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Since 1975, Garrett Wade has been offering the best quality tools to get the job done right. Garrett Wade ensures any product they sell adheres to their stringent standards, so they’re sure they only offer the best tools on the market. With their 100% guarantee, you have 90 days to return any merchandise that you’re not completely satisfied with, so you can feel at ease about your purchase. Garrett Wade offers a variety of tools including woodworking tools, outdoor tools, shop tools, and tools for the home and office. With their 24/7 customer service, you can contact the team at Garrett Wade anytime and get the information you need. Garrett Wade has a tool for every project, from kitchen tools to gardening tools, and everything in between. If you’re looking for that unique gift item, you can find it at Garrett Wade. Featuring classic toys and games, sewing tools, fireplace tools and emergency preparedness items, Garrett Wade really does have something for everyone.