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Have you ever considered opening your own catering business or even a restaurant? Maybe you've already planned your dream menu, but there's a lot more to consider when running such a business than just the food. In order to prepare and serve it, you're going to need a huge variety of equipment and supplies, and that is where PJPMarketplace.com comes in. A family-owned business for over 50 years, this superstore caters to food service professionals by providing more than 18,000 items designed for disposable food storage, catering and kitchen supplies, bakery packaging, tabletop and janitorial supplies, and heavy food service equipment. PJPMarketplace.com is your trusted source for everything you need to run a food service business. Along with kitchen equipment and supplies, tools, cookware, paper and plastic disposables, the company carries office supplies, restaurant seating, menus, signs and merchandising displays. So before you start cooking, make sure you shop PJPMarketplace.com.