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Mike 65 months ago (10/22/2012)

This coupon code has expired or is invalid
Please correct or remove the coupon code.

Anonymous 67 months ago (8/03/2012)

save $3.00 with this, thanks! 8/3/12

Dan 69 months ago (6/02/2012)

Just saved me $5. Works..Thanks

Jim H 72 months ago (3/17/2012)

This code worked on 3-17-12

KathyInGA 72 months ago (3/01/2012)

Successfully applied 10% off on OPTP Axis Roller on 3/1/2012.

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Pro Therapy Supplies offers the leading brand in medical, therapy and fitness supplies. Some of the brands it carries include GAIAM, Toppik, Biofreeze, Obus Forme, TRIKKE, Body Blade, PediFix and Theracane among others.