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The current (and likely permanent) digital age is definitely beneficial for a lot of things, but one of the best is that you can share your memories with many people in the virtual blink of an eye. With photos and videos becoming even more popular than ever before, it's essential to know the best (and most affordable) ways to capture and share your memories with the people you care about. SmileBooks is an online destination offering the best in photo books, digital photo printing, photo gifts, photo apps, calendars and greeting cards. The best thing about all of this merchandise is that it can be personalized with your personal photos. As for pricing, SmileBooks keeps things quite impressive with Photo Books starting at $9.95, Digital Prints starting at $0.07, Greeting Cards starting at $14.95, Photo Gifts starting at $9.95 and Calendars starting at $9.99. There is also a company email newsletter that contains information about new merchandise, sales alerts, offers and coupon codes.