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You know you’ve wished for it. A single place where you could find all the items in the 20 different catalogs that came in your mailbox today. Well, you don’t have to wish for a one-stop shop when you visit Shop.com. Shop.com, which got its start as Catalog City, solved the problem of clogged mailbox. It brings together hundreds of merchants and the items in their catalogs on one great site. This intuitive shopping experience carries items from specialty stores, web-only merchants, and regular department stores. For convenience, you can search the site by the type of merchandise or by the merchant. From cashmere sweaters and MAC cosmetics to online vacation reservations, this is the shopping site for today’s busy woman. And with one-cart technology, you can rest assured that your checkout experience will be as easy as your shopping experience has been. So throw those old catalogs away. Really. It’s okay. Shop.com has everything you need.