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Stop and step away from that rice cake! Thanks to Vitalicious, you'll never have to suffer through healthy-but-totally-bland, snack foods ever again! Vitalicious has successfully created a line of baked goods that are actually good for you and don't taste like they're made of cardboard! Vitalicious makes muffins, muffin tops, snack-size cakes and breads, pizzas and egg sandwiches. Every product is packed with good-for-you stuff, like all-natural ingredients plus essential vitamins and minerals. They also make a muffin mix, so you can make these “vital and delicious” treats at home! All Vitalicious snacks are low in fat and sodium, but high in fiber and protein, with no icky artificial stuff. And every 2-oz. serving size is 100 calories or less! Hey, now. Perfect snack or not, these brownies belong to us. Go on and get your own.