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As every quilter knows, there’s a story behind every quilt, and the same holds true for the premier quilting supply site, AccuQuilt. In 2008, a group of passionate quilters branched off from parent company AccuCut to create a site dedicated exclusively to the needs of quilters everywhere. In addition to providing the fabric, embroidery thread and equipment like fabric cutters and cutting dies, AccuQuilt also offers a community where quilters can share and discover a wealth of ideas, tutorials and resources. Shop here for the best patterns, including a wide selection which can be downloaded for free. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, AccuQuilt routinely offers quilting events, retreats and facility tours. Customers all over the country can share in the community experience through social media events and the many educational resources offered on the store’s website. AccuQuilt’s customer service department loves to share its expert knowledge and advice with quilters everywhere.