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It is often said that a great cook is as good as the tools that they use. Sure, you can make great meals with average utensils and cookware, but using quality materials make cooking that much easier. Xtrema Cookware specializes in selling the healthiest, most versatile ceramic cookware around. Xtrema Cookware stocks a little bit of everything, including: cookware, bakeware, teaware, glassware, dinnerware, wooden utensils, covers and other culinary accessories. Their products are colorful, efficient, easy-to-use, they are healthy for the environment, safe to use and the discounts aren't too bad either. Free shipping is available on all orders that total over $100 and there is a savings section on the website where select items are priced up to 25% off. If those savings aren't enough to tempt you to shop, perhaps signing up for the email newsletter and getting 10% off your purchase will do the trick.