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If you're planning to sell disposable items to consumers for large parties, you'll want to visit Cuptainers for its unique disposable products. Resellers large and small can find wholesale prices at Cuptainer. The website also serves non-profits.

What makes cuptainers unique is the fact that most of the products are disposable, so they are great for grocery store and shop owners. However, even those who like to throw large parties or gatherings will benefit from the cups and containers on the website. The website contains eco-friendly items for those who want to make sure their containers stay 'green.' There are items like hinged containers and high end items like champagne flutes. You can also find all types of utensils for eating at Cuptainers. Based in Bayonne, NJ, the company encourages customers to contact its support team directly if they are not happy with their items for any reason.