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The e-commerce world is booming, and Volusion is right on the forefront. Volusion is an e-commerce hosting service that provides a myriad of features and services to help any business owner succeed. With four different hosting plans to choose from, customers can choose the plan that best meets their needs and budget. Every hosting plan from Volusion comes with automatic tax rates, tools for social media, a Facebook store, mobile commerce and virtual support. Additional features are available with other plans as well including Amazon and eBay integration, newsletters and a personal account manager. For the entrepreneur that wants to start their own online store, Volusion is here to help. Volusion is also a full-service e-commerce site building company offering web design, marketing services, and other valuable business tools. Whether your site needs a facelift or you are starting from scratch, Volusion offers several free and premium templates that will transform your site into a success. Already know exactly what you want your store to look like? Volusion can create a custom site design for you. Volusion offers built-in SEO so you can drive more traffic to your site, and synchronization with Facebook, Amazon and eBay, so you can sell to customers wherever they want to shop. Time to channel that inner entrepreneur and start your e-commerce store with Volusion today!