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Easter. Christmas. Halloween. Valentine's Day. What do these all have in common? If your first thought was, "They're holidays" and not "Oh my, look at all that candy!" then you're probably not acquainted with Candy Store. People love love love candy, and the candy vendors at Candy Store have made it their mission to connect candy lovers with the right candy for every occasion. For the bride who wants her wedding candy to match her bridesmaid's dresses, Candy Store's website helps you sort your candy searches by color. Delicious gourmet truffles provide a fitting end to a dinner party, and at Candy Store, the party planner finds an abundance of them. And, of course, shopping for holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day takes on new color and deliciousness when you buy your gifts through Candy Store. In fact, this store does candy so well that it's been featured by the likes of Martha Stewart, Brides.com, and Project Wedding. Candy Store sells your favorite candy brands like Reese's, Charm's, Brach's, and Cadbury in bulk, making it the best possible place to exchange your real coins for some foil-wrapped chocolate ones!