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Louise 29 months ago (12/28/2015)

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Bernadine 29 months ago (12/16/2015)

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Darlene 32 months ago (9/17/2015)

Thank you, Linda, for all of your careful reecarsh here. Because I make mostly well-gelled sweet spreads, I've never worried much about BPA contact. (As you suggest, however, there are plenty of other sources of BPA I should probably watch out for.) Still, if there were a truly workable alternative to Ball/Kerr that was BPA-free, I'd consider it. I keep threatening to switch to commercial jars with single-piece lids for some reason I've been having a spate of seal failures with Ball/Kerr two-piece lids starting just last summer so the Quattro Stagioni are very intriguing! I've seen them in some very pricey stores around here, but never considered that they could be purchased in bulk. Thanks for the tip. (Oh, and I do worse than chip Weck lids. I seem to be an expert when it comes to shattering them outright. Not at all economical!)

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