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If you're looking for a place that sells a bunch of vitamins, The Natural may not be for you. No. While The Natural does carry vitamins -- vitamins A, B, C, D, you name it -- the company has its own line of supplements. And they're pharmaceutical grade, no less. But the good folks at The Natural bring more to the table than just great natural foods, beauty products and vitamins. They love, love, love what they do, and it shows. Their commitment to good nutrition extends past the line of vitamins and minerals they carry. The company offers consultations with a nutritionist, a variety of products to meet individual needs, biodegradable packaging to keep Mother Earth happy, and a climate-controlled warehouse to ensure product safety and effectiveness. No. The Natural is not just a place that sells some vitamins. It's all about supporting your healthy lifestyle one vitamin tablet at a time. One healthy bottle of tea tree oil at a time. One bite of sugar-free dark chocolate at a timeā€¦