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Why wait 'till next week to shop holiday sales when you can save now? The Daily Roundup has the best pre-holiday deals on all your favorite things: shoes, clothing, home goods, pet supplies and even jewelry! And there's no waiting in line here.

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Last Day to Save

If you're a person who is more interested in all-things-yesteryear instead of the current year, these deals are just swell for you. Vintage-inspired clothes, scents that bring back childhood memories, old-school holiday decorations and a trip to a timeless place like Paris will have you saying, "That's the bee's ...

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Get the Best Deals First!

Three Tips for a Terrific and Thrifty Thanksgiving

by Kate Loweth

Halloween is well behind us, the leaves are officially changing color and the days are getting colder. That means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Whether you are hosting two dozen family members or just a few close ...

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Freebies Galore

Whether you've been holding out for a deal on new appliances, clothes or cosmetics, we have some special offers available for you today that will make you want to place that order. And while most freebies do require a purchase, we've got a diamond in the rough that is absolutely free, no strings attached. Get to ...

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Stay Comfy & Chic for Thanksgiving

We all know Thanksgiving is about eating, but it's also a great occasion to dress up and spend time with loved ones. Whether celebrating with friends, family, or colleagues, we'll show you how you can make a statement while still ...

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