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Anonymous 31 months ago (9/22/2015)


These are NOT "promo codes."

Instead they are discounts for agreeing to longer subscriptions.

dennis joseph 31 months ago (9/04/2015)

This is a great site.

Pamella87 32 months ago (8/30/2015)

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Valentine96 32 months ago (8/30/2015)

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enrico 32 months ago (8/18/2015)

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james sullivan 26 months ago (2/03/2016)

ahhh what a bunch of BS limited uses I ready have limited uses when I signed up just want ur email I'm not going anonymous I'll put name this junk don't work

charlotte carter 27 months ago (1/23/2016)

I tried the promo code for free month and it denied me.yes I have been a member. but its been more than a year. why cant I get promo code?

jeff 29 months ago (12/01/2015)

false advertisement. you do not get one month for free

Anonymous 31 months ago (10/03/2015)

it didn't get my subscription for free, i'm mad about that.

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Anonymous 31 months ago (9/22/2015)

How is deserving of a "coupon"?

Deb 40 months ago (12/27/2014)

I enrolled as a free account, and all I can do is view people currently online, search for people, and view the carousel. Can't read any messages sent to me, can't do anything, really, unless I subscribe. They want $30 a month....I am getting a lot of views, but there is no way for me to know if they are real because I can't contact them.

Anonymous 41 months ago (11/10/2014)

I haven't subscribed yet...but the people on there are real because I saw quite a few people I know....don't think I will subscribe though.

Anonymous 42 months ago (11/07/2014)

if everyone set up their account with a skype id, and we all knew that, we could search then skype

Enter Your Name 45 months ago (7/18/2014)

What a waste of time

Anonymous 46 months ago (6/28/2014)

diappointed with zoosk, worst dating site i have used, out of three, need to get your act together,

Anonymous 53 months ago (11/27/2013)

Wow glade I saw this page think I almost signed up for an account fu ck you zoosk im gonna pay for a hooker instead lol.

Stephen 53 months ago (11/20/2013)

Nope, worthless. Does nothing,

zoosksucks 53 months ago (11/15/2013)

this is f*cking stupid. zoosk sucks

Anonymous 55 months ago (9/28/2013)

This whole site looks like a scam and any discount never appears. Get your act together and you may have mmore members

Anonymous 56 months ago (9/05/2013)

Why even put coupon codes up if they dont work....

Tabatha 56 months ago (8/28/2013)

this states discount will automatically be applied at checkout? does that mean after I pay for the membership?

Anonymous 56 months ago (8/20/2013)

This did work...when I clicked on the offer it opened up zoosk. there was a yellow banner at the top that said "activation fee waived for 24 hrs". I clicked to subscribe & total showed with no activation fee!

Anonymous 58 months ago (7/03/2013)

The Dating Site Cost to much. Go to Senior Meet People they have a good discount rate.

Mindawgg 59 months ago (6/07/2013)

Never subscribe to this...All fake profiles!!!

Debbie Roland 59 months ago (5/28/2013)

too expensive i was on there before and it was only $20 now $30?????

suzi 60 months ago (5/03/2013)

I saw NO discount when I went to sign up.

Anonymous 61 months ago (4/15/2013)

Is there a way to get this coupon removed? Any online coupons are fake, Zoosk does not publish coupons..

Anonymous 61 months ago (4/15/2013)

Zoosk does not offer Free Trials..any coupons online are fake. If you call during business hours and sign up over the phone you can get 25%off your Subscription

Anonymous 61 months ago (4/14/2013)

they dont have a real coupon this is a joke its an insult

Anonymous 62 months ago (3/05/2013)

It's free to join zoosk anyway. This isn't a coupon at all.

Anonymous 62 months ago (3/01/2013)


Anonymous 62 months ago (2/28/2013)

its free to join anyway you have to pay to email and chat to anyone

Anonymous 62 months ago (2/22/2013)

does it really work? If so, fantastic

Anonymous 63 months ago (2/14/2013)

discount to join?? it is free for anyone to search and flirt, but you have to subscribe to actually communicate with anyone..

Anonymous 63 months ago (1/21/2013)

is this a discounted amount to join

Anonymous 64 months ago (1/01/2013)

Bogus offer

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Cynthia Holmes 7 months ago (9/12/2017)

Hi my name is Cynthia I'm 55 years old I'm single and never married.. i've just never met the right person I want to spend the rest my life with I enjoy working out, movies, dinners, sometimes I just enjoy sitting home . I haven't dated for a couple years now for I just got my daughter arranged for school and I didnt like bringing a lot men around her so it was just her and I for a long time. I want to say I'm looking forward to this and then my mind says oh shoot what are you doing ?but it's time for me to have a life of my own now . I look forward to meeting some of you and I hope you feel same. Yes I am a little scared ! But hell just take a leap of faith and just do it right let's just go out!

Judy kee 22 months ago (6/13/2016)

How do I get first 39 day trial FREE membership

fgsd 28 months ago (12/17/2015)


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Anonymous 18 months ago (10/12/2016)

I would like to subscribe, but your platform is too difficult. Promo codes do seem to work


Sandy 26 months ago (2/26/2016)


Anonymous 31 months ago (9/22/2015)

So, how is this a "promo code" that reduces what one pays for Zoosk?

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Anonymous 31 months ago (9/22/2015)


These are NOT "promo codes."

Instead they are discounts for agreeing to longer subscriptions.

Cherrie Stahl 31 months ago (9/06/2015)

I click for the 58% off for 6 months and nothing happened. I want to be assured it's 58% off.

Lou 32 months ago (8/27/2015)

Coupon code did NOT come on automatically at checkout - NO DISCOUNT WHATSOEVER!

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Approximately 200 years ago, marriage was about convenience. Men looked to women to help share the burden of colonial life. Boys "called" on girls 100 years ago. They'd spend time together under the watchful eye of chaperones and, if they seemed reasonably compatible, they'd get married. The 1950s saw the introduction of romance. People began meeting significant others in college, at work and through mutual friends. Flash forward to the 1990s when people began wondering exactly how they were supposed to meet a life partner. Bars. No thanks. Social clubs. Sure, between working 10 hours a day at a job where interoffice romances are all but illegal, attempting to maintain a home, possibly caring for a child, squeezing in exercise at 3:00 am and once in awhile actually going grocery shopping, people weren't exactly desperate to use their free time "getting out there." Enter the internet and the advent of online dating. Zoosk is an online dating site that functions more like a social media site. Rather than demand that clients fill out long surveys, Zoosk uses an algorithm called Behavioral Matchmaking. This algorithm examines who clients search for, how they respond to suggested matches and whom they message. This information is then used to personalize the dating experience. Clients can browse the site for free or sign up for a subscription and begin interacting. Zoosk's blog and FAQ section is stuffed with tips to help each one of their 35 million members find that perfect someone.