I got for 20% off and shipped for free from Pottery Barn with code FALL.

230% Off Any Order at Blair

If you’re reading this, and there isn’t just a blank space announcing that the Roundup is experiencing technical difficulties, then it means that I have somehow survived last night’s season premiere of The Walking Dead. Whew. Which means now I actually have to figure out what I’m going to wear to work today. Dang. Since there’s a bit of a chill in the air, I guess it’s the perfect time to bust our my new velour dress, which I got for 30% off at Blair by using code BVAL30. And here you thought velour only belonged on 80s track suits and sofas. Further proof that I can make anything stylish. Never doubt. Deal expires: 12/4.

310% Off select Neocell Beauty Bursts & New Items at Blair

I don’t really believe in vitamins. I mean, who can actually prove that they do anything for you? I suspect it’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus cooked up to sell us a bunch of stuff we need. That being said, I just discovered these Neocell Beauty Bursts, which promise to deliver collagen and other essential beauty nutrients to your skin. And they come in chocolate mint, so needless to say, I have become a convert. Even better, I was able to take 10% off my order at Lucky Vitamin with code NEO1016. Do you think if I eat the entire bag in one sitting I can pull a Benjamin Button and age backwards five or ten years? I am about to find out. Will keep you posted. Also, maybe have 911 on speed dial; and I’d better disclaim, follow the recommended daily dosage and do not try this at home. Deal ends: 10/31.

410% Off Orders of $50 or More at Gardeners.com

Living as I am in this concrete jungle, I did not think I would have much use for a coupon code at Gardeners.com. However, then I discovered these yummy snuggle socks, which will be perfect for keeping my toes toasty while I chill out on the balcony enjoying my coffee in the autumn breezes. They also have some fabulous kitchen and home décor items here, too, so my lack of a garden is no reason to miss out on a bargain shopping experience. Thank goodness, because that would totally bum me out. I got 10% off on my entire order by using code XNET9477, so now I can go about enjoying my day with a clear conscience.

520% Off Orders of $79 or More at Norm Thompson

Apparently, Mick had laryngitis and had to cancel last week’s Vegas show, so I am now feeling vindicated and slightly smug that I wasn’t actually able to afford tickets in the first place. Ha, to all you poor folks who were looking forward to going. Sorry, sometimes I am a terrible person. Anyway, if I was one of the people who had to accept a mere refund rather than getting the chance to see the Stones live, I would be getting no satisfaction. That just wouldn’t suffice to quell my disappointment. At the very least, they’d have to also offer me something like this coupon code N4028 for 20% off at Norm Thompson. Getting a discount on these microfiber suede stretch boots just might help mend my broken heart just a little bit. Deal expires: 10/26.

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