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Who knew that a popular souvenir would become a worldwide sweets empire with rum cake at the middle of it? But that's indeed what happened to the Tortuga Rum Co Ltd. Tortuga Rum is a Cayman Islands specialty that got a boost from Robert and Carlene Hamaty, who discovered this Caribbean version of ambrosia and began selling it to tourists. But the rum was destined to be more than something people could buy in the Hamaty's duty-free-liquor store. It turns out that Carlene made a mean rum cake for special occasions. She drew on a generations-old family recipe. And, of course, Tortuga Rum Co Ltd rum. Once the rum cake made its debut in a local restaurant, that was it. People loved the sweet and moist rum cake. By the year 1990, fans of the cake pushed the status of cake and company to a new level, and the first rum cake produced on the commercial level hit the shelves. Today, the Tortuga Rum Co Ltd. has operations and bakeries in the Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, and Barbados, with a distribution center in Miami. It still carries that cake that made it famous plus a whole lot more. Today, Tortuga Rum lovers can expand their palates with all manner of goodies from rum-filled chocolates to its steak sauces and coffees. Let them eat cake! And chocolate turtles. And hot pepper jelly!