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Serious paintballers like you know that playing the game counts as the ultimate shot of adrenaline. Kind of like the workout you'd get from playing military games, only more fun and more colorful. Literally. Fortunately, Ultimate Paintball gears itself toward serious players just like you. Ultimate Paintball stocks a full line of paintball guns and gear by brands you trust like Spyder and Kingman, Ninja and Tiberius. Come to the Ultimate Paintball website when you need a protective mask for that next tournament or for some gloves for your next practice session. Ultimate Paintball also carries air systems like hoses and parts and fill stations. But despite the caliber of gear that Ultimate Paintball carries, you won’t find better prices anywhere. Ultimate Paintball will match the lowest price you find plus give you an extra 10% off, saving you more money to buy more gear later. And Ultimate Paintball is the place to go when you need product reviews written by industry players who know what it's like to get their adrenaline on. Just like you.