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Angelina's of Maryland and crab cakes are synonymous. Angelina's of Maryland got its start as an Italian restaurant in a small row home in Baltimore in 1952, where Angelina Tadduni and her family patiently mixed and blended their own tomato sauces and developed a reputation for making delicious home-style food. In the years since then, the restaurant changed hands several times and with it, the recipes. Nowadays, through hard work and a little synchronicity, the crab cakes that people associate with Angelina's of Maryland have a developed a reputation all their own. They’ve been named "Baltimore's Best Crab Cake" on 16 separate occasions by Baltimore Magazine and 10 times by the Baltimore City Paper. And the demand for Angelina's crab cakes has continued to grow. No longer could Angelina's just be a native child of Baltimore -- it became greater than its own four walls, greater than the city of its birth, greater than Maryland itself. What was once just "Angelina's" has become "Angelina's of Maryland," the best place to get the freshest crab cakes and chowder anywhere. Angelina’s of Maryland ships fresh crab cakes and chowder to addresses throughout the U.S., inviting a new generation of crab cake lovers to experience what Baltimoreans have experienced for over a half a century.