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QC Supply started in 1982 with humble beginnings, selling products for livestock to producers. It was a garage-based business that sold to the locals. From its initial beginnings, it has expanded into an international affair, selling to businesses and farms and resellers worldwide. Aside from its industrial and farm supplies, people visit QC Supply for footwear, products to make their gardens grow green and lush, fashion clothing from brands like Wrangler, Hanes, and Tony Lama. Pet owners nab munchies for their pooch. Parents and grandparents find quality toys like Calico Criters and Bruder Toys for the kids in their lives. QC Supply customers shop with confidence. The store carries brands like Purina, Gilmour, Carhartt, and Traeger as well as trusted local suppliers. QC Supply is the place to shop for a world of resources that are backed by local values.