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The Butter Bell is a device that allows you to keep your butter soft and spreadable for up to 30 days without refrigeration. Simply fill the crock base with cold water, pack one stick of softened butter into the lid, and place the lid in the base'that's it. You'll have fresh, creamy, ready-to-use butter for month without the threat of spoilage. The Butter Bell is part of The L. Tremain Company, a family-run business founded in 1996. Their first product was the Butter Bell, which they based on a centuries-old French way of storing butter, but with a modern twist: it's made of durable New Bone stoneware and is now the most recognized brand in butter crocks across several countries. In addition to the original Butter Bell, the company now sells variations of traditional design'allowing for several colors, spreader accessories and modern design elements. They also provide other kitchenware such as serving utensils, cookware, canisters, bread boxes, storage accessories, small appliances and a collection of gourmet foods, among other kitchen essentials.