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Dinn Brothers Trophies helps you commemorate every occasion, whether it's a sports win or a corporate achievement. Since 1956, the Dinn Bros. family has been helping teams, companies, churches, schools, organizations and individuals celebrate important milestones. It all started with a man in a pickle: he had several trophies that required engraving but was tight on time. He sauntered into Paul Dinn's jewelry shop to see what could be done. In that Paul and his brother Bill -- who had always wanted to go into business together -- recognized this as a tremendous opportunity. And so Dinn Brothers Trophies began, and a several months later in the spring of '57, they sold their first award. They've certainly grown over the past 50+ years. Today, they are one of the largest trophy facilities in the U.S. and offer over 1,000 awards that can be used for several different events and occasions.