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Fresh, delicious Maine lobster is definitely worth the trip to this beautiful New England state. But what about those times when you’re craving the best lobster and are nowhere near Maine? Hancock Gourmet Lobster is here to help. Started in 2000, Hancock Gourmet Lobster was founded by Cal Hancock, who had the goal of helping people from all over the country enjoy gourmet Maine lobster. For Cal, helping people enjoy lobster runs in the family, as her grandmother started a lobster restaurant in Maine in 1946, and this restaurant is still in her family today. Hancock Gourmet Lobster focuses on using natural ingredients without preservatives along with fresh lobster meat and shellfish to create delicious dishes that are made in small batches each day. Offering appetizers, entrees, samplers, sweets and dinners, you can find all the items you need for a delicious complete meal at Hancock Gourmet Lobster. With menu options such as lobster mac and cheese, crab cakes, lobster rolls, seafood cassoulet, peach crisp and Cobscook Bay clam chowder, you are sure to find a dish you’ll savor. So when Maine lobster is calling to you, but Maine is too far to drive, check out Hancock Gourmet Lobster to get quality seafood delivered to your door.