1. Sign Up and Save

Hancock's of Paducah offers a newsletters that's free of charge. All it takes is the quick addition of an email address, and customers are opened up to the news about the newest fabrics on the market (not to mention weekly giveaways, contests and information about special savings.)

2. Socialize for Savings

This company has been known to show the world that its offerings are a cut above the rest by making appearances on its social media pages. Customers who want to keep some cash in their pocket when fulfilling their fabric-shopping duties should consider following the company on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to stay apprised of deals that save dollars.

3. Request a Free Catalog

Not all crafters are super computer savvy, and Hanocks takes this into consideration. To easily accommodate those shoppers who may have an affinity to hard copy options, the company offers a free catalog that will arrive in the mailbox of anyone who requests a copy.