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Your entry into the world of eInvite.com probably came through your email. You know…"RSVP now to come to my great 4th of July bash this Saturday!" But eInvite.com is so much more than just the place you go to send a party invitation or RSVP for a party or family get together -- it counts as the web's one-stop shop for social connection excellence! Naturally, you have myriad make-it-yourself party invitations at your disposal for events like weddings and parties and graduations. The large selection of designs, colors, and styles helps you narrow in on just the right invitation for your event. And the wide assortment of thank-you cards saves you time. Just click through the cards until you find the one you love. Then send off that quick "thanks!" for a dinner invitation or for your last birthday gift. But digital invites and cards are only the half of it. The eInvite.com site is the place to find party tips and recipes for events like Christmas and Valentine's Day and Halloween. Easy-to-read colorful guides and informative blog posts teach you how to decorate a table, plan for a party, and even make pinatas. Truly, opening up an e Invite party invitation or thank-you card opens up a whole new world of possibilities.