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Professional architects and engineers need a variety of tools - sometimes seemingly disparate -- to do their jobs every day. From simple mechanical pencils to power tools. And for these professionals, there's no better place to shop than Tiger Supplies. This business started with the express purpose of fulfilling the needs of architects and engineers everywhere. But Tiger Supplies is more than just supplies. It provides engineers and architects with the benefits of both online and brick-and-mortar stores. The online storefront gives these building professionals the ease and speed of ordering online. They'll also find excellent prices and fast delivery for extra convenience. However, sometimes, nothing will replace an in-person visit. This resource allows professionals to come in and try out the equipment before they buy. This ensures that whatever they buy will be just right for the job. This counts as an especially popular option for the people who'll buy the high-end, technology-rich equipment. But regardless of whether or not customers are buying a pencil or a dual grade laser, they'll leave Tiger Supplies better able to do their jobs.