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Zoosk is an online dating site that integrates with social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, and Hi5, plus an iPhone application. You never know who you might meet, and you might find your perfect match.

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| verified by Michelle B

DOESN'T WORK.... why do you say a website is free when it is not at all free and not only is it not free but then you charge an activation fee? lame

3 days ago

uyelik vermiyor

3 months ago (6.01.2014)

doesn't work

3 months ago (5.24.2014)


3 months ago (5.12.2014)


3 months ago (5.08.2014) by Samantha

Worked on site on 04/16/2014

4 months ago (4.16.2014)

Verified on site 1/15

7 months ago (1.15.2014)

JC tested on Facebook page

11 months ago (9.19.2013)

Coupons for Zoosk

Why They Lying

12 days ago (8.19.2014)

Does NOT work.

1 month ago (8.02.2014)

Worthless! Michelle B. is a f#cking LIAR!

1 month ago (7.18.2014)

No luck with this

2 months ago (6.22.2014)


3 months ago (5.12.2014)

Take it down. It does not work

4 months ago (4.24.2014) by BJ


4 months ago (4.08.2014)

not a coupon at all

4 months ago (4.08.2014)

didnt work

5 months ago (3.26.2014)

Zoosk Coupons

Coupons for Zoosk

What a waste of time

1 month ago (7.18.2014) by Enter Your Name

Code did not work

1 month ago (7.14.2014)

diappointed with zoosk, worst dating site i have used, out of three, need to get your act together,

2 months ago (6.28.2014)


9 months ago (12.02.2013) by Chris


9 months ago (12.02.2013) by Chris


9 months ago (12.02.2013) by Chris


9 months ago (12.02.2013) by Chris


9 months ago (12.02.2013) by Chris


9 months ago (12.02.2013) by Chris

Wow glade I saw this page think I almost signed up for an account fu ck you zoosk im gonna pay for a hooker instead lol.

9 months ago (11.27.2013)

Nope, worthless. Does nothing,

9 months ago (11.20.2013) by Stephen

this is f*cking stupid. zoosk sucks

9 months ago (11.15.2013) by zoosksucks

This whole site looks like a scam and any discount never appears. Get your act together and you may have mmore members

11 months ago (9.28.2013)

Why even put coupon codes up if they dont work....

12 months ago (9.05.2013)

this states discount will automatically be applied at checkout? does that mean after I pay for the membership?

12 months ago (8.28.2013) by Tabatha

This did work...when I clicked on the offer it opened up zoosk. there was a yellow banner at the top that said "activation fee waived for 24 hrs". I clicked to subscribe & total showed with no activation fee!

12 months ago (8.20.2013)

its not working!

13 months ago (7.28.2013)

still charging an activation fee.....cherylb521@bellsouth.net

13 months ago (7.27.2013) by cheryl

IT IS TOTALLY FREE TO JOIN...just set up a profile with ALL your lovely personal information and ACCESS to your Facebook account as well and if UR really STUPID relate ur phone number so they can sell this to marketing firm...THEN TRY TO COMMUNICATE IN ANY WAY TO ANOTHER PROFILE AND YOU WILL BE SHUT DOWN.....DOES NOT WORK UNLESS YOU PAY SUBSCRIPTION...and then be "hooked up to all KINDS of FAKE profiles"...LOL

13 months ago (7.23.2013)

didn't work

13 months ago (7.20.2013)


13 months ago (7.18.2013)

The Dating Site Cost to much. Go to Senior Meet People they have a good discount rate.

14 months ago (7.03.2013)

Never subscribe to this...All fake profiles!!!

15 months ago (6.07.2013) by Mindawgg

too expensive i was on there before and it was only $20 now $30?????

15 months ago (5.28.2013) by Debbie Roland

doesnt work

15 months ago (5.25.2013)

I saw NO discount when I went to sign up.

