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Sportsmens Cannery, based in Winchester Bay, Oregon, offers a wide selection of fresh and canned fish and seafood products. All items are caught and canned or processed in the same day to ensure maximum freshness for all of the many delicious seafoods from the Pacific Northwest.

SportsmensCannery offers a wide selection of smoked and cured fish items as well, appealing to those who enjoy lox, gravlax and other popular fish dishes. Caviar and roe is available throughout the year when it is in season.

This store will also provide a unique service to customers who are in the area of the Winchester Bay headquarters. For those customers who have caught their own fish, Sportsmen's Cannery will prepare and can that fish for a low rate. This allows amateur and professional fisherman to preserve their catch for a later date and to stock up their pantry with fish that they have caught.