1. Get the Newsletter

Here's a really simple way to get all the special offers at Jamestown Distributors: sign up for their emails. Signup is on the bottom right of the home page.

2. Become an Admiral (or at Least a Midshipman)

Jamestown Distributors runs an awesome <a href="http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/jdPointsProgram.do">rewards program called JD Points.</a> They'll reward customers for interacting with them. For example, writing a review is worth 100 points and voting is worth 10, while making a purchase garners 50 points. Shoppers get promoted when they reach certain point levels (100 is an Ensign, 500 is a Lieutenant, 1000 is a Commander and so on). Each promotion comes with a free shipping coupon for the next purchase.

3. Be a VIP

For $59.99, customers can become a JD VIP, which comes with free shipping on everything for a year, dedicated tech support and exclusive offers.