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There is something so soothing about an incredibly comfortable pair of shoes. Whether you opt for flats, sandals or the ever-popular pair of sneakers, comfy footwear can certainly take you a long way. However, sneakers are the best bet because they're generally all-purpose and they stand the test of time. If you are a true sneaker lover, then you know that a great pair can easily break the bank, but luckily there is Sneakers4U to soften the blow to your wallet. Sneakers4U is an online sneaker store that stocks sneakers for every walk of life at affordable prices. Featuring sneakers for men, women and children, Sneakers4U also houses an impressive stock of brand names as well. Some of the notable brands include: Nike, New Balance, Converse, Asics, Adidas, Fila, Puma and New Era. As for the great savings, there is free shipping on all orders, daily deals on select merchandise, an outlet section of the website with even lower prices and an email newsletter that contains access to new arrivals, coupons and offers.