Types of Deals

Read the Newsletter

Through the eHarmony newsletter, you will receive special discounts and advance notice of promotions. Occasionally, there will even be discounts on specific membership options. Being an email subscriber also guarantees notice of the “Free Communication Weekend,” which lets users try out the site for a weekend at no cost.

Buy in Bulk

You can expect big savings when buying a year-long membership at eHarmony. Registration is free and you will even receive a complimentary Personality Profile.

Creative Deal Hunting

Use Coupon Codes

Searching the web will lead you to a number of eHarmony coupon codes. Be sure to look for codes before signing up for your membership.

How Experts Save Even More

Try it for Free

A great way to see if eHarmony is right for you is to take advantage of their free, three day trial. Credit card information is required during sign up, but it is easy to cancel should you decide not to enroll in a membership plan.