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As you must surely know, the day we have all been waiting impatiently for is almost here. Yes, the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead is only 8 more days away! If you're not a fan of The Walking Dead, then you should be. And if you are, I congratulate you on your good taste and reward you with the excellent deals in today's Daily Roundup.

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Last Day to Save

Some girls march to their own drummers. The girls who'd rather wear sneakers than stilettos, play video games on a Saturday night than go out and are totally cool and comfortable with their quirks. Girls, I salute you. These items are for the ladies out there who love anything but the mainstream.

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Commercials of Super Bowl Past

by Patrice Marrero

It comes around one day each year. I spend the other 364 days hitting the forward arrow on my DVR, escaping the drone of advertising and unabashedly avoiding being swayed in my buying decisions. But, on this one day, I live for…

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Freebies Galore

Oh, Valentine's Day. It's a day us girls start dreaming about the moment we watch our first romantic movie (for me it was either 10 Things I Hate About You or Titanic, but I'll just go with the former so I don't sound too cliché). That's when we learned how utterly romantic a kiss in the rain could be, or how in an ideal world our crush would show up beneath our window to play Peter Gabriel love songs on his boombox. Well, your chance at the perfect Valentine's Day is coming up, and here are five freebies that will make it even better.

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10 Winter Coats You Need Now

Not only is January the best time of the year to buy a winter coat, it's also right around the time you'll need one most. And even if you have one already, keep your eyes open. These 10 coats are such steals, you may want to add one to…

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