16 months ago (5.03.2013) by suzi

This is total bullshit, what a waste

16 months ago (4.23.2013)

Is there a way to get this coupon removed? Any online coupons are fake, Zoosk does not publish coupons..

16 months ago (4.15.2013)

Zoosk does not offer Free Trials..any coupons online are fake. If you call during business hours and sign up over the phone you can get 25%off your Subscription

16 months ago (4.15.2013)

they dont have a real coupon this is a joke its an insult

16 months ago (4.14.2013)

U can get this without a coupon! lol Ridiculous

17 months ago (3.16.2013) by Deb

how much is the discount ?

17 months ago (3.14.2013)

It's free to join zoosk anyway. This isn't a coupon at all.

18 months ago (3.05.2013)


18 months ago (3.01.2013)

its free to join anyway you have to pay to email and chat to anyone

18 months ago (2.28.2013)

does it really work? If so, fantastic

18 months ago (2.22.2013)

discount to join?? it is free for anyone to search and flirt, but you have to subscribe to actually communicate with anyone..

18 months ago (2.14.2013)

Didnt work- scam!

18 months ago (2.14.2013)

Still valid per Zoosk site -- free signup worked for me

19 months ago (1.28.2013) by Milla

Didn't work for me

19 months ago (1.24.2013)

is this a discounted amount to join

19 months ago (1.21.2013)

Bogus offer

20 months ago (1.01.2013)

Introductory account

20 months ago (12.27.2012)


Doesn't work

21 days ago (8.10.2014)

Does not work!!!

1 month ago (7.18.2014)

it's still bullshit !!!!!!!!! non of such codes work

4 months ago (4.05.2014)

This code didn't work

5 months ago (4.02.2014)

No work

5 months ago (3.11.2014) by Bob

no good invalid

8 months ago (1.04.2014)

Coupon code is invalid

12 months ago (8.29.2013)

its bullshit

12 months ago (8.07.2013)

its bullshit

12 months ago (8.07.2013)

If ur not subscribed I found a way so that u can at least read the full messages. U cant respond though. Type in m.zoosk.com, insert your cell phone number. They will then text u a PIN number to confirm its a real number. Then insert the PIN number on the site. It basically, turns the site the way u would view it on ur CELL

28 months ago (4.29.2012)

Doesn't work

28 months ago (4.28.2012)

Doesn't work

28 months ago (4.28.2012)


makes me not ever wanna pay money cause I feel like iv been lied to and betrayed

15 days ago (8.17.2014) by Enter Your Name


8 months ago (1.04.2014)

amazing deal let see happens hear great reviews!!!!

8 months ago (12.30.2013)

is this a free trial

8 months ago (12.27.2013)


8 months ago (12.11.2013) by Chris

how does it work? link is not working.

11 months ago (9.22.2013)

it good

13 months ago (8.03.2013) by eer

Never subscribe to this...All fake profiles!!!

15 months ago (6.07.2013) by min


15 months ago (6.03.2013)

I hope these discounts work for me due to financial restraints Thank you

15 months ago (5.28.2013) by Chris

It won't even click on.

15 months ago (5.24.2013)


20 months ago (12.17.2012) by patrick


22 months ago (10.19.2012)

full of SHIT

22 months ago (10.15.2012) by DEEDEE

I like this very much!

23 months ago (9.14.2012)

doesn't work

25 months ago (8.10.2012)

gimmick. no site or url avail. says url not found. what a sam?

28 months ago (5.13.2012) by CN85

If ur not subscribed I found a way so that u can at least read the full messages. U cant respond though. Type in m.zoosk.com, insert your cell phone number. They will then text u a PIN number to confirm its a real number. Then insert the PIN number on the site. It basically, turns the site the way u would view it on ur CELL

28 months ago (4.29.2012)

Nothing & hope its not a ploy?

34 months ago (11.15.2011) by confussed

broken link

34 months ago (10.30.2011)


Invalid promo code. Please check your code and try again.

