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Xbox is you go-to website for all things Xbox and video game related. Get the latest X Box information, shop the marketplace, join Xbox live and so much more.

Check out the official Xbox website to find out more about the Xbox console and what retailers carry this product. Xbox 360 consoles are available in 4GB or 250GB sizes and can be purchased with or without the Kinect sensor. Just click to find a retailer for your desired product, enter your zip code and find a location near you. Easily sign up for the Xbox Live feature and connect in-game with other users around the world. The Marketplace carries games that can be downloaded right to your Xbox system. Some popular sellers are Call of Duty: Black Ops and Gears of War 3.

At the My Xbox section, you can set up your online profile and add your favorite games. The Community offers forums and Xbox 101, that will answer all of your game related questions. Visit the Events Calendar for upcoming events in your neighborhood.