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Anonymous 50 months ago (4/09/2014)

Useless waste of time.

Diana Lim 64 months ago (2/08/2013)

I like Raymour and Flanagan, their sales persons are professional

helen 65 months ago (1/06/2013)

no dice

Anonymous 81 months ago (9/17/2011)


Anonymous 84 months ago (6/27/2011)


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Raymour & Flanigan Furniture sprung into existence in 1947 when two brothers, Bernard and Arnold Goldberg, opened a furniture store in Syracuse, New York. Yes, the original store was called Raymour's and no, there is absolutely no explanation as to why two brothers named Goldberg named their furniture store Raymour. The brothers believed that people's homes should be their special place – a place to relax, make memories, entertain and show off their impeccable taste in home furnishings. To meet those needs, the store offered its customers an array of quality furniture and decor. Today, the company is still helping buyers meet those same needs. Modern-day shoppers can choose from an extensive collection of furniture and accent pieces, all in a variety of styles and finishes. Furniture buyers can find sufficient furnishings to decorate an entire house or simply select just the right mirror, desk or sideboard to complete an already established look. Be sure to check out their collection of cabinets, enclosed bookcases and chests – they're ideal for stuffing clutter into five minutes before company comes.