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R1 Concepts is the ultimate retailer and leading manufacturer of automotive braking systems. It's the number one source for O.E. and aftermarket brake parts. R1 Concept's specializes in high-performance parts, carrying ferro-carbon and ceramic pads as well as cross-drilled brake rotors. This Orange-County-based company brings 10 years of experience and in-depth knowledge to its customer base, and boasts the most comprehensive catalog in the industry dedicated to brakes. From domestic to foreign cars, R1 Concept is the place to go for vehicle applications from the year 1930 to the year 2013. The company has created connections with all sorts of merchants and can handle a variety of sales channels. It's also the go-to place for customer service; over a million customers over the last 10 years have gotten the support and technical knowledge they needed to make informed buying decisions. Brakes and braking systems from R1 Concepts keep you in control on the road, giving you the stopping power you need to keep you and yours safe.