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PlumberSurplus is the online plumbing store with everything you'd expect and a whole lot more! It's got traditional items like sinks, disposals, showers and tubs, and a full line of pumps, piping and valves. It also stocks things like paint, wall d├ęcor and organizing tools to help get that kitchen in tip-top shape, as well as glass, spice and pot racks. Plus, a full line of interior lighting like chandeliers and ceiling fan lights. Moving to the outdoors, you'll find landscape lights, lanterns and lawn and garden art, tools and furniture. This is a 'plumbing' store that is so much more. You can search loads of helpful information in the PlumberSurplus online Learning Center. There you find how-to guides, videos and a glossary to help sort through all that plumbing lingo. Whether you need to learn how to install a faucet, build a bookshelf or fashion a garden fountain, you can learn the way at the PlumberSurplus store today!