Daily Roundup

1[[couponId=2981736]]Free Shipping on Orders of $65 or More[[/couponId]] at [[merchantId=745]]The Vermont Country Store[[/merchantId]] I don’t really subscribe to the theory of the four main food groups. Or is it five? Seven? See, I have no clue. I only believe in two - cheese and jerky. No,

1Free Shipping on Orders of $65 or More at The Vermont Country Store

I don’t really subscribe to the theory of the four main food groups. Or is it five? Seven? See, I have no clue. I only believe in two - cheese and jerky. No, make that three. I forgot Twizzlers. Anyway, I am completely addicted to beef sticks and jerky, so imagine my delight when I discovered that I can broaden my culinary horizons by trying all these varieties of exotic jerky - including alligator, boar, buffalo, elk, kangaroo and ostrich. Actually, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to really ingest all of these - kangaroo? come on! - so it’s a good thing my order will ship for free from The Vermont Country Store with code 466736, so I don’t have to feel guilty about wasting too much money. Deal expires: 12/15.

225% Off Orders of $75 or More at MetroStyle

I am completely head over heels (Get it, heels? Sorry, bad pun) for these colorblocked suede booties by Rialto. I simply will not be able to go on until I own them in every color. Luckily, I can take 25% off my order of $75 or more when I use code MS40210 at MetroStyle, so I can get them all. I mean, I would have bought them all anyway, but it’s nice to be able to save a little money in the process. Deal ends: 10/31.

3Buy 2 Teen Paperbacks, Get 1 Free at Barnes & Noble

Do you ever start reading a book, get several chapters in, and then realize that you’re actually unintentionally reading a book meant for teenagers? It’s happened to me occasionally. I have to admit, I’ve even finished a few, since they turned out to be quite good. Not the ones about vampires, though. I drew the line there. Anyway, if you know some actual teens who could use a good read or two, they can stock up while they can get a free teen paperback when they buy two at Barnes & Noble. I recommend starting with Scrambled Eggs at Midnight by Brad Barkley. I’m not ashamed to admit it held my interest. Deal expires: 10/24.

420% Off and Free Shipping on All Throws at Pottery Barn

I live in Southern California, where the weather is near-perfect all year round. So it’s funny that I don’t really seem to use my outdoor spaces nearly as much until it actually turns chilly. I’ll snub my balcony all summer long, but once the temps dip down after sunset in the fall, I’m out there every night watching the sunset and reading while I enjoy a hot cup of coffee or cider. Somehow, it’s just more enjoyable when you can wrap yourself up in a soft, fuzzy throw, like this perfect faux fur version which I got for 20% off and with free shipping from Pottery Barn.

5$10 Off $50 or More in Layaway Purchases at Kmart

I’m sorry, but I just cannot bring myself to say the C-word while it’s still October. I cringe every time I walk into a chain store and see the freaking Santas and snowmen crowding out the skeletons and pumpkins. Just wait already, people! I’m not even about to start contemplating buying gifts to put under the you-know-what tree until late November, but for those of you who just can’t stand to procrastinate and won’t be able to rest until you have your holiday shopping resolved before we’ve even trick-or-treated, then take advantage while you can take $10 off your $50 layaway purchase at Kmart with code LAYAWAY10. Then I guess you can just sit back and relax and enjoy all the holidays while you laugh at my frantic, fruitless scrambling to locate one of these Love2Learn Elmos on December 24. Deal ends 11/26.