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Anonymous 9 months ago (12/21/2014)

None of the codes work plus if you pay attention to the response times there incorrect do don't be fooled. They almost got me reading is fundamental.

Upset web browser 10 months ago (12/15/2014)

Ultimate Coupons for the Zoosk site is nothing but BULLSHIT! None of the coupons or codes work.

Enter Your Name 10 months ago (11/30/2014)

This is TOTAL B.u.l.l.S.H.I.T website !!!!!

Enter Your Name 11 months ago (11/12/2014)

None of Zoosk's promo codes work

Anonymous 11 months ago (11/07/2014)

if everyone set up their account with a skype id, and we all knew that, we could search then skype

Anonymous 11 months ago (11/07/2014)

this is bullshit!

Anonymous 11 months ago (10/28/2014)

Come on! None of your discount codes work. STOP WASTING PEOPLES TIME!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 12 months ago (10/16/2014)

dont work load of rubbish this site

Natasha 13 months ago (8/23/2014)

None of the coupons work and ... they are asking for activation fee!!! and ... they want us to pay for some stupid coins to meet people and send them presents!!! ... IS THIS FOR REAL?

NUNYA 15 months ago (7/17/2014)


naudia 16 months ago (5/26/2014)

where are the free dating sites

Anonymous 17 months ago (5/18/2014)

no codes they don't work. And what's up with the activation fee. This is BS

just anotherdude 18 months ago (4/20/2014)

lots of fake profiles. trial month coupon doesnt work.

Anonymous 18 months ago (3/31/2014)

rejected the code I used which they said was incorrect----it wasn't.

Anonymous 19 months ago (3/16/2014)

what a shitty dating site and crappy that codes don't work

scratchmycookie 19 months ago (3/14/2014)

Thank you for the "heads up".

3/12/2014 19 months ago (3/12/2014)

Doesn't work

Anonymous 19 months ago (3/11/2014)

ACTIVATION FEE WTF!!! This is a computer, makes 6 months almost 100.00 BS loose the fee and i will sign up Why hide it at ck out STUPID only pisses me off!

Bob 19 months ago (3/11/2014)


Anonymous 19 months ago (3/08/2014)


Jeffrey Layman 20 months ago (1/28/2014)

i've had interest in joining but if i have to pay any additional processing fee's or kind, no i WILL NOT join. Thank You

Anonymous 20 months ago (1/21/2014)

Best dating site ever

Anonymous 20 months ago (1/21/2014)

The best dating site ever

Anonymous 21 months ago (1/17/2014)

Great option to give them a try

Anonymous 21 months ago (1/12/2014)

The coupon is not visible.

Anonymous 21 months ago (1/11/2014)

did not receive the code for 20% off

Anonymous 21 months ago (1/11/2014)

what is the code

cesar 21 months ago (1/03/2014)

good site

Anonymous 21 months ago (1/02/2014)


Anonymous 21 months ago (12/28/2013)

It would work if people could actually get the code.

Anonymous 22 months ago (12/18/2013)

love it

Anonymous 22 months ago (12/18/2013)

can not retrieve code

joey 22 months ago (12/11/2013)


RiderTim 22 months ago (11/23/2013)

seems like a good site lets see

gary 26 months ago (8/11/2013)

Link never gave a chance to save 20%.

Anonymous 27 months ago (7/19/2013)

How about a discount for someone who has an account and wants to re-activate it?

Anonymous 27 months ago (7/09/2013)

where the code

Anonymous 27 months ago (7/09/2013)

where code

Jerrry 27 months ago (6/26/2013)

Zooske is awesome and fun..

min 28 months ago (6/07/2013)

Never subscribe to this...All fake profiles!!!

Ms 28 months ago (6/06/2013)

doesn't seem to work

Anonymous 33 months ago (1/03/2013)

It did work! Not!!

Anonymous 34 months ago (12/18/2012)


patrick 34 months ago (12/17/2012)


Anonymous 34 months ago (12/04/2012)

Your coupon offersdo not work. What a ripoff.

Anonymous 35 months ago (11/26/2012)

no code found.....?

Anonymous 35 months ago (11/20/2012)

is lying

maaroof 35 months ago (11/15/2012)


Sharon Furfuro 37 months ago (9/20/2012)

I did this one and nothing ever came up to give me instructions on how to use???? Not a good way of doing this page

Anonymous 44 months ago (2/09/2012)

nope--didn't work

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