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English muffins. Replacement for toast, foundation for Eggs Benedict, and the product that raised Wolferman’s status from relative unknown to a household name just after the turn of the 20th century. Extraordinarily, Wolferman’s English muffins got their distinctive size from an old tuna can. Today, the tuna can is gone, but the same kind of clever deliciousness marks all of the goodies featured in its line of specialty foods. Wolferman’s creates mouth-watering cheesecakes, tempting breakfast and brunch foods like scones and cinnamon roles and sweetly frosted cookies. Order single items or treat yourself to one of Wolferman’s gift boxes, a favorite of both gourmet food aficionados and gift basket fans. It’s also a place to shop for holidays and special occasions, like birthdays or Father’s Day. Gift and occasion selections include cute little birthday-cake-shaped petit fours, mix and match bread selections, pick-your-occasion cookie basket. And of course, a create-your-own muffins gift box. After all, what else would you expect from Wolferman’s, the company that made the English muffin what it is today?