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Beach Day: Summer Fun Without the Splurge

July 10, 2014 |

A day at the beach is the quintessential summer activity. It's a taste of paradise without the splurge of traveling hundreds of miles away. Here are some of my tips for planning a fun and inexpensive family day out in the sun, sand and surf. Read More

Summer Food Freebies and Deals

July 9, 2014 |

Not only does summer bring fun in the sun, it also brings some freebies for your taking! In case you were not aware, July 11th each year is a good day for food-related deals. There are also other chains offering up summer deals if you know where to look. Read More

How to Keep Debt Under Control This Summer

July 8, 2014 |

Summer is now underway, which means many of us tend to spend more money. With vacations, pool parties and summer camp for the kids, it is easy to get thousands of dollars in debt by the time September arrives. But it does not have to be that way. With these money-saving tips, you and your family can still enjoy the hot summer months without having to deal with the shock when the credit card bill arrives.

Read More

Part 1: Are Outlet Malls a Scam?

June 30, 2014 |

It has recently come to light that, as outlet shoppers, we have been fooled. Many stores are offering merchandise at low prices, but without telling you the real story. A significant number of outlet stores are actually selling lower quality merchandise without alerting the customer. According to SmartMoney, 82% of merchandise is made to be sold at the outlets. Some items have never even been in a retail location. Companies can also create private label brands, sell them at the outlet, and advertise artificial pricing, which is ultimately misleading. How do you avoid falling into this trap? Follow these steps for the best defense. Read More

How to Score Savings on World Cup Gear

June 19, 2014 |

Looking to score a little piece of the action to remember this World Cup? There are plenty of souvenirs out there to tickle your fancy. But don’t run off and buy the first thing you see without doing a little research. As with any major event, there are scammers out there trying to sell their illegal knockoffs for cheaper prices. Check out this list and you’ll be shouting, GOAL!! (FYI, the best money saving advice I can give you is skip the vuvuzela!) Read More

Protecting Pets on a Budget: Save on Flea and Tick Prevention

June 17, 2014 |

Outdoor fun with your pets in the summer is a must. They enjoy the sun and the surf as much as we do. But it is very important to be sure that they are protected from the nasty little buggers that are fleas and ticks. Fleas like to live in sandy soils, while ticks like to live in the woods and long grasses. Both cause problems that are better to prevent than to treat later. Here are some great ways to save on flea and tick prevention. Read More