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Yearbooks are some of the most important treasuries of visual memories that we can have from our past. Whether it's from middle school, high school, college or the military, they provide a page-by-page account of seasons of our life that we will never be able to recapture through any means except photographs. E-yearbook.com set out on a mission in 2003 to digitize every possible yearbook that was out there. Since that time, millions of photos have been scanned and made available through their database. For a monthly or annual subscription, you can have access to this repository of memories. You can also send them copies of your own yearbooks that are not yet in their database, and they will scan the pages in high-quality resolution and return the books back to you unharmed. Every time someone does this, the database collection grows, making it easier and easier for old classmates and friends to find each other and to reminisce about days gone by.