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1[[couponId=2966103]]25% Off Costumes & Costume Accessories[[/couponId]] at [[merchantId=95]]The Disney Store[[/merchantId]] I feel like I got cheated in life a little bit by only having boys and no daughters. But maybe the powers that be knew what they were doing. By not blessing me with a girl,

125% Off Costumes & Costume Accessories at The Disney Store

I feel like I got cheated in life a little bit by only having boys and no daughters. But maybe the powers that be knew what they were doing. By not blessing me with a girl, they probably saved me from certain bankruptcy and a lifetime of credit card debt. There’s no way I could have resisted buying mountains of cute little girly clothes and accessories, like this Tinkerbell costume for instance, which is the most perfect thing I have ever seen. Although the Daisy Duck one is adorable too. See, how could I choose just one? At least I’d save a little money, since I could take 25% off all the costumes I would end up with at The Disney Store.

2$25 Off $75+, $50 Off $150+, or $75 Off $225+ Sitewide at Lane Bryant

The first day of Fall dawned crisp and cool(ish) here, which was an appropriate way to greet the season. It was also the perfect excuse to wear a sweaterdress and these amazing over-the-knee boots, only one of my fabulous Fall finds. Autumn requires a new wardrobe, and I have to admit, I dove right in with a shopping spree at Lane Bryant since the more I spent, the more I saved. I was able to take $75 off my purchase of $225 or more by using code 050004102. I hope this turn in the weather holds long enough for me to wear my new poncho tomorrow. Deal expires: 9/29.

3Up to 50% off Sale Items at Tommy Hilfiger

I am cursed when it comes to electronics. I can’t go near them without them melting down, exploding, or just refusing to work. You don’t even want to know the number of televisions I’ve been through in the last couple of years, and I’m terrified to own an iPhone because I know it won’t last long under my care. I may finally break down and get one though, since I’ve discovered iFixit, a site dedicated to helping the world figure out how to fix their busted electronics themselves. Sure would save me a lot of money, starting with the $5 I can take off the price of this Pro Tech Toolkit with code FIXIT2016.

415% Off Any Order at Epson

There is nothing worse than climbing into bed on a Friday night, ready to relax for a few brief hours before hurling yourself headlong into yet another long week of drudgery, only to have your kid come barging into the room bellowing that the printer is out of ink and he has a 25-page book report due the next morning. Don’t be that parent who has to drag themselves up, get dressed all over again, and rush across town trying to get to Target before it closes, then being given the evil eye by all the staff as you’re still barreling towards the office supplies aisle at 10:01. You can do better. You can order a few refills to keep on hand while you can take 15% off your order at Epson by using code EPT9B. Go on. Be that better parent. Helmet hair and capri pants are not required. Deal ends: 9/29.

5$10 Off Orders of $100 or More at Lucky Vitamin

I want to be healthy, really I do. But $500 is a lot of money to spend on a juicer. Still, when I look at how much the ready-made cleanses cost, this will probably pay for itself in a matter of weeks, and at least I can take $10 off at Lucky Vitamin when I use code 10offLUCKYat checkout. That should buy me a couple of organic apples, at least. Deal expires: 9/30.

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