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Culinary Institute of America. KitchenAid. Swiss Diamond. Savvy foodies know these names well. They represent the best names in kitchen cookware and appliances. They’re on the "must-have" lists for many a home kitchen. And they are at the heart of the MetroKitchen product line up. MetroKitchen is the nation's oldest online retailer for kitchen cookware and appliances. And MK keeps you, the ardent foodie in mind, when it stocks its warehouse. Only top-name brands make it into their shelves. Products with reputations among the cooking professionals everywhere. After all, when you cook, you want to be sure that your kitchen wares can keep up with even the most complicated of recipes. And while you may not have the time nor the resources to try out every kitchen product on the market, the savvy foodies at MetroKitchen make a point of doing just that. Each item in MK's product line has been tested in the personal kitchens of the company's owners, families and friends. What doesn't make the grade doesn't make it onto MetroKitchen shelves, and therefore won't make it onto yours.