1. Download the App for Extras

By downloading the Musicnotes app on Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac, customers get 7 free songs off the bat and a new free song each month.

2. Enroll in Rewards

Musicnotes Rewards is completely free and simple to join. Visitors to Musicnotes.com just need to sign up for the company's newsletter with an email address and a few clicks of their preferences, and they are instantly on their way to earning points good toward gear, gifts, and, of course, sheet music. New registrations get the gift of 100 points just for signing up, and daily Bonus Points are available for various activities.

3. Refer a Friend

100 Bonus Points can be banked for every friend referred by an existing member thanks to the power of Facebook and Twitter. When a friend purchases $5 or more from Musicnotes, the referral reward surfaces about 7 days later.