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USPS isn't just a brick & mortar store. It's also an online destination for all this postal, from stamps and boxes, to shipping options for personal and business uses. Find standard first class stamps or stamps that commemorate famous people, special events or upcoming holidays. Order priority or express mail shipping supplies, or arrange a shipping pickup. USPS.com even makes it easy to rent or renew a PO Box, in just a few clicks. Need personalized, stamped envelopes? Logon to USPS.com and follow three easy steps to create envelopes in varying sizes. The site also offers fun gifts and collectors items, such as t-shirts, tote bags, stationery, and collectible stamp yearbooks and packets. Who knew going to the post office didn't have to involve waiting in line? USPS.com makes mailing letters and packages easy, convenient and maybe even a little fun. Through rain or sleet or snow, USPS.com has the mail covered.