1. Enjoy a Sign Up Bonus
Who doesn't love free money? When you first sign up for Pingo's service, you get a $10 coupon as a new sign-up bonus. Use this toward your calling plan to save even more on an already great service.

2. Take Advantage of Free Shipping
When you place an order of at least $50, you can take advantage of their free shipping offer.

3. Enjoy Bonuses on Your Purchases
Place a calling card order of at least $20 and get a $10 bonus. For every $20 you spend, you are essentially getting $30 worth of credit. How awesome is that?

4. Enjoy Holiday Discount Savings
During Valentine's Day, save 15% on your recharge. Mother's Day can save you an extra $5. Easter gives you a 10% discount.

5. Get Friends to Sign Up for Service
By referring your friends, you can also earn free international calling. Every friend you refer is worth an extra $5 in your account. Refer three and they throw in an extra $5 reward for you.

6. Get Credit for Quality Issues
If you encounter any problems with calling out or staying connected during a call, you will receive a credit up to $5 once they verify the issue did occur. Make sure to contact them within 24 hours of experiencing the problem to get a refund.