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I’ve never been to Wisconsin, but I can only say that by the looks of the yummy items on The Wisconsin Cheeseman website, my waistline can thank me, but my taste buds are holding a grudge. Lucky for them, I can order these delicious local treats and have them delivered fresh and ready to attend a party in my mouth. I think I’ll start with some of their specialty cheeses, or actually all of them, because everything is better with cheese, right? Then I’ll add some of their jerky and smoked salmon, an assortment of nuts and snack mixes, and finish with some irresistible Wisconsin butter toffee. The Wisconsin Cheeseman has been offering award-winning cheese, meats and snacks since 1946, so you know these have got to be good. And did I mention the desserts - so many desserts, including gluten-free and sugar-free varieties. Excuse me, it’s snack time.