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Going to the record store used to be a music lover's rite of passage. You know, flipping through all those delicious vinyls, running your hands over the album covers, imagining what kinds of new music was in store for you. For the last 65 years, it's exactly that spirit, that connection that with the music that Cascio Music has tried to capture. While the tastes in music may vary between music lovers, the feeling does not. And this love isn't just limited to perusing a stack of records -- Cascio Music carries not only CDs, but also vinyls, Blu-Rays, and DVDs of music. The store also keeps a whole stock of instruments, from the trumpet your kid needs to play in the school band to the electric guitar you need to play in yours. In fact, Cascio Music carries over 60,000 items to keep the music playing. Finally, Cascio offers modern music lovers all the ancillary items they need to make great music, from computer tablets and music software to TVs and audio equipment, because you never know how you'll best experience the music. It might not be flipping through stacks of vinyl, but that doesn't mean you're not experiencing it.