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ProClip knows how frustrating it can be when you drop or lose your cell phone in your car. Based in Sweden and originally established to provide Swedish taxi drivers with dashboard mounts for their phones, two-way radios and meters, ProClip has evolved into a top source for dashboard mounts for all sorts of technology in a wide variety of vehicles. Custom fit to the make and model of your car, truck, van or SUV, your ProClip mount is sure to install quickly and easily and provide you with the stability and dependability you need to protect your cell phone, smartphone, PDA, GPS, tablet or other important mobile device. You can even get a ProClip for your bike, motorcycle or golf cart! Installation is accomplished through the use of mount clips that fit securely onto your dashboard without damaging it in any way. Accessories such as special cases, tilt and swivel inserts and extension plates are also available. Trust the pros at ProClip to help you keep your phone or other favorite mobile device within your line of sight so you always know where it is and can use it as needed while you're on the go.