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Graduation from high school, college and beyond marks the beginnings of a truly new phase of life. It’s a special time and represents a time that people wish to capture forever. Yet graduation ceremonies tend to be set up for photo failures and don’t provide prime photo opportunities. Family members may be rows back from the stage making it hard to see. Mom may be too busy fumbling for a hanky when her child's name is called to think to grab the camera. Dad may realize it would have been wise to read the instructions for his "state-of-the-art, brand-new for the occasion" camera before his child started crossing the stage. Grandma may be too intent on waking up grandpa who dozed off during the long-winded key note speech. That's where GradImages comes in. They have been photographing commencement ceremonies for over 35 years and have worked with some of the largest high schools and universities in the United States. Their specially trained photographers capture the graduates special moment without interrupting the actual ceremony. Their special GradTrak system allows each graduate to view, share and purchase only his or her own photos so every graduation is special and no moment missed.