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Reuseit.com is more than just a retailer that sells reusable products—they are passionate about changing the status quo, waking people up and breaking society’s addition to using and tossing items. Selling high-quality, long-lasting, reusable products is just one of the many ways the company is accomplishing this goal. Collectively, they have helped more than 220,000 customers reduce their consumption of disposable products by over 850 million units. And that was back in 2010. Reuseit.com supplies customers with “reusable products for every part of your life.” What began as ReusableBags.com®, which was responsible for the reusable shopping bag movement, comes a complete suite of products that captures the “reusable” lifestyle. From water bottles and dinnerware to green-cleaning supplies and solar solutions, reuseit.com offers a variety of products to help you eliminate disposables and do your part for the environment.