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The world of cool T-shirts got an infusion of cool 11 years ago when SweetnSour Tees opened its online store. It carried a large selection of the popular T-Shirt brand, Junk Food Brand Tees – over a hundred different shirts dedicated to the likes of Wonder Woman and Captain America. People snapped the T-Shirts up so fast that SweetnSour Tees became the Ultimate Junk Food T-Shirt superstore, eventually carrying items like Junk Food Hoodies and sweatshirts. And while the Junk Food T-Shirts were a staple brand for SweetnSour Tees’ line of products, the store stayed in tune with the trends of the industry. The store still stocks the Junk Food brand, but has opened its cyberdoors to other styles and themes. Nowadays, SweetnSour Tees now keeps apparel and accessories for retro sports teams, retro movies and 80s T-Shirts. Now, that’s cool!