3 days ago by art

we should just use this comment bit as a dating site lol at least its free to comment on it

12 days ago (8.19.2014)

fuck your so called "free" websites. you scam ass muhfuckers. If you advertise "Free" then the shit best be free! Didn't know you had to pay to date anyone. I can go to a bar and get one for free....or under $10. FUCK YOU ZOOSKS!!!!LYING SCAMMIN HAVIN ASS MUTHERFUCKERS. YOU SAID ITS FREE I WANT A FREE FUCKING ACCOUNT. Someone please feedback this to a head honcho somewhere

22 days ago (8.10.2014) by Michael Fucking Cutter

didn't work. another scam

1 month ago (7.24.2014) by Enter Your Name

Invalid code

1 month ago (7.22.2014)

Have friends to meet..... very skeptical Harmoney just got me for 239.00 say will refund asap. I am skeptical about this Haven't tried yet Hi all i havent talk too yet lol

1 month ago (7.20.2014)

i am using the promo code 148 142 4671 and its not working...pls let me know that this is not a scam.....its YOUR promo code

1 month ago (7.10.2014) by lagenia whitfield

I put in cc info then cancelled. I immediately got an email which waived the 25.00 activation fee. Something anyway.

2 months ago (6.30.2014) by Sylvester


2 months ago (6.04.2014)

Zoosk never advertizes coupons or discounts online! Any offer you see online is a fake. You have to contact Customer Service and purchase over the phone to be eligible for any promotions.

3 months ago (5.30.2014)

Down that price to $9.95 at month, you will get more member.

3 months ago (5.29.2014) by Vincent

que porqueriiiiaaa!!!

3 months ago (5.27.2014)

Code is bogus. Does not work. PLUS, you have to pay an activation fee of $25 bucks. Give me a break! Or at least an activation code that works for a discount. Plenty of other dating sites that don't charge an activation fee.

3 months ago (5.24.2014)

This is B.S

3 months ago (5.11.2014)

It's mess

3 months ago (5.09.2014)

Doesn't work!

3 months ago (5.04.2014)

Doesn't work

4 months ago (4.27.2014)


4 months ago (4.26.2014) by FU

still not working, someone clean these worthless codes up

4 months ago (4.05.2014) by Enter Your Name

your site is full of crap!

5 months ago (4.02.2014)

code works, but...you still have to register your credit card...no thanks

5 months ago (3.30.2014)

the things they make us do to try to holla at these broads!!

5 months ago (3.22.2014) by Enter Your Name

didn't work

5 months ago (3.16.2014)

The code does NOT work!

6 months ago (3.01.2014) by Jim

didn't work for me either- not sure if I was supposed to sign up first- and give my credit card!
where is my wonderful guy!?!!

6 months ago (2.14.2014) by thesweetheart

Code did not work too many digits you give 10 numbers but it only takes 6 .This code is bogus. Get a real 6 digit code. 2-5-14 Disappointed!

6 months ago (2.05.2014)


7 months ago (1.31.2014)

didnt work

7 months ago (1.31.2014)


7 months ago (1.30.2014) by frefdenetepe

does not work

7 months ago (1.27.2014)

would not accept all the numeric characters

7 months ago (1.18.2014)

code didn't work. so i guess im not interested

7 months ago (1.16.2014)

DOES NOT WORK- too many digits to fit in field provided

7 months ago (1.14.2014) by Frank L

How do u get discount

7 months ago (1.11.2014)


7 months ago (1.06.2014)

The box only allows for 6 digits. Does the code get applied to the first 30 days?

7 months ago (1.05.2014) by Pam

Awesome dating site I highly recomment

8 months ago (1.04.2014)


8 months ago (1.02.2014)


8 months ago (12.27.2013) by duke


8 months ago (12.27.2013) by duke

When can I begin a free 30 day trial?

