1. Sign Up and Save

Savvy shoppers who enter their email addresses into Soffe's system will instantly begin receiving money-saving offers. There's no charge to sign up, and shoppers' first purchases are 15% off after signing up. A world of exclusive promos and the skinny on new products arrives shortly thereafter. Members will also get the opportunity to win some free gear from time to time.

2. Watch for Coupon Codes

Savings are amplified thanks to coupon codes that shoppers will find on Soffe.com periodically. Customers who stop by the site at the right time could see 40% off site-wide savings or grab a code for free shipping, just to name two.

3. Finish with Free Shipping

Soffe offers free shipping on any orders of $45 or more. Once the total is reached, the shipping charge comes off at checkout. It's that easy.