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Before the days of iPhones and selfies, taking photos was considered an art form, and it required a lot of equipment. Believe it or not, some people still prefer to shoot the “old school” way, and those professional and amateur shutterbugs turn to B&H for all their photography needs. Founded in Manhattan in 1973 by a husband and wife team, B&H began as a small storefront selling cameras, film and processing supplies. As their customer base grew and technology advanced, B&H expanded into its current 34th Street “Superstore” and a web presence. Although its roots are in photography, B&H has kept up with the times, and also carries computers, TVs, camcorders, and pro audio and video equipment. They still furnish darkroom supplies, but you also mobile phones, security and surveillance equipment. B&H is staffed by expertly trained professionals, who are always happy to assist you with questions and advice.