8 months ago (12.23.2013) by Diego Roman

How do you use this coupon

8 months ago (12.21.2013)

This code it too long. Site will not accept that many numbers

8 months ago (12.20.2013) by Not impressed


8 months ago (12.13.2013) by antonio


8 months ago (12.08.2013)


9 months ago (11.22.2013) by remewe

this don't work

9 months ago (11.21.2013)

This code did not work....The coupon spot was 9 characters but zoosk only took 6.

10 months ago (11.02.2013)

does not work

10 months ago (10.28.2013)


10 months ago (10.19.2013) by c


None of the coupons work and ... they are asking for activation fee!!! and ... they want us to pay for some stupid coins to meet people and send them presents!!! ... IS THIS FOR REAL?

9 days ago (8.23.2014) by Natasha


1 month ago (7.17.2014) by NUNYA

where are the free dating sites

3 months ago (5.26.2014) by naudia

no codes they don't work. And what's up with the activation fee. This is BS

3 months ago (5.18.2014)

lots of fake profiles. trial month coupon doesnt work.

4 months ago (4.20.2014) by just anotherdude

rejected the code I used which they said was incorrect----it wasn't.

5 months ago (3.31.2014)

what a shitty dating site and crappy that codes don't work

5 months ago (3.16.2014)

Thank you for the "heads up".

5 months ago (3.14.2014) by scratchmycookie

Doesn't work

5 months ago (3.12.2014) by 3/12/2014

ACTIVATION FEE WTF!!! This is a computer, makes 6 months almost 100.00 BS loose the fee and i will sign up Why hide it at ck out STUPID only pisses me off!

5 months ago (3.11.2014)


5 months ago (3.11.2014) by Bob


5 months ago (3.08.2014)

i've had interest in joining but if i have to pay any additional processing fee's or kind, no i WILL NOT join. Thank You

7 months ago (1.28.2014) by Jeffrey Layman

Best dating site ever

7 months ago (1.21.2014)

The best dating site ever

7 months ago (1.21.2014)

Great option to give them a try

7 months ago (1.17.2014)

The coupon is not visible.

7 months ago (1.12.2014)

did not receive the code for 20% off

7 months ago (1.11.2014)

what is the code

7 months ago (1.11.2014)

good site

8 months ago (1.03.2014) by cesar


8 months ago (1.02.2014)

It would work if people could actually get the code.

8 months ago (12.28.2013)

love it

8 months ago (12.18.2013)

can not retrieve code

8 months ago (12.18.2013)


8 months ago (12.11.2013) by joey

seems like a good site lets see

9 months ago (11.23.2013) by RiderTim

Link never gave a chance to save 20%.

12 months ago (8.11.2013) by gary

How about a discount for someone who has an account and wants to re-activate it?

13 months ago (7.19.2013)

where the code

13 months ago (7.09.2013)

where code

13 months ago (7.09.2013)

Zooske is awesome and fun..

14 months ago (6.26.2013) by Jerrry

Never subscribe to this...All fake profiles!!!

15 months ago (6.07.2013) by min

doesn't seem to work

15 months ago (6.06.2013) by Ms

It did work! Not!!

20 months ago (1.03.2013)


20 months ago (12.18.2012)


20 months ago (12.17.2012) by patrick

Your coupon offersdo not work. What a ripoff.

21 months ago (12.04.2012)

no code found.....?

21 months ago (11.26.2012)

is lying

21 months ago (11.20.2012)


21 months ago (11.15.2012) by maaroof

I did this one and nothing ever came up to give me instructions on how to use???? Not a good way of doing this page

23 months ago (9.20.2012) by Sharon Furfuro

When I tried to activate I got an error message (HTTP 404 Not Found)

25 months ago (8.07.2012) by Sandy

nope--didn't work

31 months ago (2.09.2012)

does not work

32 months ago (1.10.2012)

Does not work

32 months ago (1.10.2012)

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